Can Tattoos Impact Your Immunity?

Hey everybody, it is qcknd and welcome back to tattoo talk Tuesday so it is your first time here tattoo talk Tuesday is my Interactive talk show where I save yu’er submitted questions and try to lend my experience to you guys as a tattoo Collector if you come to my channel for just my tattoo content I just wanted to remind you that I have been kind of branching out and making other content So I have a bunch of other videos that you may have missed, but I promise you are worth checking out So definitely check those out and subscribe if you are new So today’s topic was actually submitted to me by John himself He said that he came across a news article that was talking about tattoos in Relationship to healthy immunity and I thought it would be a really interesting Topic to dive into myself because I’ve actually heard conflicting opinions about this So I thought it would be really cool if we talked about tattoos giving you a healthier immune system I’ve heard this being a thing before that once you start to get tattooed Your body is constantly trying to heal the tattoo But the pigment that is in tattoo ink is just too large for your body to heal But it’s constantly fighting the tattoo as an invader in your body. I’ve heard this before it’s what I’ve always believed I blame it on my fatigue and this makes sense to me because Essentially when you get tattoo removal the laser comes in and being laser bursts the pigments into smaller pieces So the body can digest them and wash them away. I actually got this very specific nasty comment on my tattoo removal video Talking about how I was doing so much damage to my kidneys getting all this removal first of all, it’s not a great way to get your message across because I’m coming in defensive but It’s not necessarily Not true once your body is starting to heal this pig man It does filter through your liver where you can sweat it out. Pee it out. Poop it out But I couldn’t find any information that linked it to a high-end risk of liver disease or liver failure Or anything like that. So extremely healthy liver aside I did see a ton of suggestions that constantly point to Being really well hydrated and in good health when you get tattoo removal just so the flushing system Just feels second nature through your body as it’s constantly flushing eight ounces of water and fruit and pineapples and adequate sunlight and vitamins through your body So I’ve said this before if your body is in good working order Six weeks before you get your tattoo removal and you keep it that way at least six weeks after You’re going to see stronger results than if you just drink dead up soda For six weeks get your tattoo removal and then go back to how things were After that, so baal tattoo removal sounds like it can put your body at some sort of immunity risk Or at least sounds like it does the best work when your immunity is in a good place How does tattooing affect your immunity like I mentioned I was under the previous assumption that I was Exhausting my body by constantly getting tattooed and my body trying to fight off these tattoos Assuming what if my body constantly be working overtime? but this is just a happy medium that I have just decided to live with why do I have to drink so much coffee in order to be happy and I Welcomed into my existence without any questions. However, based on my personal experience, I would say in the last seven or ten years I’ve kind of felt a difference in my overall health and by that, I mean I’m not Experiencing too many symptoms of the common cold. I kind of thought you know, some people get it some people don’t some people expose themselves to it and others do not but I find myself less sick than My boyfriend and he is somebody who works in a vulnerable job where he’s working Hands on building houses and installing this and being around that so I kind of thought by dwight schroot Methodology that he would be healthier because he’s constantly exposed to these Elements and the bacteria and all that stuff is constantly around him So he should technically be stronger, but I’m wondering who’s bringing the stomach flu into the house Who’s bringing the sniffles into the house? There’s a lot of mucinex in the cabinet for somebody who’s not supposed to get sick So I have been wondering where all these germs coming from. So I thought I would conduct some research I asked my heavily tattooed friends. Would you say that you experienced a bug or common cold cut type condition frequently throughout the year? occasionally or rarely at all So when I asked my friend Morgan Joyce this question, she said rarely at all So I followed up and I asked what this answer be different five years ago. She said yes five years ago I would have told you I was always sick at least every month I asked my friend baloney Asst the same question, and he said maybe twice a year Would your answer be the same five years ago? And he said yes, so maybe only getting sick once or twice a year So I asked him ten years ago, and he said I was probably got sick slightly more often ten years ago So in the control here Both of my only friends are heavily tattooed and both said that between the last 10 years or five years in Morgan’s case They were getting sick more often previously and now they kind of porn this research is interesting but I wouldn’t hold it up to getting to any actual research because all three of us are youtubers who never leave the house so the element of exposure Isn’t quite there. If I were to apply it to this theory that getting tattooed helps with your immunity It is very interesting because I would say Morgan started to get heavily tattooed in the last five years and will the last 10 Because he is my senior so this isn’t something that I’ve never noticed before but I kind of always thought it was because I was vegan because my timeline is definitely used to get sick maybe Every two months between like ages 15 to 20 But the vegan theory was only based on some very casual research So I just thought oh, I’m not eating the meat so I’m not getting sick. That makes sense It is why I found this research much more interesting. That getting tattooed can help strengthen your immunity but I say that this is an interesting theory because I don’t feel like I am the Representation of perfect health in any means and find myself every three weeks Taking a complete overhaul of my entire lifestyle and trying to change it periodically Moving on to the next thing. I swear if you see me going to the store and buying grapefruits, please intervene It’s not what I want however I can definitively say that the more tattoos I get over time the easier these tattoos Heal, and I don’t mean that they are necessarily Easier to get but I can for a fact say that my first five or six tattoos really had my full Dedication to healing them and taking care of them and wrapping them and they hurt and they act for a couple days And I was worried about losing pigment and everything like that and the more tattoos I got I just noticed myself babying them less and less and I can attribute this to like a lack of interest or feeling like Oh, Been there done that but it is absolutely true that it has just become easier I don’t have to wrap any of my newer tattoos. I kind of just dry heal all of them Which sadly I felt was blase Not enough effort for the tattoos that I love but there was no sense in me intervening because Lately, it only takes about four days for my tattoos to heal enough that I feel comfortable taking a bath Which is what I have in my own while I believe that my threshold for getting tattoos has weakened I Also give myself some slack because I got a lot of the easy spots out of the way first and the only tattoos I’ve really been getting in the last year are on my back which Universally I hear from everyone that it is a really really tough spot and I’m only working down, baby So the rash hold for pain I feel like does not equal health as far as tattoos go in this theory So what is the immunity theory? And what am I talking about this whole time? so there’s a theory that getting tattooed can increase the immunity in an individual as the study showed that people with more tattoos had more Antibodies in their saliva when they were tested. This was tested against people’s saliva with less to no tattoos so in the saliva of the tattooed people Going up to moderately tattooed too heavily tattooed It showed that there were more of these antibodies in the heavily tattooed people than there were occurring in the saliva of the other controls being Medium tattooed some tattoos one tattoo, but what I found super interesting about this study Is that these antibodies in the immunity? We’re not going away after the person stopped getting tattooed or the tattoos healed So to put it into perspective if I was going to a shop pretty frequently getting tattooed To the point where I am now and then just stopped five years later According to the study my immunity would still have those found Antibodies in it versus someone like my boyfriend with no tattoos. So I feel like a This time I should probably mention tattoo flu, which is something I hear talked about in the community I get personally asked about it a lot and when I got my back tattoo You can probably remember all the gorgeous pictures of me wrapped in cellophane crying on a dirty mattress Does that disprove this theory? So when you’re getting tattooed white blood cells rush to the area in order to attack the invaders the needle the ink But a lot goes on while you’re getting tattooed that the white blood cells also combat swelling risk of infection and you’ll kind of see them going to work in the next couple days when you know Your tattoo is weeping and you’re seeing swelling and they’re hot to the touch and all of this can Exhaust any person especially if you are getting a huge piece like your back or your ribcage done It makes sense that your body is still working in that sense to heal The area that is swollen because it you know, it’s being penetrated with a ton of needles however I am NOT saying that this immunity that is in the saliva can really do anything to You know the exhaustion and stuff that comes with physically being tattooed because oftentimes I Treat being tattooed almost like going to the dentist. I’m very nervous. I can’t see what’s going on I just want it to be over and if you’re anything like me when I’m in the dentist chair, I’m clenching my fists and Straightening out my body the whole time like just a board and whatever yoga pose this is I’m in it hard for a long time and I don’t come out of yoga feeling real good or the dentist’s office or The tattoo shop, but I will say Healing my ribs with my shark tattoo Much much much much harder than my back tattoo make that connection. I don’t know but like I previously mentioned It is without a doubt that my tattoos heal faster than they used to when I first got them There’s a variety of things in effect like the quality of tattoo You’re receiving the artist the heavy handedness of the artist mark basically chisels me out of marble However, there are things that I’ve noticed that just don’t happen anymore. And one of them is the itch I do not feel the itch like I used to and I Used to have to carry around lotion with me for a month and it was fun and exciting I got to put it on in front of people and they were like what’s going on in there? I was like, I don’t know back tattoo you now you get the tattoo, it’s fine the last tattoo I got was on my back and I was a butterfly and I can without a doubt tell you I didn’t do anything to that thing and it was on my spine. So Does this help amplify the theory that tattooed people have more antibodies in? Their immune system because they’re being tattooed. It’s possible You know, I only covered I only looked at it briefly in this research but there were so many instances where ancient remains were found of people who Still had noticeable tattoos and they would get it They would get tattoos in their joints and they would get tattoos in their stomach and it was thought to relieved arthritis stomach pain Like tattooing has been around for so long and people have recognized it for having medicinal purposes I have kind of believed that these were spiritual but I also can’t deny that. I’m not getting sick very often Well, I’m fucking wood. What am I doing? And that my tattoos are healing significantly faster Hey, you’re wearing the shirt here and right there So the study relates this to a similar phenomenon as going to the gym So you go to the gym and initially when you go it’s difficult. There’s a lot of pain involved there’s a lot of recovery and downtime and then you continue to go and there’s less recovery and That’s sort of how it is related to getting tattooed. So as you get more tattooed Initially tattoos will cause you a lot of pain and discomfort and they will lend to an initial weakened immunity But the more often you get tattooed the stronger and stronger that immunity becomes however, there is no way to Regress and that is because the defense is already established so it stays there but to double back on what I said initially when you do get your first tattoo, it is said that receiving multiple tattoos can strengthen your immunological Responses potentially making you healthier and fighting common infections However, if you are just getting one tattoo you don’t have that same immunity response as you would if you are heavily tattooed, so there is the risk of Weakened immunity taking the day off Ouchy that really hurt so I thought that this study was pretty interesting and you can definitely read up on it if you would like there at a point in this research where they’re not making concrete claims But from what I’ve gathered there is a lot of kind of, you know hard to read little science jargon, but a lot of research has actually gone into this and for me I get excited for any research to come into tattooed world that is Serious and well conducted and I would lend my tattooed body to science Can you think of a heavily tattooed just badass person in your life who? Never gets sick and it’s tough as nails. I mean there has to be a reason that those two things are associated and in some of this research I offhand like read something about how there is just a higher amount of athletes with tattoos Across different sports and it was it was pretty interesting. I do see a lot of athletes with tattoos you see it It makes sense to you. But when you see the study it confirms it and that’s very interesting to me I just want to thank you guys so so much and I would look to thank today’s sponsor Joon’s journey Which he reads Amanda I’m playing June’s journey. What’s that? June’s journey is a hidden-object murder mystery game that takes place in the 1920s Oh Each level has a variety of hidden objects that need to be found. Is it difficult? Jun’s journey takes special care to make the level. It’s not too too difficult, but they’re very fast-paced So it is a great exercise in keeping your mind sharp. I feel like I’m doing something good for my brain It helps me be stress What you’re playing all that on your phone is available on iOS and Android and it’s also available Desktop on Facebook and Amazon. What do you play? What are you playing? Play Follow the link in my description to find out how you can play Jun’s journey So let me know what you think can being tattooed over and over and over again actually strengthen your immunity as a person I feel like I want to say yes. It just makes sense to me Let me know what you guys think and like I said check out some of my other videos give them a chance support this small creator by checking out my merch and my other videos and mostly Subscribing. I love you guys so so much and until next time. Bye

100 thoughts on “Can Tattoos Impact Your Immunity?

  1. Lmao I’ve got a medically diagnosed weak ass immune system and I’m sick all the time. Tattoos ain’t helping me

  2. This video is super interesting. I also think maybe the proximity to the heart (increased blood flow) plays a part. As well as the movement of the body part, like elbow and knee ditches 😊

  3. I’m a moderately tattooed person (sleeve, chest, a couple on the legs and nape) and I get sick ALL THE TIME! Come to me tattoo immunity!!

  4. Also, I’m hoping to god i also lose “the itch” when healing tattoos. It’s the worst part imo. It’s reduced me to tears in the past lol. ((Drama, I know))

  5. Omg! That’s so interesting, I always used to catch colds easily but since getting tattooed (only got 3 atm) I have not been ill nearly as much, especially with the cold.

  6. Interesting, but antibodies are specific to a disease, so tattoo specific antibodies aren’t gonna help you fight the flu 🤧

  7. I really liked how every time it cut back to Jon there was more stuff he was wearing/around him, that slayed me AND THE CHANGING OF CLOTHES

  8. I love the idea that tattoos are making my immunity stronger but I also wonder about all the other variables, like diet, exercise etc. I just thought my immune system is getting better due to what I’m putting in my body, but like ok tattoos if you gone help me, OK IM HERE FOR IT.

  9. I started to getting regularly tattooed in June 2017 – the shortest pause between two tattoos was 5 months since then until the present. (I got my very first tattoos in 2011 and 2012 and didn't get any new ink until 2017.) The last time I was ill was in January 2017 and I haven't been even a bit sick since then. I think I will believe this. 😂 Actually I was rarely sick since I turned 15 (12 years ago). But as a child I was ill all the time.

  10. "Why do I have to drink so much coffee in order to be happy" is such a mood.
    I definitely prefer a new tattoo over the flu shot, so I appreciate this argument.
    I work in a large office, where there is pretty much at least one sick person at any given time. Basically a petri dish of germs. I am the only person on my team who is heavily tattooed/tattooed at all, and I have to cash out my sick time at the end of the year 'cause I never use it.

  11. So this is super interesting and as research progressive I'll be really interested to see if they begin to analyze how highly tattooed/immunological responses affects individuals with chronic autoimmune diseases. I'm a "barely tattooed" person/collector. I only have two small ones and intend to collect more as the years progress but I also have Crohn's Disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, autoimmune disease) due to hereditary factors.

  12. I honestly never thought about it but since my back was beat up a few times….yeah I have not had the flu and my colds have been very few and far between, even when people around me are sick I manage to survive. Great video!

  13. I think the actual medical reason is the idea that the human body is intelligent. It begins to understand that you are going to need more healing cells more often and develops more cells.

  14. This may come across as whiney, but I don't mean it to (I love your content!) But to me, having the light percussion music in the background of the talking is quite disturbing :-/ It feels more scattered.
    I'm applauding the editing efforts, though! Custom graphics and all! 👏

  15. My new tattoos are so much easier to heal. I’ve been getting consistently tattooed for about 3 years. I feel like it could be true, I’ve only gotten sick twice in the last 4 years.

  16. I also tense up badly in the dentist chair and funnily enough it's yoga breathing that helps me get thru it, I have to keep reminding myself to relax while doing the deep breathing =) In the tattoo chair I find myself arching my back after the first 2 ish hours and have to keep reminding my self to not do that! Love your look today, fresh for fall! and that ad for the game was hilarious and perfect. As far as the immunity I can see it both ways – on one hand the wounds should cause you to have lower immunity but on the other hand healing should make you stronger…..mmmm science is strange to me and our bodies are miracles <3

  17. I've always wondered about this! I used to be sick 5-6 times a year…..usually a cold or strep throat. I was planning on getting my tonsils out it was so bad. I was always on antibiotics.
    At this point I had 1 med and 2 small tattoos.

    Then I got a large tattoo…..and a half back piece within 2 years. I was only sick 2x a year or so.

    Now I have a sleeve + the others and work as a professor (always around many students at a public college) and I have not had a cold in years……while my poor husband gets sick 4x a year still (he has 2 med tattoos). I don't catch his colds, or it is rare if I do.
    I often travel (to conferences and for vacation) and don't come down with anything (besides judegmental tattoo side eye) even after plane rides.
    I try to eat well…..but I eat meat and drink energy drinks almost daily….I know. Trash.

    But I think there may be some interesting research that could be done!

    Great thoyght inspiring video 💚💚💚

  18. As much as I'd love to believe this the science doesn't really hold up. Antibodies that would help you stop getting ill wouldn't be produced by cells fighting tattoo ink, you'd already have them. The components of ink that the immune system is fighting I would even doubt trigger antibody production at all. It's likely a low grade innate immune response trying to repel/digest the foreign object (phagocytes consume and break down such things), and nothing to do with being immune to bacterial and viral infections. However having a higher baseline level of innate immune activity might make it easier to stop a pathogen causing an infection, but once infected I doubt it would affect how badly or for how long you're ill. And this would also explain why tattoos heal better as you get more, because your healing processes are more engaged and ready.
    However this could also mean you (and other tattooed people, inc myself) are actually carrying these pathogens around and then spreading them to others i.e. Jon, so maybe you're the reason Jon gets ill more than you 🙂 Very long message short, there are SO many variables going into immunity, and I would guess a big survey would show no significant difference. Obviously this is just a fun video but I had to share the science!

  19. This is interesting
    My mom first told me about the theory that your body will forever try to heal your tattoos and how unhealthy it is
    I don't know what to believe honestly

  20. Your use of sponsored product placement is so hipster cute, and like you created the most direct "marketing" ad at the end of your video that most people would try to sneak into their video in some nondescript way but I love how you awkwardly and purposefully engage the viewer with a product advertisement in a way that almost seems ironic but also genuine. Anyway I love your video, if you read this could you please consider making a vegan extreme couponing video? Love you <3

  21. I def feel they heal easier now- due to tegaderm- after like 30? The first ones def made me feel “tattoo flu” sick for days. As far as immunity… idk. I have chronic pain/chronic illness and immune issues. So….

  22. Having been at dentist yesterday- and tat/piercing shop day prior- I find my shoulders going up to my ears with tension But then again, after sitting for after an hour, I can relax and “zone” out- kind of go into my own head/world and just deal with the pain. I can even fall asleep. Both at dentist or tats. Oddly tho I haven’t had a tat since may- the itch isn’t there as much… idk why. I still have space…

  23. The human body is like insanely clever. Once you've had a bug your body stores the immunological response to it. So if you get it again your body already knows what to do. It's part of the reason we have tonsils. 🙂

  24. Can you make a video on how you created or found your 'mature style '? I am a 23yo who still wears graphic tees and skinny Jean's every day… I want to learn to look more mature for when I have work meetings or family get togethers
    .. literally anything that I shouldn't be lazy about. PLEASE HALP ME.

  25. I’ve always wanted tattoos but I have an auto immune disease and have to take certain medications that make me prone to infections so that’s a huge concern for me. I wonder if anyone’s dealt with tattoos on immune suppressants?

  26. w͓̹̺̪̜͉͢h͎͕̯̠̠͟a̢̞͎̖͕t̀’̴r̦e̺͖̱̬̯ͅ ̖͇͚͡y̤͉ǫ͍̫̲̞u̙̙̭͇̥̥ ͝p̲̱̟̺l͎̞͢a̝̼̳̥̥͓̥͟y̛̞͚̘̭͚̰͚in͈̲ͅͅg̗̩̪̝͜?̗̲


  28. I think there's definitely something to this. I'm heavily tattooed and I don't find myself suffering from colds and flus as much as my non/lightly tattooed coworkers and friends. I'm going to check with my other heavily tattooed friends and see what they say. Thanks for putting this info out here!

  29. I definitely caught the flu when I got a large hip piece done, (below my pantry line to my waist), however I know I got it from some old guy at the grocery store. I’m getting my ribs done this fall. So stoked and yet so scared! Oh, Sawbones (a historical/medical podcast) has a tattoo episode, so you might check it out. Very interesting topic, great job! 👍

  30. I've noticed this since I've been getting tattoos over the years but also attributed my good immune system to my vegan diet. I have also noticed most of my heavily tattooed friends and people I notice seem to look younger and age better in general.

  31. Happy you got this sponsorship!!! Cute skit 🙂 also another factor I'm thinking could be age? Building immunity over time and from being sick in the past too.

  32. All ads everywhere should be like that. I also wonder if this cancels out the negative impact of loneliness? Super weird thought but I was just reading about how being alone can make you sicker. But then does that cancel out if I get more tattoos?

  33. Me at the dentist = clasping my hands together so hard my knuckles are white and my asshole is firmly clenched the entire time. 😂

  34. I think it’s interesting that you pointed out that your new tattoos don’t really itch during healing anymore. I noticed after my last big piece I haven’t experienced itching during healing with any subsequent tattoos. I’m super thrilled about that because it used to keep me up at night and it was pure torture. In my opinion the itchy phase is the worst part of getting a tattoo aside from the actual pain of it.

  35. I have an auto-immune disease, I rarely get sick in the traditional sense, even though I take a lot of different drugs that weaken my immune system. So not being sick isn't really the best way to gauge things, but I did find this an interesting topic.

  36. All the (really cool!) science in this video makes me want a TTT about tattooed scientists. I'm a palaeontologist (I study dinosaurs, dead things and fossils) and I know so many palaeontologists with tattoos, including myself, (from a single ammonite to a fully tattooed guy with raptor claws for feet) and I reckon so many other scientists must have tattoos of their field of study! The fun thing with palaeontology is that the field is moving so quickly that if you get a tattoo of something ever so speculative that in a couple of years it could be an outdated reconstruction (especially now we are uncovering the colours of dinosaurs and other extinct organisms).

  37. I swear this is true. I work as a teacher and they're always sick but I haven't had a sick day in 3 years. I get tattooed regularly and it really does help my immune system.

  38. Me: watches video, relieved that my tattoos could start building up my immune system
    Me, several hours later: literally in bed with flu symptoms

  39. growing up, i got sick ALL THE DAMN TIME. never thought about the fact that ive literally been sick twice in the last 4 years (the time ive been getting tattooed)

  40. Ooooh this is really interesting! I have something called ME, which is an autoimmune disorder which causes extreme fatigue (among other things), but I've had it for years before I ever started getting tattooed! Experts think that is caused by contracting some kind of virus and once it's gone from your system, your body thinks it's still there so your body is constantly trying to fight off a virus that isn't actually there, so all your energy is used up doing that. I've never noticed any difference after I've got tattoos, I find them really easy to heal, I don't get more fatigued after I have a session and I've never had tattoo flu. I wonder if more tattoos would increase my immunity, because having ME means my immunity is terrible and I literally get sick all the time hahaha, well at least it's an excuse to keep getting tattooed right?

  41. So really tattoos should be covered by my insurance? 🙌 I have definitely noticed an easier time healing as I've gotten older.

  42. Hmm.

    I do get sick less than before getting tattooed, but I had also quit smoking only a year prior and that probably had a bigger role to play in things.

  43. Very interesting. I’m also vegan (11 years) and I have 4 tattoos (all Palm size). My tattoos seem to take 1 week to be healed enough to keep them unwrapped and 2 weeks to be fully healed. I only get sick about once a year usually in February.

  44. Mmm..I would need to read more to be convinced. Antibody production is a very different part of the immune system (ie. Adaptive immunity, specifically B cells) than the initial healing response (innate immunity, specifically white blood cells). It does seem possible that the constant v low grade immune response of ur white blood cells (specifically macrophages) trying to eat up the ink Could be stimulating the adaptive system to an increased degree. It could be cause the body is trying to design antibodies to fight the ink antigens and can't work it out, leading to the increased diversity of antibodies in the body. Cool.

  45. I have been relatively heavily tattooed for 5ish years. I don't feel like it changed the frequency with which I got sick from when I was in high school to when I had kids. Having kids I get sick more often because they are germ mongers. But, I get sick much less often than my less tattooed husband. So take that for whatever it is.

  46. Bro wth this is crazy! I’ve only gotten sick once this year, and it was only three weeks ago! I have noticed that I’ve been getting less sick, and I thought it was because I’m vegan. But it makes so much sense that it’s because of all the tattoos I have. My most recent tattoo healed in 5 days, and my friend who just got his third tattoo healed in 2 weeks!! Although I know that this is mostly a theory, it’s nice to hear this info today bc I’m getting surgery tomorrow. And I am now expecting to heal pretty quick 🙂 thank you for all the work you put in your videos!

  47. It’s so crazy how much this makes sense. My tattoos heal faster now and I feel like I never get sick anymore and I used to get sick 3 times in the fall/winter.

  48. Something weird happened to my late boyfriend's father's tattoo. It was a tattoo he had had for years that had totally healed and only the parts where there was red ink raised up and scabbed.. He ended up dying from liver cancer about 2 years after this so I'm wondering if it had something to do with his failing liver function? It was just so weird, like he became allergic to the red ink.. I can't remember how old the tattoo was, he was still getting tattooed in his 50s, but I know it was at least a year or 2 old, if not older..

  49. I never heard about that study before! But that makes so much sense. I used to be sick almost every month growing up and in college. But now, even though i still take the bus everywhere i get sick like 3 times a year maybe. Guess i need more tattoos!!

  50. My coworker read this article and brought it up to me a couple weeks ago!! Almost everyone at my work is tattooed so it was definitely interesting to here about & I’m super glad you’re making a video about this!

  51. Im a tattoed person, i would fucking love to believe tattos are good for health. But that is not true, they have toxic elements even they can cause cancer.
    Look at lancet publishment.
    Anyway, not anyone has the real answer cause we need a better investigation.
    What about the ink acumulated in our organs? they do not eliminate totally inside of our body.

  52. Yo. since i've been getting tattooed (last four years) I literally haven't been sick at all. Before that I was CONSTANTLY. this is blowing my mind. wtf

  53. so let me chime in even tho this video is 2 months old.. I have had systemic Lupus for 11 years. its an autoimmune disease. we have an over active immune system that attacks our tissues during periods of flares and we also go thru periods of remission, basically we are allergic to ourselves.. I have a pretty severe form of the disease, it has attacked my kidneys leaving me with class 4 nephritis. I have chronic pericarditis and arthralgia(severe arthritis) as well as a whole host of things too much to sit and name. my husband is a tattoo artist.. I am 40 and have been getting tattoos since the deodorant stick days {age 15} and the only difference ive seen is that when i get a tattoo my body will flare for a few days… because of the trauma of being needled and the stress and anxiety that comes along with getting tattooed. tbh if i didnt get nervous i probably wouldn't flare but a day. but after a few days of flaring im fine. and the flare is so small its never detectable. and i get kidney, liver, brain and heart scans and blood work every three months. i even have gotten tests right after a tat and my ANA, Anti Ro ds dna c3, c4 and everything else related to immune system response was the same. not good because duh i have lupus lol but unchanged. so to answer ur question that was in no way asked :).. i dont believe tattooing change ur immunity, if it did id probably more sick or maybe be dead becuase i have a lot of tats. i take immune suppressing drugs because i have an over active and misguided immune system.. simple put if my tats made my immunity better or stronger id know it immediately in blood work and in how i feel. being immune suppressed means the tiniest boost in immunity is felt. i feel it get boosted if i get a massage.. flares happen to us during trauma, stress, immune boosting. we are told to stay away from estrogen in birth control{ boosts immunity}, garlic, nightshade veg, echinacea, citrus fruits or too much exercise{boosts immunity}.. tattoos, however are a stress so we are allowed to get them as long as we arnt flaring when getting them as they will cause a flare so we dont want to make ourselves super sick.. but its the same with anything, flu shot, medical procedure ect.. we will flare, heck my period makes me flare more then a tat. anyways hope that helped from about 11 years with an immunity problem & being heavily tatted.. thought maybe it would make sense to share because someone like me is a perfect example on if something is immune boosting or not… maybe the study wasnt double blind or maybe they didnt consider all factors because when it comes to immunity there are so many factors so much so that the immune system is such a huge mystery to docs theres no cure for any auto immune disease because they dont know why immune systems boost or die…
    also hi im new 🙂 i just found ur content today and am binge watching. love it, love ur personality sorry for the long post, this is just my opinion about my immune system.

  54. My friend lost a kidney after being shot, and was told not to get any more tattoos! I didn’t understand why but it makes sense now

  55. I have multiple tattoos & since getting my first two, I rarely get sick with stuff like common colds, but I also have multiple autoimmune disorders that come with chronic symptoms and pain. At least one of them developed before I ever got my first tattoo. So I’m not sure how that impacts everything

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