Catching Colds in the Summer Heat

A cold curbing your summer fun… can be especially
miserable. I’m Jennifer Dodd and this is a dailyRx Feature. When attacked by a cold during the warm months,
the culprit is likely something called a non-polio enterovirus infection.
Enteroviruses cause an estimated 10 to 15 million illnesses each year, usually between
June and October. They come with a number of symptoms, including
mouth sores, skin rashes and vomiting as well as more minor symptoms often associated with
the common cold like nasal congestion and discharge. Precautions like carrying hand
sanitizer with you and avoiding close contact with people who have a cold may help. Stay
hydrated, eat a balanced diet and get plenty of sleep to help your immune system stay strong. Ask your doctor about avoiding colds during
summer. For dailyRx TV, I’m Jennifer Dodd.

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