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She remembers people
by their scents. The lip balm was useful. Were you waiting here? There you go again, being
presumptuous. I just got here. It’s late. Get in.
Let’s talk on the way. Okay. Where do you live? It’s near Gildong Elementary School. Gildong Elementary School in Seoul.
Beginning navigation. Were you there this whole time? You said the solution was in there. So? Did you find the solution? Yes, I think so. Really? It is scents.
Ahn In Jung doesn’t remember… people by their faces, voices, or behavior, but by their scent. I use a lip balm
that’s homemade, and she remembered me because
of its unique scent. I don’t even wear it that often,
but… (Face Blindness) What’s this? Take a look. (Face Blindness) What… (Recognition Methods for Patients) You read this already? That means you knew
about the scent thing already. That’s standard. Let’s kick her out. Sorry? The membership rules provides for
an automatic termination. Automatic termination? Membership is terminated upon
the member starting a relationship. That’s right. It’s true. But that’s in barely legible
tiny prints on the back page. But why are we kicking her out? If she voluntarily withdraws
her membership, she will no longer be an undateable,
so we basically solved one. That’s true. Come to think of it,
that’s true. That’s a great idea. She gets stressed out
about meeting people, so let’s not stress her out more
by forcing a guy on her. Let’s help her and the bookstore
owner get together. Then she’ll withdraw voluntarily. Okay. I think that’s the best way. I’ll meet the bookstore owner. Okay. I think we’re here. Please go straight and make a right. You have reached your destination.
This will end the navigation. Thank you. You can drop me off
over there. It’s too dark. Where’s your place?
I’ll drop you off in front. It’s close. I can walk from here. Just go straight this way, right? Thank you! Duke… He’s a total jerk
at times like these. You scared me. – You’re going home?
– Yes. Who was that? “Mr. Duke”? Charlie’s doctor? Kang Hoon Nam? You know, the real writer of
“Hunnamjeongeum” that you found for me. – This is…
– I’m Kang Hoon Nam. It’s nice to meet you.
I’m Choi Joon Soo. She knows him? That man was that man? Did you eat? – Yes, I ate.
– Then let’s go eat. Okay. So? You starved until now? Let me eat. You idiot. You know me. Once I do something,
I see it to the end. You must be thirsty. You stubborn mule. So? Did you make any progress? Yes. I think so. – Really?
– He’s very smart… about dating and psychology.
He’s good at reading people. I think he’ll be able to help
the undateables. That’s good. But be careful, okay? He’s a real player. I know that. Still, thanks to your
recommendation, the undateables have hope now. Seriously. Eat slowly, will you? (Duke’s Gallery) What? You didn’t leave yet? I did, but I came back. You were stood up. No, I was not. I feel bad. That’s why. It’s my fault that woman is… I saw that you had
the undateables’ files. You’re not doing anything
with her, are you? I wasn’t trying to look.
I happened to see it… on the cafe table. You mean on my desk in my office. What? No. I mean it. I went for a walk at night,
and it was right here… Anyway, to be honest, I thought you’d be able
to get rid of her easily. But I feel like you’ve been
pulled in somehow. I mean, you have the skills to
cut off someone like that easily. Why did you show an in? I was a little shocked. Charlie said if she found out,
that means everyone knows. And it’s okay that you know? Charlie says he trusts me. He says she is our common enemy,
so we must band together. I had no idea that it would be
so much more annoying to see you… getting along than fighting. But… Auntie gave orders not to
bring women in here. We won’t see her
at the gallery anymore, right? Actually, we will see her often. I’m going to meet with her
at the gallery cafe. Very often. Frequently. Why? What if you get in trouble for
bringing a woman here? It’s okay because she isn’t a woman. What about me? Didn’t you think about
what she’ll do to me? I didn’t. That’s exactly why. I see. I’m dead now. Hello. We spoke earlier.
I’m Kang Hoon Nam of Duke’s Gallery. Hello. But why does someone
from a gallery want to talk to me? We’re doing a Childlike Fantasy
Toy Exhibit. I wanted to hire you to prepare
chocolates to display with them. We just sell chocolate. You won an award from
the association… at the Seoul International
Baking Festival before. We contacted the association
while searching for an artist. That was a long time ago
when I was in school. I made that without really thinking. That’s exactly what we want. You can just make them
with that pure heart. (Kang Hoon Nam) I’ll give it a shot. Okay. This is the proposal
for the exhibit… and images we looked at
while planning it. It should help you
come up with your designs. I’ll have our curator contact you
with the details. Thank you. I look forward to it. I’ll try my best. Thank you. Hello. I’m looking for the book that was
adapted into a film, “Face Blind”. “Face Blind”? Yes, I heard that
the movie was based on a novel. Please wait. I don’t see any books
under the name, “Face Blind”. Let me search it online. Sure. This is about face blindness. Yes, that’s right. But I don’t think this movie was
based on a novel. Is that right? Then do you have any books
on the same subject? The person I know is face blind. I see. Give me a moment, please. How about this book? This is about a love story of
a man who’s face blind. (“101 Methods to Remember You”) This looks great. I’ll take this. – Okay. Please wait.
– Okay. It’s 15 dollars. I’m sorry to hear your friend is
face blind. That must be tough. I know, right? I only met her
to commission a project. I’m only reading it to see if
this will help me understand her. To commission a project? – She must be an artist.
– No, she’s a chocolatier. She runs
a chocolate shop near here. A chocolate shop near here… Yes, the one up that alley. She is face blind? Yes. I didn’t know. That explains her behaviors. She never looked at me in the eye
and said hello to me. Do you know her? Yes. Actually… I had no idea.
I even resented her. I wished she’d meet my eyes
at least once. She had never done that even once. That must have hurt your feelings. But I’m fine because
now, I know the reason behind it. It’s quite the opposite.
I’m happier. She was distant to me
not because she hated me. I can make her remember me
from now on. That’s good enough for me. – Thank you.
– I’m sure she has her own way… of remembering people. Right. I think you might need
this book more than me. (“101 Methods to Remember You”) Thank you. I’ll send you a ticket
to the exhibit. You’ll come and see her work, right? Did I work too hard today? Ma’am, please give me
a basket of brackens. All right. – A basket of mung bean sprouts.
– Okay. How much is it? 5 dollars, 2 dollars, and 3 dollars.
It’s 10 dollars in total. (Relationship Guru) – Here you go. Sell a lot today.
– Thank you. – Enjoy your vegetables.
– Thank you. Oh, my. To what do I owe this honor? You’re actually calling me. I met up with Ahn In Jung
this morning. – Really?
– I asked her to make chocolates… for the opening party
of the exhibit. When I asked Charlie to write
an exclusive about the exhibit, I told him to interview her too. Her interview will be
in the article too? Yes, I thought this would help
raise her self-esteem. I bet Ahn In Jung would be thrilled. I also met with the bookstore owner,
and we had a good talk too. I even invited him to the exhibit. We have set up the stage. Now, all we have to do is
just watch. This isn’t just any stage.
It’s a carpeted stage. – By the way, where are you?
– I’m in my neighborhood. Is that so? Then… Let’s have a meal together.
I’ll head over there. I’m… Actually, I have
an important appointment today. I thought I was hungry,
but why does my stomach hurt? I’m sorry.
Wait, let me call you back. What was that? Do I have the stomach flu? Why does my stomach hurt so much? (Number One Supermarket) – Hello, sir.
– Hi, there. – Did you go grocery shopping?
– Yes. Sir, where are
the old caramel blocks? Those? Give me a second. They don’t make these a lot anymore.
I put aside some for you. I see. What a shame. I think they’ll stop
manufacturing them. I’m sure I can find some
if I look for them. How much is it? Let’s do the bow. Oh, right. (Milk Caramel) Your mother really liked
those like a kid. Let’s do the bow. Mom. Mom. My daughter. Where did you go? Mom, what’s wrong? Is she sick? Dad, tell me what’s going on. What is she sick all of a sudden? She’s been sick
for quite a long time now. Jeong Eum. Mom, yes. Go on. I’m… sorry. Mom. Mom. Even if I’m not here, don’t get sick. Mom, why are you telling me that? Be brave. Mom. Look ahead, and push forward. Mom, what’s wrong with you?
What is it? Mom. – Honey.
– Mom. Honey. – Honey.
– Mom. Mom, no. Mom! Mom, Mom. Dad! Oh, no. No, Mom. Mom! Mom. I’m sorry, Mom. I’m sorry, Mom. Mom. Don’t be sick. Be strong. Don’t look back. Coffee you steal tastes the best. She should share. Ms. Bong. Just ask me to buy it for you.
I’ll buy you coffee. You have no money. Stop acting rich. You should just eat less. Hey. What’s going on
with Doo Ri? Who’s the male member
that she’s talking about? She keeps asking for him. Well… The thing is, it’s Kim So Wool. Kim So Wool? Kim So Wool…
That bald farmer poet? Yes. She likes that type? Well… What happened was… I can see that. Yes, I can. Doo Ri liked our tacky
language teacher before too. His nickname was “Yam.” She insisted he looked like
Chow Yun Fat. She went off about how hot he was. Anyway, she always did have
a unique taste in men. Jeong Eum. You’re not bad. Not bad. Not bad. Opening party? A party? Ms. Oh is having
an opening party for her exhibit. You should’ve told me right away
if you were invited to a party. I’m going only because
she’s an undateable. Don’t get me wrong.
I’m going to bring Mr. Kim So Wool. – Mr. Kim So Wool?
– Get to work. Mr. Kim So Wool doesn’t really
seem like a party type. Let’s have scallion pancakes.

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