CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Sharon’s Diagnosed at 37 Story

(Sharon) I was diagnosed at 37. I had two children. Made the kids’ lunches,
took ’em to school. You know, was on the PTA. I started to feel tired. Then I thought
I had swollen glands. Life was going to change
for me pretty quick. Went to the doctor and he
put me on an antibiotic. A week later I started feeling
like, a lump at the side of my neck. They immediately took an x-ray
and said, “that’s a tumor”. They did the biopsy,
found out it was cancer, started me on chemo
and radiation right away. Since I was so young, they
wanted to try to save my voice. And I was okay for about a year. Then I was brushing my teeth,
and I spit up some blood, so went to the doctor
and he’s like Next step is
we gotta remove the voice box.

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