Celulite? Dores Musculares? Saiba Como o Álcool de Alecrim Pode Ajudar

It’s hard to find someone who has not suffered
with muscle pain at least once in the life. And when this uncomfortable pain appears, what
you do? Are you hoping to get through? Looking for some cream or pain medicine? We currently have many alternatives for
dealing with pains like this, as well as pains like this. But have you ever stopped to wonder how
people got relief from this and other pains formerly? Some herbs such as rosemary, as well as
have been used for decades for medicinal purposes like this. In addition to being an antibiotic and diuretic
natural, rosemary is widely used for to improve digestion and the
liver. Another amazing benefit of this herb is
to be good for memory and to fight against stress and mental fatigue. In most of the medicinal uses of rosemary,
the most recommended is to take it in the form of tea. But a little known benefit of rosemary
is its use to combat pain and inflammation on body. So you can use rosemary as medicine
That way, let’s teach you how to prepare the alcohol from rosemary. This old recipe as well as being great for
bring relief for muscular pain, it is also beneficial in order to revitalize
muscles, fight cellulite, stimulate circulation and reduce muscle tension. If you usually have back pain or
other parts of the body, suffers from arthritis, tendinitis or even cramps, try
this rosemary alcohol recipe. Ingredients:
Some sprigs of fresh rosemary; 1 liter of alcohol 70%; To prepare the recipe is well
simple: Place the rosemary sprigs in a bottle
or into a glass jar and cover them with alcohol. Let stand for 15 days within a
place in low light and airy conditions. Shake the bottle daily. The more days you leave, the more concentrated
the solution will stay. When the alcohol is ready, replace it
always keep it in a cool, dry place. protected from light and heat. To use, simply apply in the affected region,
massaging vigorously. Remember to wash your hands after applying,
contact with the eyes and mucous membranes of the body, this solution may cause irritation.

26 thoughts on “Celulite? Dores Musculares? Saiba Como o Álcool de Alecrim Pode Ajudar

  1. Boa noite. Já preparei o álcool de alecrim. Estou aguardando completar quinze dias para usar. Obrigada pela dica.

  2. O álcool eu nunca fiz mas o alecrim é meu "queridinho", uso pra todo tipo de dor. Já tratei dor nas articulações, dor muscular, dor de estômago e inflamações na garganta e dor de cabeça, enfim, é sensacional. Lembrando que usei apenas ele. Amo demais! Não deixo faltar em casa!

  3. Ha um tempo chá de.alecrim ..pois tenho muita dor nas costas e no joelho. ..devido a.convulsão que.yenho desdr.criança. vou fazet com álcool não conhecia..

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