Charlie Hunnam Sprinted Naked Through a Forest to Escape a Wasp Attack

-You just got back
from traveling. Where were you? -I was all over the place,
but for the last few months, few months leading up to the
holidays, I was in India. -Yeah, you were in India.
-Whoo! -What were you doing there?
Can we say what you were doing? -I was —
I’m shooting a TV show, a new TV show for Apple.
-Oh. -An adaptation of the novel
“Shantaram.” -Ah. And how —
It didn’t really go — I mean, the shooting went well,
and the project is great, but you didn’t have
the best time in India. -No, there were some challenges. I had a series of pretty
significant health issues that, as they went on,
seemed like a series of
assassination attempts. I got a — I got
a lung infection which turns into
a sinus infection. And then I got conjunctivitis
in both my eyes. [ Audience groans ]
Then I got an ear infection. Then I got strep throat,
then a bacterial gut infection. And then I got bitten
by a mosquito and contracted dengue fever. [ Audience exclaims ] -It is —
[ Laughter ] -Thank you.
[ Applause ] -They should have
put you in a box, and I had to touch you.
I mean, wow. -It was kind of confounding,
’cause I kind of pride myself on having impeccable
personal hygiene, but I think some of those things
sometimes go against you. I think my immune system
was too delicate because I’m too clean. -You’re too clean, so you got to
get out there and just start — -You got to roll around
in the mud a little bit. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -But you have a weird kind of
history of almost dying. -I do. I do. This year particularly. It was a strange year. -Hopefully it’s over with. -Well, we’ll see. I mean, I had a mosquito
in my room last night. -That doesn’t count.
That doesn’t count. -But it’s New York,
and it’s January, and I was on the eighth floor. -Think he’s, like,
a super mutant mosquito? -You know, I was worried,
because I don’t — I don’t know the ins and outs
of dengue fever. You have it for a period of
time, but then the antibodies
stay in your body, obviously, ’cause you have to get tested, and that’s the way
antibodies work. And I wondered,
if that mosquito bit me, does then that mosquito
contract dengue fever, and then the next person
who checks into that hotel — These are the things
you got to ask yourself. These are the things that I stay
up late night worrying about. -You’re trying to save lives
out here. -I am. You know, I’m doing
what I can for the people. -[ Laughs ] Wow. -It was a weird year.
It started off getting a — I went camping, and I got a deer
tick that burrowed into my leg, and I did not contract
Lyme disease, ’cause I once
had gotten a deer tick in the highlands of Scotland, which I didn’t even know
had Lyme disease, and I got Lyme disease. But I didn’t get Lyme disease. But a very strange thing
happened to me when I went camping
a few months later. I went out looking
for firewood one day, and it was end of the season.
It was kind of picked dry. And so I was pretty far
from my camp. And I was just wearing
some sweatpants and a t-shirt. And there were three trees
fallen into a triangle, and in those trees
was a mother lode of firewood. So I said,
“Alright, here we go.” And I got up, and I was… crouched down like this
picking up firewood, and all of a sudden, wham, like, a snakebite
in the perineum. -Where’s — The perineum,
where is that? -The perineum is that sweet
piece of no man’s land between the anus
and the scrotum. -Okay.
[ Applause ] -Alright, so —
-That is a suboptimal place to get bitten by a snake. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, a snake jumped out and — -So, I —
That’s what it felt like. And I look down,
and there was no snake. So I was trying to process
what could have happened, and, bam, another shrill pain
in my ass cheek. -Okay. -Then one
in the back of my head, and then one under my armpit, and I realized I was under siege
from yellow jackets. I’d kicked over
a nest of yellow jackets. And as I was processing
this angry swarm coming at me — Sorry. I’m very bad
at microphone etiquette. As I was processing
this swarm coming at me, I got stung about another
10 times in about 5 seconds. So I took off running, as any,
you know, heroic figure would. I took off sprinting
through the forest and ran for about
a minute and a half and stopped to see
what was happening and immediately bam, bam, bam, got stung about
another five times. Now I’m starting
to get really worried, you know? I don’t know much
about yellow jackets. But I assume 20 bites
is probably — or stings is probably reaching
the threshold. -[ Laughing ] Oh, my God. -So, I ripped
all of my clothes off. I kicked my shoes off,
and I took all my clothes off. -Yeah.
-And then — And then put my shoes back on
and continued sprinting completely naked. [ Women cheering ] And this is all true. I realized at that moment I was
actually inside a nightmare, a recurring nightmare. I for many years had had this
recurring dream that I was — a nightmare that I was sprinting
for my life naked in a forest. In that moment, I was literally inside —
-Living — -I was living
my recurring nightmare. -Oh, my goodness. -And I haven’t had
that dream since. So it was something of
a prophecy or something, right? So I’m going to start — I’m going to start taking —
[ Cheers and applause ] I’m gonna start taking these
dreams a little more seriously. -That is unbelievable.
-Yeah. -So it was not a snake at all. -No.
-But, gosh, that’s awful. Did you have to go
to the hospital? -I did, but I —
Well, you know, it’s funny. I was very sick that day. And
my — I was with my girlfriend, and she went and got the park
ranger. I mean, we were way out. And she went and got a ranger,
and he came and looked at me. He said, “You’re probably
going to be okay.” And I was sort of okay that day, and then two days later,
I got very, very sick. And I spoke to my doctor,
and he said, “You had probably so much venom
in your system that your body starts to create
antibodies to fight the venom.” And then if I got stung again, because I have those antibodies
in my system now, I could have a bad reaction. So I’m supposed to carry
an EpiPen, but of course,
I’m an idiot, and I don’t. -Maybe you got superpowers
for a day. -Maybe.
-Like, maybe you — -They didn’t do me much good
in India, let me tell you. -No, that’s true.
[ Laughs ] I forgot about India.
Never mind. Yeah. -So it was a strange year, 20– But we’re in a new decade now. -Here we are. Yeah.
-We’ll see. -Oh, please. It’s going to be
the best year for you yet.

100 thoughts on “Charlie Hunnam Sprinted Naked Through a Forest to Escape a Wasp Attack

  1. Tests for Lyme disease are highly inaccurate. He might want to get a clinical diagnosis with a Lyme literate doctor/naturopath

  2. well, Spiderman was already overmade… maybe charlie is becoming The "Yellow Jacket Man" #lol #soamemes . they could start a bug people superhero sequence who help the "black jacket people" remove their jackets #joking #loveSOA

  3. Well its been a long time since Charlie left Geordieland, but it's nice to hear little tiny bits of Geordie still in his accent. Would love to hear go full on "Why aye man".

  4. One of the reasons why I love this man, he’s a good storyteller. Has you all in the edge of your seat just hearing him out 😊

  5. I always worry about Charlie, because things like this always happen to him, remember what happened to him in Colombia in a hotel when he was shooting The Lost City of Z also during the filming of Triple Frontier now all those things that happened to him in India and in Scotland, I hope that nothing bad will happen to him again.

  6. Jimmy acting like he doesn’t know what the perineum is. John Cena taught him what it was lol. In the mad libs bit. I swear Jimmy tries too hard to act comedic.

  7. Excuse my ignorance but… what’s the point of taking all his clothes off and going on running naked through the wood? Does it make any difference as far as the yellowjackets stings? Don’t get me wrong: I’d looooove to see this piece of a stud in his birthday suit running around, it’s just that I don’t get it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. I adore Charlie but this is too much how come he made India sound so bad … I mean he is a celebrity he must have stayed in a proper hotel and had a proper reception atleast

  9. What the fuck?! He really needs to travel in a bubble! Like EVERY TIME I see an interview with him, it’s about him defeating death against nature’s beasts! His immune system is just..I can’t! 😳😬

  10. This is why I will never go to India. I always wanted to see the Taj Mahal but along with this story I know 4 people who have been airlifted out of India because of severe infections. He better be careful!

  11. India is literally a Petri dish of bacterial and germ growth I’m sorry for being politically incorrect I lived there for 3 years and that country is 🦠

  12. I cancelled an extended trip to Thailand last week, departing yesterday, Monday, in fear of the very same experiences that Hunnam experienced.
    I was scared of the unexpected!

  13. After getting stung on the eyelid by a wasp, I can confirm wasps are bastards. I did NOTHING to the wasp, i didn’t threaten or provoke it.
    They are just arseholes, it sucker punched me with it’s stinger.

  14. Whats happened to his accent? it's like a mix up of various regions and countries, isn't he north east of England?

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