Chinese authorities cut off transportation from Wuhan, center of new pneumonia virus outbreak

it’s often said that urgent times call
for urgent measures and the Chinese government isn’t taking any chances no
one is to be allowed to leave Ohan and the city in China at the heart of the
corona virus outbreak in a bid to prevent the disease from spreading even
more since the bars emerged last month 17 people have died and hundreds have
been sickened kim moo-sung starts us off amid the continued rapid spread of the
new pneumonia virus which first emerged new Han at the end of December Chinese
authorities are closing off the city of Wuhan home to over 11 million people
according to China’s state-run CCTV the decision came as a death toll from the
virus almost doubled in a day to 17 as of late Wednesday all fatalities so far
have been in Hubei the province around Wuhan all planes and trains leaving the
city will be canceled beginning Thursday while public transportation within the
city including buses subways and ferries will also be suspended
authorities are especially an alert as Lunar New Year which involves a
country’s largest annual migration of people is just around the corner because
the spring festival is coming and there is a floating population of more than 5
million in Wuhan going out of the city and many people outside the city also
want to come back to Han for family reunion
which is a big flow what’s more there will be mass return trips after Spring
Festival if not well controlled there will be a peak outbreak the World Health
Organization said after the emergency meeting on Wednesday that it has
postponed a decision on whether the current outbreak constitutes a state of
international health emergency explained that it will convene another emergency
meeting on Thursday to fully review the status quo
however Chinese authorities admit the country is now at the quote most
critical stage of prevention and control as the virus has been identified in 20
regions including Beijing Shanghai and the southern province of Guangdong
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