Choosing Fluids for Children with Gastroenteritis

I’m Monique Evans with today’s health news.
Parents of sick children may have another option for getting them to take fluids. A
study from the University of Calgary found that apple juice was equally effective for
children with gastro-enteritis compared to commercial electrolyte solutions. Children
with gastroenteritis need fluids and sometimes intravenous rehydration. The current standard
of care is to treat children with electrolyte solutions when they begin to have diarrhea.
Dehydration is dangerous in young children, but many children refuse to drink electrolyte
solutions, possibly due to the unfamiliar taste. Researchers wanted to determine if
commercially prepared electrolyte solutions or apple juice and other preferred fluids
were equally effective in preventing dehydration. Researchers found that children on the apple
juice regimen were less likely to need intravenous fluids. They were also less likely to lose
weight while sick or to show significant dehydration. For dailyRx, I’m Monique Evans.

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