Clean Up After Someone with Norovirus Vomits or has Diarrhea

Norovirus is a germ that
spreads quickly and easily from a sick person to others. It causes vomiting and
diarrhea that come on suddenly. Often before you can
get to a bathroom. If you get sick from norovirus,
you might splatter drops of vomit or poop for many
feet in all directions. Norovirus symptoms can
strike any time, any place. You could be at the
fair or out shopping. It’s extremely important
to clean up the entire area immediately
after you vomit or have diarrhea so others don’t get norovirus. Clean up must be thorough to
not miss any drops of vomit or poop that can’t be seen. Here’s how to clean up after
someone vomits or has diarrhea. Step one you don’t want
norovirus to get on you hands or in your mouth while
cleaning up vomit and poop. Protect yourself. Put on disposable gloves
and a mask, if you have one. Step two, wipe up vomit and poop
with paper towels, and put them in a plastic trash bag. Step three, pour bleach
cleaner on all surfaces that may have vomit
or poop on them. Leave the bleach on surfaces
for at least 5 minutes. You can use a chlorine bleach
cleaner, or make your own by adding three quarters cup of
bleach to one gallon of water. Step four, clean all surfaces
again with hot water and soap. Step five remove your disposable
gloves, throw them away, and take out the trash. Step six remove and wash all
laundry that may have vomit or poop on them with
hot water and soap. Step seven, wash your
hands with soap and water, and call it a job well done. Help squash norovirus. Always clean up the
entire area immediately after someone vomits
or has diarrhea. Learn more at

11 thoughts on “Clean Up After Someone with Norovirus Vomits or has Diarrhea

  1. Norovirus is so infectious that even doing this is unlikely to stop it spreading to people who live with you. When you vomit you spread very fine particles in the air, carrying the virus, and people inhale these, as it's breathed in it gtes on your tongue and gets swalled and..voila, you're infected. It takes only a tiny number of the virus to infect you. Any immunity only lasts a few months, then you can get it again. At least it correctly point sout you have to use chlorine bleach, disinfectants don;t work. The virus can survive in fabrics and carpetting for many weeks. You can get wave after wave of re-infections.

    This is why they absolutely dread norovirus in care homes and hospitals, it is horribly contagious and almost impossible to eliminate from the environment, plus you can catch it repeatedly.

    My family were struck down a few years ago. It's awful, you feel terrible, mostly due to the nausea and vomitting. It can also be serious to the very young and very old, mostly through dehrydration.

  2. You guys should make a norovirus for inservice staff trainings, especially LTC facilities. Cover some exact scenarios. What exactly should a CNA or nurse do if a patient vomits on the floor or in the bed? What if they suddenly get sick in the dining room (public space, food present)? Cover the facts too. How many people die every year from this? What do they die from (dehydration?)? How long does it live on a surface? How long should staff (CNA, nurse, etc) stay out of work if sick? What about visitors during an outbreak? What are some ways to stop the spread through the facility once a patient is sick? Putting these videos on YouTube is a big step to help make info available to even the smallest facilities for training their staff. When the CDC talks, people listen. A lot of people. Thank you guys for all that you do!

  3. BURN IT! oh man first time getting it this week since Tuesday with everyone getting it and projectile vomited everything out of my stomach for a few hours to the point i was starting to spew up bile soon as i stopped for a while i made sure to take some Andrews Salt in some water it definitely worked but u bet i slept all day, all night my body just nooped out of it cos of the fever and probs sheer exhaustion of vomiting couldn't keep my eyes open i was like asleep for an hour or two, awake for 1 hour on and off while awake and i didn't eat anything on Tuesday, now i feel like i got the flu and my stomach is still nooping out of more food just bits at a time i'm already getting fed up of not being able to enjoy food much though :'( ama try and eat more later when my parents make the tea but we'll see.

  4. Getting over this awful sickness and video is absolutely right. Slowly one but one a family of 5 got infected…

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