Cloverfield (5/9) Movie CLIP – I Don’t Feel So Good (2008) HD

Man on radio:
Okay, bring them in.
Roger.Let’s go, move. Move it.
Lily: Okay, okay. Let’s go!
Okay, okay. Rob: Excuse me, sir?
Sir? Excuse me. Listen, we need your help.
Our friend, she’s hurt.
She’s trapped In her building
right by here,
at columbus circle. That is not where you
wanna be right now. Lily: Do you guys know
what it is? Out there? Do you know
what that thing is? If they know,
they ain’t telling me.
Whatever it is, it’s winning. (people clamoring) Man 1: What’s up?
Man 2: We got
another bite here. Hud: Don’t look
at that. Gross. Please, we can’t stay here.
We have…
Hey, not now. Man 3: Copy that.
Sir, we have two f-18s On route from selfridge.
Four more are arming up, Maybe 30 minutes out. Man 4: Roger that. Listen up, people.
Rack them and pack them. We’re phantoms in 15.
Rob: Sir. Where the hell
did you find them?
They were in the tunnels. Rob: Yeah,
we had to walk all the way
from spring street. Get them ready for transport,
put them on the evac chopper. Yes, sir.
Let’s move. Move, move.
Rob: No, wait. Wait. Listen, our friend
is very badly hurt.
Move it. Move. Move.
We have to get to her. Sorry, son,
can’t help you.
Get them on the chopper. No, but, please,
listen to me. Let go! Just listen
for a second, please! Turn that goddamned camera… (people chattering) Lily: We’ve been trying
to get to her all…
Rob: Make our own way. No, do you have a…
Graff: I am not jeopardizing
this operation, Or my men.
Rob: I don’t want your help. You are getting on
that chopper now. I just need you
to listen to me
for one second, sir. You have no idea
what’s out there. I don’t care
what’s out there. Listen to me.
She’s dying. There is nothing I can do
about that now. The girl that I love
more than anything is
dying and it’s my fault. She should have
been with me tonight,
and I let her go and… And I get it, okay?
You have your hands full.
I get that. I get that,
but we’re gonna go after her,
and if you wanna stop me, Then you’re gonna
have to shoot me.
Marlena: Hud. I don’t feel so good.
Hud: Oh, shit. Woman: Bite!
We’ve got a bite! Marlena. Hold on a second.
Man: Get her moving. (machine beeping)
keep moving! Hey, marlena, are you okay?
Hey, what are you guys doing? (people all clamoring)
hold on a second.
Where are you taking her? Hold on a second. Wait!
Oh my god, wait! Marlena, stop!
Just wait a second!
Marlena: Let me go. Just wait a second. Please.
Let me go. Wait! Marlena!
Get out of the way. Marlena! Hold on a second! Just wait a…
Let go of me! Stop it!
No. (marlena groaning) God! Please, god!
Where are you taking marlena?

100 thoughts on “Cloverfield (5/9) Movie CLIP – I Don’t Feel So Good (2008) HD

  1. So many infinity war comments here lol seriously though can you imagine if the snap had done THIS to the universe? You're just walking down the street then half of the people out doing their daily routine just explode into blood and guts all over the place, Definitely would prefer the fading into dust.

  2. I wonder what freakin' kind of venom does that to the human body ? Makes sense when you consider these things were parasites that fell off Cloverfield and Cloverfield was resilient to bombardments and anti-armor rounds, so these things must've been able to feed somehow off of it.

  3. She was the 1 of my favorite charcacter here, when i saw this part… That hit me so hard, my heart expode :((( naturally she is closed person but brave inside

  4. i have the DVD of this. it took me a while to find it (i was sick that day i think my bros were at school) but after digging i found it and i was happy. so i popped it in and watched it and was satisfied.

  5. Imagine how annoyed you'd be as one of the military guys. These idiots want to go back out into a situation more dangerous than an active warzone and they don't tell you that one of their friends got bitten earlier and should probably get medical attention. And when you try to help her, they try to intervene.

  6. In my head when i saw this movie:
    • Peter Parker's Line before he turns to dust in Infinity War
    • Damn bruh, hud's broken before he never got to confess to marlena

  7. There was an company or something called avengers and copied the line "Hud I don't feel so good" and then replaced it with "Mr.Stark… I don't feel so good"

  8. Anthony: stressing out
    Joseph: What's wrong?
    Anthony: I need something good that spidey will say before he turns to dust. What are you looking at btw?
    Joseph: Oh, just a cloverfield movie clip with the title "I don't feel so good"
    Anthony: wait, THAT'S IT!!!

  9. I theorise they shot her because she contracted something virulent from the space flea. Yes I slowed the video to watch her explode, too quick for a 'parasite' hatching yes? A fast acting virus or equivalent? When the body decomposes it swells as solid matter breaks down into fluid matter. Just a thought…

  10. "Don't you understand? You have to help us! OMG! Wait a second! Let us give her a big hug so she knows she is loved! That'll cure her!"

  11. "Wait a minute. Please. You have to help us. Excuse me. If you're not going to help us help her, you're just going to have to shoot me."
    It's just all about you, isn't it, clown?

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