Cold and Fever? Do This,Health Tips in Kannada Language,ನೆಗಡಿ ಮತ್ತು ಜ್ವರನೇ? ಹೀಗೆ ಮಾಡಿ

>>My Dear Kannadigas>>Welcome to Bhavishya Darpan 4U YouTube Channel’s >>Health Tips in Kannada >>Home Remedies >>For Better Health, For Better Future >>Subscribe Bhavishya Darpan 4U YouTube Channel>>Press Bell Icon for Latest Video’s Notification>>Cold and Fever? Then Do This>>Fever is a Very common. >>If the body temperature raises above 37 degree celsius, then it is said to be Fever>>Fever is commonly due to raise in temperature of body >>caused by viral diseases and toxic elements.>>The common symptoms of fever are heated body, >>tiredness, headache, irritability, chills and shivering. >>Basil leaves is the best medicine for fever>>Take 10 gms of fresh leaves with 2 gms of Pepper Powder.>>Mix it in 50 ml of water and drink it thrice daily.>>Neem leaves extracts are best remedy for fever.>>Mix a spoon of Neem juice with 2 spoons of honey.>> Take this solution twice a day.>>Consuming raisins can cure Fever fast.>>Consuming raisins will reduce thirst and body temperature.>>Turmeric Decoction is a good medicine.>>Drink this decoction every hour till fever is reduced.>>Orange juice is easily consumable liquid for >>those suffering from fever.>>It provides energy and increases quantity of urine>>Amrutha Balli decoction is a good remedy for fever.>>Fenugreek juice is best medicine for fever>>Drink this solution twice in a day.>>Mixture of 1 tumbler of Apricot juice with >>1 spoon of honey or glucose is best remedy for fever>>adding sugar to decoction of ginger and >>drinking it thrice a day will reduce cold>>Consuming garlic daily reduces cold.>>make and boli the Okuli mixture in early stage of cold. >>Okuli is prepared by mixing turmeric and lime to water>>Eating Gooseberry can cure cold>>Do You Like this video?>>Then, Give a Like >>Did You Like it a lot?>>Then Don’t forget to share it with your friends>>Do You Love it?>>Then, Comment. Thank You

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