Cold and Flu Prevention – Vitamin D and Immune System – Cathelicidins

Hello Dr. Urban here. I’m coming to talk to
you today about a common pedestrian supplement that has excited me so much. I was going to give this information to my family and then maybe I thought, well
maybe I’ll send it to my larger circle of friends. Then I decide I’m just
gonna put a video out on it. It was a surprise. As you know from a previous
video, I’m a big fan of taking supplements for cold and flu prevention.
But it works through your immune system. I want a robust immune system so when
the bugs come at me, that is, the microbes and the viruses and the whatever’s I have a strong immune system and that is my defense. It’s not that they’re not going
to come and it’s not that they’re not going to take you on. It’s gonna be that
you ward them off. That’s just how I look at it. Let’s get back to vitamin D
which along with vitamin C, NAC (N acetyl cysteine) and zinc those
four are from a previous video which is lined up to come next in the playlist.
Just stay on the line. Those four supplements are my immune build-up
supplement package. Okay let’s take vitamin D. Vitamin D
whenever I get like a cough or a stuffy nose or something like that, I
immediately go to my, not on the maintenance dose, but as in the next
video, I up my schedule of these four
supplements and nothing I say here changes that. Today, all of a sudden I’m
looking at a video on YouTube out of the blue that talks about cathelicidins which are peptides. That’s just a a scientific word. I wouldn’t recognize
a peptide if I saw one but they’re around. These cathelicidins
are your own antibiotics!! You make antibiotics and anti-viral like
antibiotics which can peel off the protective layers of viruses and kill
the viruses. You may have a thousand or several
thousand(catheliciidins), they’re finding more and more Isn’t that wonderful? You make your own antibiotics well I was
so excited, because I like vitamin D. I have taken it for years so now I have a
deeper dive into the information about vitamin D. Don’t change your
health care regimen because of anything you hear here. Don’t stop anything or
start anything without consulting your health care provider. That’s only common
sense. But consider that vitamin D is now, in my opinion, strongly substantiated to
be an anti-microbial, Your homemade anti- microbial producer, because it up
regulates it. That’s the word I’m searching for. the Up regulates means
you get more of those personal antibiotics. I’m probably not giving you
a scientific explanation, but boy is this significant to me. Okay
so that’s the message subscribe my channel as more health videos are coming
stay in touch and we’ll pursue these subjects together. I’m excited about
vitamin D and even though I’ve taken it for years now, I feel confident I would
not hesitate to take up to a lot like fifty thousand international units in two doses in a day. I haven’t done it yet. It would depend on
what attack I perceived. now I just want to show you that one of these, yes I don’t know if you can see that but
that’s five thousand international units of vitamin D. I
don’t know if that’s a lot compared to what we’ve used in the past, but I take a
maintenance dose of 10,000 units a day or two of these a day and if I have three
in my hand, I take all three. Now, that’s not very scientific. You clinicians
out there can say, “What does he think he’s doing and how reckless can he be?”
But that’s where I go with this because I really like vitamin D. I did discover I
had a runny nose and stuffiness. Whenever I get that I go on and up
the maintenance dose just kind of double up or triple up depending on how long
the symptoms last. It just so happened I took some vitamin D and I
noticed it was like a dramatic response in a couple hours. I think vitamin D is a big deal.
So think about taking your supplements. I’m not telling you to take the flu shot, yes
or no or anything else. You can decide for yourself. I’m not telling you whether
I take the flu shot yes or no. There are other issues like maybe you have to.
But I don’t have to. That’s it for this video. Subscribe, come along.
Hopefully we’ll have a fun journey learning new things.

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