Cold & Flu Care : How to Fight a Cold Naturally

It’s very common today to use natural remedies
to fight many different types of diseases. Including that of the common cold. Hi I’m
Dr. Savage. I’m an osteopathic family practice physician from Tampa. A lot of people tend
to turn to things such as Vitamin C, Zinc or Echinacea to help with their immune system.
Unfortunately studies have shown that taking those natural supplements do not actually
decrease the time course in which one recovers from the virus, which causes the common cold.
With that said that can help your symptoms. In addition to getting plenty of rest and
another thing that could definitely help your symptoms is grandma’s tea with bee honey in
it. Studies actually have been shown to that honey helps the symptoms of congestion as
much as many of the over counter medicines. Such as Sudafed and Guafenacin. Which if you
are into going not so natural I think that that would be fine as well. Without any contraindications
of course. I’m Dr. Savage and I wish you the best of health.

15 thoughts on “Cold & Flu Care : How to Fight a Cold Naturally

  1. if u have a cold u can try eatting something really spicy to burn ur nose pasage opened it makes me feel better all the time

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  3. @elementalgaiaking no prob Mate lmao. i thought i was the only one who found these vids FUNNY.. this guy is a comedian

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