Cold & Flu Care : How to Select Pain Relief & Cold Medicines

If you go into a pharmacy it is easy to become
overwhelmed from the vast selection of different medicines for your different symptoms that
you are experiencing. Hi, I’m Dr. Savage, I’m an osteopathic family practice physician
from Tampa. I’m here to plainly describe in my opinion which medicines, over-the-counter
medicines would be most effective for certain symptoms. First of all let’s talk about pain.
It depends on what type of pain you are having. If it is from an acute injury such as muscle,
tendon or joints, a mild sprain or strain, I would recommend anti-inflammatory medicines
such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen which is a pain reliever and at the same time decreases inflammation
in that area which doubly helps decrease the pain. Another situation with anti-inflammatory
medicines that would be helpful for things such as a mild headache also menstrual cramps,
very effective in treating menstrual cramps. Now for Tylenol also known as Acetominophine
a non-anti-inflammatory type of pain medicine you can take that in the same situation and
it may be just as effective for those symptoms but I would prefer to use that in situations
such as you know having a mild headache but it is also good for treating fever. Now in
terms of the common cold, sinus congestion you’ve got a couple of different selections.
You’ve got expectorants and you have decongestants. Expectorants my favorite is Gwyfinicin. It
does a great job of help cleaning out the mucous and helps you get the snot out basically.
Decongestants such as Sudafed do a great job at drying the mucous membranes but one thing
to be concerned about is if you have high blood pressure or a history of stroke or heart
attack that is a contraindication of taking the medicine. In other words it is not the
best idea to take that so in that choice I would recommend once again going with the
expectorant Gwyfinicin. One other thing that helps with congestion would be nasal saline
it does a great job at clearing the snot out. That simplifies everything you are looking
at. I hope this is helpful the next time you go to the pharmacy. I’m Dr. Savage and I wish
you the best of health.

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