Cold Flu Season Prevention Tips 2018 – 2019

Cold and flu season 2018-2019 is soon
upon us so what can we do to not get the flu? Coming right up
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come that there is an official cold and flu season every year do the bugs kind
of migrate or is it certain things that humans do that make us more susceptible
so first of all not everybody gets the flu even though the flu virus there’s
bugs all around us not everyone gets it because some people have a stronger
immune system some bodies can put up more resistance so what are the factors
that influence that well in your body you have a system your autonomic nervous
system kind of operates on a seesaw and we call that the parasympathetic and the
sympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system that’s your
fight/flight system it’s designed to rev things up to increase your blood sugar
to increase your heart rate to increase your blood pressure to get you ready for
a fight to get you ready to run away and
whenever that happens whenever that sympathetic nervous system is activated
you automatically by default decrease the activity of the
parasympathetic and the parasympathetic is your feed breed system that’s what
handles your digestion and your immune system and your repair and your healing
and your reproduction so modern human beings have more stress than we’ve ever
had because we live in a very very complex world but starting somewhere
around Halloween it tends to increase and that is why we become more
susceptible we increase our stress so what is stress
stress is anything that activates your sympathetic nervous system so that it
can be chemical stress structural stress and emotional stress so in chiropractic
we talked about this triad of health that the human is influenced by chemical
structural and emotional factors so chemical stress would be things like
toxins and pathogens and unstable blood sugar for example all of those are
chemical stresses structural stress our trauma slips and falls but also lack of
movement because movement drives the frontal lobe that inhibits stress so
sedentary living in activity is actually a form of physical stress and emotional
stress is when we feel overwhelmed when you feel tense or frustrated or
inadequate or there’s just too many things to do and not enough time and
starting somewhere around Halloween with all of that can be and then going on
through the Thanksgiving and then all the Christmas parties we tend to eat
more candy we tend to go to more parties we tend to not have time to exercise
because of all the parties and we’re less inclined to exercise because it’s
cold and dark and then all the emotional stress because we have all these things
to do and all these parties to prepare for and all these dinners to cook so
stress everyone would probably agree that for most people stress increases
during the holiday season which coincides with the flu season so knowing
that what can we do about it well the first thing that you want to do is to
cut back on sugar because sugar it is the main form of chemical stress it as
soon as you eat sugar you destabilize your blood sugar you create a blood
sugar rollercoaster every time your blood sugar is low you make cortisol
which is a stress hormone and there you go sugar also feeds all the pathogens
all of the bugs that create the flu the colds and flues they are fed by
sugar everything you don’t want in your body everything that feeds offer you
loves sugar so number two avoid sugar okay number three don’t eat sugar number
four eat good quality food eat grass-fed meat
eat organic meat eat wild caught fish eat organic vegetables eat quality fat
eat grass-fed organic butter eat extra virgin olive oil eat coconut oil but
don’t eat sugar I think you’re getting the picture now I really hope so and
five stay physically active I know the season is very challenging because we’re
so tempted to go inside and just do other things but we want to stay active
the activity drives the frontal lobe the frontal lobe inhibits the stress
response and balances out this seesaw and you can benefit your immune system
by doing that and finally to combat the emotional stress try to find some time
despite all of the hurry to relax put aside five minutes do some deep
breathing put aside some time to do meditation there’s a guided meditation
on our site here’s a link for that one so there are a lot of things that we can
do and realize that the flu does not hit you accidentally it does not land on you
just because you have bad luck it lands on everybody and if you have a stronger
immune system if your parasympathetic sympathetic nervous system are
imbalanced then you will probably not get the flu so a lot of people wonder
about the flu shot and I’m not going to get into a lot of detail there my
personal opinion is I don’t get the flu shot but I would recommend for everyone
to do your research don’t take my word for it and even more importantly don’t
take your medical doctor’s word for it and don’t get the
flu shot just because it’s offered free at your local Kroger or Walmart or
wherever else you happen to be make an informed decision and do all the things
that it needs to get you healthy and in balance and strengthen your immune
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22 thoughts on “Cold Flu Season Prevention Tips 2018 – 2019

  1. Prevent the cold and flu naturally this year and every year.

  2. Had to watch again in full..think it was uploading..Big hugs..Steph..opal aka Big Mama from New Orleans Louisiana

  3. You know what? You deserve way more attention than what you're getting, just wanted to make sure you know that. I've watched many other health-related channels, and gave up on them. But whenever I see your video come up, I know I will learn from it. Thank you very much for what you are doing, in the name of all of us here.

  4. Great advice Doc! I take it that you advocate to cut the sugar out… Just a wild guess. I am diabetic and will still never get the flu vaccine. It is said that it is not a live vaccine but always used to give me 'flu like symptoms'. If I am near someone with flu or even a cold, I eat lots of vitamin C and have raw garlic rubbed on toast., You might lose friends but you can avoid the dreaded lurgy!

  5. I have the best immune system😉 At 57 years old people think I’m 30 I rarely get sick.I don’t ever take antibiotics and I eat a plant based diet. On top of that I exercise! Another thing I do is make homemade Elderberry syrup and take 1 Tbs a day during flu season. I don’t get the flu shot either. No way! Elderberry syrup during flu season is a must. Thanks dr, Sten for your videos! Helping people stay healthy!❤️and sugar is horrible for the body!!! Yes!

  6. Hej Dr Ekberg! Brilliant timing as always, gosh yes the flu season is coming in most of my colleagues have had and are on the road to recovery and doctors dosed them with really strong antibiotics! I will share this video with them and hopefully they will sub to your channel, which is a shame if they dont! Thank you Dr Ekberg, another definite keeper!

  7. Good timing Sten…sugar, stress and lack of exercise is an unhealthy combination..was great to meet you and your wife at VidSummit

  8. Sugar is the hardest thing for me to avoid. Every thing else is going fine, but that damn sugar is still there, but I dont eat much anymore.

  9. Thank you Doctor. Great video and very useful information. I have question tho however: If I consume garlic on a daily basis can it really help to prevent you from getting colds, flu/ viruses?

  10. I wish people can stop poison their body with flu vaccines. Every one in our family is vaccine free. Our choice based on science. In so true what you Dr. said here about diet!!!

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