Cold or Flu Contagious – Penn State Health Family Medicine 3

Well the cold and flu are really
different diseases caused by different viruses. The cold is a milder form of
illness, although it might not feel like it if you have the cold,
sniffles, cough, sneezing, that sort of thing. And because it occurs slowly
and leaves slowly it’s about a four to six day infection period in which you
can transmit it to someone else. The flu hits you hard, fast, high fever, muscle
aches, you really feel tired. But because it comes and goes more quickly it’s
about a three to four day contagion rate. And if you’re thinking about staying
home, you know, it’s better to be safe. Other factors that you need to think
about how sick are you in terms of staying home, if you’re in a
public environment, factors like that.

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