Colds and flu 之 can be a big trigger for headache and migraine

Cold and flu can be a really big trigger
for headache migraine sufferers and particularly when we’re suffering
weather like days like today where it’s pouring with rain it is prime weather to
catch colds and flus so what can you do to help prevent catching the cold and
the flu? and also if you do manage to get a cold and flu what can you do to help
prevent and also help your headaches and migraines that’s what we’re discussing
today Hi I’m Dr. Beth Osteopath here at Melbourne Headache Solutions so
basically when we’re suffering this kind of weather where it’s cold and it’s dark
and it’s rainy and we’ve got changes of temperature all the time then
essentially we do want to practice good hygiene
so washing your hands all the time and making sure that if you’re sneezing and
coughing you really do want to make sure that you’re doing these lots of things
into your elbow so that we’re not spreading the germs around so practicing
good hygiene now if you are around a lot of people like your teacher or a nurse
or someone like myself who’s around patients a lot then um sometimes you can
be susceptible to cold that varying stages and I know for myself then I was
catching cold all the time all the time and I was in and out of cold and
basically my immune system just really needed a helping hand okay
so for those of you that seem to be really susceptible to colds sometimes
your immune system just needs a boost and basically there are things that can
help you with this which are immune boosters so there’s a really natural
supplement that you can take that’s called echinacea and there are other
ones as well that basically do exactly that they boost your immune system up
which means that you are less susceptible to getting things like colds
and flu okay I know that they’ve really helped me and so now I have follow
susceptible to getting colds which means that I would be far less susceptible to
triggering off a headache or migraine which is wonderful it’s as I said if
you’re around people all the time catching public transport or you just
seemed like you were that person that is just always getting a cold or a flu try
something like that really natural supplement which is great
so the other thing as well is that for a lot of people who even aren’t headache
and migraine sufferers one of the key symptoms of a cold or a flu either
headache so if you are a headache a migraine sufferer then when you get a
cold or a flu then basically you’re getting a headache and then it triggers
off your headaches and migraines so you kind of get a double whammy when it
comes time for being sick so it’s kind of not fair unfortunately and when you
do get a cold or a flu then you’re doing things it can really aggravate your neck
so you’re blowing your nose which places strain through your neck your coffee
which is a mini whiplash activity all the time again which sets up your neck
you’re resting a lot because obviously you want your body to get the most of
rest and health as quickly as possible so if you’re back up and functioning but
by doing that your body just isn’t moving in the way that it’s supposed to
and so again you can aggravate your neck which is more likely to put you in a
position where it’s going to set off a headache or a migraine and also keep it
lingering for longer so in these instances you really want to get your
neck moving as much as possible okay so when you’re doing when you’re doing this
even when you’re feeling down or you might be in bed because you’re just all
blocks up and congested sit up and get your neck moving so twist it from side
to side you’ll be here from side to side and then walk from lots and lots and
lots and lots and lots of neck circles get it moving as much as possible
because we want to make sure that if you do get a headache or a migraine because
of a cold we want it to go as quickly as possible and that it doesn’t linger
after your cold is gone as well okay so make sure your neck gets as much
movement as possible when you do have a cold or a flu even if you’re feeling
headachy even if you’re not and that because will help to prevent a headache
or a migraine during this cold and flu season so I hope you found this useful
and if you have please like share comment spread it around
it this will be more helpful than a cold or flu but yes I hope you found it
useful and if you’ve got any questions regarding colds flus weather symptoms
anything like that headaches and migraines please drop them below and
we’ll get back to you as soon as we can thanks guys I’ll catch you next time

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