Colds (the Common Cold): Treatment with Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano and Colds By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND How does oil of oregano help you fight the
common cold? Oil of oregano has been shown to kill many microorganisms – certain viruses,
bacteria, the fungus that can lead to yeast infections and other microorganisms, too.
Oil of oregano is like nature’s antibiotic, if you will. This is especially true for the
P73 wild oregano blend; it seems to be the most potent form of oil of oregano if you
want to fight the flu or other chronic infections. Experimental studies have shown that form
of oil of oregano is capable of killing coronaviruses, which are the second leading cause of the
common cold. The virus that’s the leading cause is the rhinovirus and the jury is still
out as to whether or not oil of oregano alone can knock out that virus.
Antibiotic cannot kill viruses, however, I’ve had very good success using oil of oregano
to help contain the common cold. Remember, coronaviruses can also cause pneumonia and
other upper-respiratory tract infections. The active constituents in oil of oregano
seem to be these volatile oils called thymol and carvacrol, which have been shown to kill
bacteria viruses and so on, including the coronaviruses.
I use the 250 mg capsules of the P73 wild oregano blend to fight a number of chronic
infections states and also to knock out the common cold, helping to limit the severity
and duration. I have my patients take 4 capsules every 3-4 waking hours at the earliest signs
of a cold or flu bug. This is in order to help abort the condition, minimize the symptoms
and shorten the duration of illness. It’s very helpful when using oil of oregano
in this manner to also include some immune modulation supplements to get your own immune
system into the fight. So I also recommend specific amounts of astragalus, reishi mushroom
extract, a high-potency multi-vitamin, extra Vitamin C, E and D. It’s important that
you know the doses that should be taken and how to put everything together.
To help you out, you need to download the eBook that I have, called Oil of Oregano;
Nature’s Antibiotic. It will show you how to source the right oregano, which doses for
different health conditions – including the common cold – and also which other synergistic
nutrients you’ll need to help it all work better together, and exactly which doses of
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