Common Cold & Flu Myths

Ever heard of feed a cold, starve a fever?
Well…it’s a myth! I’m Lindsay Liepman and in this health news feature we’re putting
some common myths to the test. Are you fearful of getting the flu vaccine because you think
flu shots can cause the flu? That’s myth number one. The vaccine contains some ingredients
of the flu virus, but the CDC says it is inactive. So there is no chance that getting a flu shot
will make a healthy person sick. You may be taking more of a risk by not getting a yearly
vaccination. Myth number two is that something on a drugstore shelf can quickly cure you
of a cold or the flu. The reality is products that offer a quick fix are really just selling
you an empty promise. Researchers do say that high doses of vitamin C and zinc can relieve
cold symptoms. Foods like oranges and bell peppers are high in vitamin C and zinc can
be found in yogurt and cheese. And finally feed a cold, starve a fever is not accurate.
No matter what you have, you should get enough nutrients and fluids to let your body heal.
A doctor’s care can help you feel better faster, so if you feel the sniffles coming on, contact
a health professional and don’t rely on myths to make it through.

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