Common cold viruses already prevalent as winter looms

as the winter season is quickly approaching so is bronchiolitis in respiratory syncytial virus doctors have already seen many cases of RSV makes way into their offices and it’s a common infection for Pediatrics but adults can also catch it bronchiolitis is the virus that causes most colds for children and it affects the Airways in the lungs the best prevention of course is covering the mouth and washing the hands a lot it is a respiratory infection that has spread bike off and sneeze but it can also exist on countertops and inanimate objects for hours and so good hand hygiene is probably the best thing trying to avoid exposure when we know that we have kids that are sick keeping them home keeping them kind of isolated doctors say the virus can linger for up to 10 days and it is best for those who have the virus to stay away from people who are more inclined to become ill such as young children and elderly people

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