Congressman Ryan, local allergist discuss Clinton’s pneumonia

find out more about Hillary Clinton’s possible health issues. We spoke with a local allergist about the Pneumonia versus Walking Pneumonia and fall allergies. Doctor Asif Khan does say allergies evolving into Pneumonia is VERY uncommon. “I TELL YOU WHAT, IF SHE HAD PNEUMONIA, THERE’S ZERO CHANCE SHE’D BE TALKING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE, THAT’S ABSOLUTELY TRUE. IF IT’S WALKING PNEUMONIA, SHE’D LOOK A LITTLE WORSE FOR WEAR, VERY DIFFICULT TO HAVE THE ENERGY TO MOVE LITERALLY FROM ONE STATE TO ANOTHER IN ONE DAY. BUT LOOKING AT HER, SHE DOES HAVE THE VERY COMMON SIGNS OF FALL ALLERGIES, SO WE’D HAVE TO SEE, WE’D HAVE TO DIAGNOSE HER.” Doctor Khan says symptoms of Pneumonia involve a cough, fatigue — the sense of being tired all the time. Patients also experience chest pain and often a fever. When it comes to Walking Pneumonia — Doctor Khan says the problems aren’t as severe. Symptoms can often times mimic allergies — like puffy eyes and hoarse throat. Both forms of Pneumonia involve a treatment of anti- biotics.

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