Corona virus Immune boosting tea /How To Boost immune system against corona /COVID-19

Hello friends Namasthe, welcome back to my
channel. Today I want to share an immune boosting tea
which boosts our immune system against almost all types of viral and bacterial infections
including COVID -19.Always prevention is better than cure. Along with this immune boosting tea if you
follow few simple measures then that will be more effective to boost our immune system. First thing is expose to morning and evening
sunlight to get abundant natural Vit D.Consume more of vit C rich foods like amla oranges
or Lime.THIRD important thing is fasting. In Ayurveda it is that” langhanum paramoushadham.”means
upavasa or fasting is the best remedy. Our ancestors used to do strict fasting once
in fifteen days ie, called Ekadashi .Fasting helps to flush out toxins, cleanses body and
mind and boost immune system from within. So please try to do fasting once in fifteen
days. Let us start with the recipe. In a sauce pan take one cup of water, heat
it. For this add 4-6 leaves of Tulsi or holy basil. It is a religious plant in India. It is known for its immune boosting property
against respiratory elements like asthma, bronchitis, cold, congestion, cough, flue,
sinusitis, sore throat etc. Along with this it helps to control blood
pressure, stress, treats gastrointestinal disorders, relieves arthritis and regulates
blood sugar level. Next ingredient is 4-5 crushed pepper or mareecha. It is rich with anti oxidants. It has anti bacterial property. It eases asthmatic symptoms and clears respiratory
elements like whooping cough. Next ingredient I am adding is 1/4spoon of
cumin seeds also called as jeera. Cumin seeds has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial
and anti fungal property. It also acts as bronchodilater. It is rich with anti oxidants and helps in
boosting immune system. Next ingredient is 1/4 spoon of organic turmeric
powder. Turmeric is rich source of antioxidants. It has anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial
property. It helps to relieve respiratory symptoms like
cold ,cough and sore throat. Pepper we have already added in this tea. That enhances the functioning and absorption
of turmeric. Next I am adding 10-15 doorva grass.In India
it is usually offered to lord Ganesha. This little grass has anti inflammatory and
anti septic property. It maintains the alkalinity of blood and acts
as blood purifier. It improves digestion, boosts immune system
and is very good for women’s over all health like UTI, PCOS and menstrual problems.Next
ingredient is one inch sized ginger or aardraka. It is called as ‘Vishwa bheshaja’ or univarsal
medicine in Ayurveda. It has anti septic, anti bacterial, and anti
pyretic propety. It is rich source of antioxidants. This is the stem portion of a plant commonly
called as Giloy. In Sanskrit and Kannada it is called as ‘Amritha
‘meaning is nectar. This plant is used for immortality. This is one of the best rejuvinater and immune
boosting plant. It treats chronic fever, fights respiratory
problems, reduces asthmatic symptoms. It is a power house of anti oxidants and boosts
immune system. It can reduce sighs and symptoms of life threatening
conditions like dengue, swineflue, malaria etc. Now bring it to boil and boil it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes switch off the flame and allow
it infuse for 5 minutes. Now our immune boosting tea is ready. Strain it. For better results consume it early morning
empty stomach. If you are giving it to kids then reduce it
to half dose. You can add pure honey after cooling. Gentle reminder, never add honey to hot substances
or never heat honey. It may turn into poison. You can also add jaggery syrup instead of
honey. But better result you will get with honey
only. Friends, if you like this video, please hit
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