Coronavirus Epidemic Update 14: Hospital spread of infection, WHO allowed in China, N-95 masks

welcome to another MedCram coronavirus
update so I wanted to go over the recent numbers and total deaths is 910 that
means that it surpassed SARS total recovered is a good three and a half
times now the total number of deaths about a week ago they were substantially
below the total number of deaths so we’re seeing an improvement here in the
total number of recovered now these numbers are provided to us from the
w-h-o the CDC and a number of other agencies recently here there’s been some
news that China seems as though but that w-h-o is now being allowed to go in and
that team is being headed up by dr. Bruce I’ll would according to the New
York Times article if we look here the others that they have listed here is
actually on the cruise ship just south of Tokyo you can see that
they’re wanted to talk about a recent article that was just published in JAMA
the Journal of the American Medical Association on February 7th and we will
put a link in the description below that links to the article I think is an
excellent article and basically it’s a description of 138 patients that were
admitted to a university hospital in Wuhan and describes exactly what
happened to them this is an article that looked at patients that were admitted
from the first of January until the 28th of January and at this hospital there
was a total of 138 patients how do they diagnose these all of these were
positive for coronavirus but they did not look at serum viral titers or serum
viral load they looked at sputum so that’s one of the weaknesses of the
study the other thing I want to mention here is these are 138 patients that were
sick enough to come to the hospital that’s really important to understand
because this is going to give you a limited look at what happens to patients
who are sick enough to come to the hospital and seek medical attention so
what they noticed in the article is that first of all the patient has symptoms
then they typically developed shortness of breath then they became admitted to
the hospital then after they admitted to the hospital
one of two things happened either they were admitted to the intensive care unit
or they were admitted to the regular floor and then we’ll talk about where it
goes from there now in terms of timing that’s important to get to as well from
the time of symptoms to the time of shortness of breath was about five days
according to their survey and then from shortness of breath to admission here at
the 138th was two days on average and then from admission to intensive care if
they were gonna go to the intensive care was one day so let’s talk about what
those symptoms were so first of all the average age of patients admitted into
the study was 56 years old and unlike previous reports that showed a real high
predilection to men only 54% of these patients were male when I say only it
looked more like a 50/50 kind of mix as opposed to 60 or 70 that had been shown
before so what were the symptoms fever was seen in ninety eight point six
percent of the patients kind of an ironic figure given that 98.6 degrees
Fahrenheit is the average temperature for a human being a fever is defined by
the way as a temperature of greater than 100 point four Fahrenheit or 38.0
degrees centigrade fatigue was seen in about 70% of patients cough was seen in
59 percent of patients low lymphocytes what we call lymphopenia a common sign
that you can see in viral infections that was seen in as high as 70 percent
of patients a prothrombin time PT that’s of a measure of the Bloods ability to
coagulate when you have a high PT that means that your blood is a little bit
more thin and that was seen in about 58 percent of patients an elevated lactate
dehydrogenase which is another lab value typically seen in viral infections that
was seen in about 40 percent now when they looked at CT scans a hundred
percent of those patients have what they call ground-glass opacities that’s
inflammation in the lungs and that’s consistent with what we
see in a viral pneumonia of any type so in other words what we’re seeing here is
not very specific for coronavirus but could in fact be seen in a flu could be
seen in other types of viruses that could do this one of the things though
that they saw is that there was a substantial amount that had just nausea
and vomiting and that was kind of unusual it wasn’t as high as eighty to
ninety percent but it was there in terms of treatment for these patients almost
all of them receive a settlement which is the flu medication also antibiotics
were used on the majority and in about forty five percent of patients steroids
were used they weren’t really able to tell whether or not any of this stuff
had a benefit to the patient of course this study was not designed to
look at that so let’s look at the 138th patients that came in the first thing
I’m gonna mention to you and we’re gonna talk about this at the end I think this
is probably the biggest thrust and the biggest surprise out of this paper was
that 41 percent of these patients or a total of 57 patients were patients that
did not come to the hospital with the corona virus but in fact picked it up
there we call that a nosocomial infection so yes there were patients at
the hospital that were there for a completely different reason and they
developed corona virus at the hospital and there were health care workers that
went to work without corona virus and picked it up taking care of patients at
the hospital what percent of the patients in the hospital that were
treated for corona virus had that a substantial amount 41 percent we’ll talk
about that at the end of this presentation so of these 138 patients
regardless of whether or not they came to the hospital with it or not or
developed it there what happened to them so of 138 and on average after about one
day there was a decision to have them move to the intensive care unit about 36
patients or 26 percent of the 138 went to the intensive care unit and 74
percent were stable enough to be admitted to the regular floor so let’s
focus our time a little bit on what happened to the patients in the
intensive care unit so why did they have to go to the intensive care unit well
there’s many reasons why somebody could go to the intensive care unit for
instance they could go into a RDS they could have a serious arrhythmias
or they could go into shock sometimes you can have more than one of these
things so don’t expect all of these things to add up but if you look at of
the hundred and thirty-eight how many of them had a RDS 16 percent of patients
admitted to the hospital had to go to the intensive care units for a RDS
reasons of the people who are admitted twelve percent of the hundred and thirty
eight had arrhythmias and eight percent of people admitted to the hospital had
to go to the intensive care unit because of shock now if you want more
information on a RDS please look at our a RDS video how coronavirus kills and
that describes what a RDS is in detail and what are the treatments that the
intensive care unit can use to treat these kind of things now of those that
went to the intensive care unit what kind of oxygen supplementation did
they need there’s three basic types of oxygen supplementation that you’ll see
in the intensive care unit one is known as high flow oxygen the other is
non-invasive positive pressure ventilation this is kind of like CPAP
but it’s actually called BiPAP because the ventilator helps you when you take a
breath in so it gives you a higher pressure when you’re breathing in and
it’ll lower pressure when you’re breathing out we call that non-invasive
positive pressure ventilation and then of course full out ventilators so of
those people that went to the intensive care units how many have to go on
high-flow 11 percent how many had to go on non-invasive positive pressure
ventilation basically wearing a tight mask 42 percent and how many actually
had to go on the ventilator up to almost half the patients 47 percent and of
those people four patients had to go on ECMO ECMO is basically where you bypass
the heart and lung on a machine to oxygenate the patient until their lungs
get uninflated are recover from the infection so overall here you can see
that these patients which were fully in the phase of the viral infection where
patients were coming to the hospital they were very sick we can see here that
of the hundred and thirty-eight a quarter of these patients more than a
quarter are going to the intensive care unit meaning that this cohort looked to
be a little bit sicker than previous descriptions again I caution you to
understand that this 26% not 26% of all people who get
coronavirus infection but rather 26% of people who get corona virus infection
and then develop symptoms severe enough to have to have them go into the
hospital so let’s talk about what’s happened to these patients so the last
update as of February 3rd 2020 let’s get an update of all of these 138 patients
47 patients have been discharged home there have been six patients that have
died and the remaining 85 patients are still in the hospital
so the six that have died out of the 138 leaves us with a mortality of about 4.3
percent that’s the base of the mortality based on the hospitalization because we
don’t yet know what’s going to happen to these 85 patients let’s talk a little
bit about what happened to these people in the ICU specifically so there was 36
people that went into the intensive care unit what’s happened to them since they
were admitted to the hospital well of those 36 patients we know based on the
report that 11 still remain in the intensive care unit that nine have been
actually discharged home that 10 have gotten well enough to be transferred to
the floor and that of all of the six that died all of them were in the
intensive care unit so you can see here that of the 36 that initially came in 19
of them have improved to the point where they are either gone home or on the
regular floor and 11 still remain and we’re gonna see where that goes okay
let’s talk about 57 patients of the 143 or 41 percent of them develop the
infection in the hospital of those 57 17 of them were actual patients that were
in the hospital for another reason but a full 40 of these were healthcare workers
let’s go back to these 17 patients that were there they said that seven of them
were on the surgical ward and that five of them were on the internal medicine
ward and that five of them were on the oncology ward now of these 40 patients
that were actually healthcare workers there at the hospital 31 of them or 78%
were working on the wards seven of them or 18% were in the emergency room and
two or 5% were working in the intensive care units they talked in the paper
about one patient who presented with nausea and vomiting which we said was
kind of atypical and he was admitted to the surgical ward well he had
coronavirus and they believe based on history and based on deductive reasoning
that about 10 people were infected because of his symptoms and his virus so
what this paper highlights I think is the transmissibility of this virus and
what we really need to highlight here is hand-washing and the key here is that
you’ve got to wash for 20 seconds and as we’ve said before that’s like singing
happy birthday twice wash your hands with soap and you need to do this before
of course before you go into patient’s room before you put on gloves before you
dawn a gown and you need to do it after and why is that because you’re using
your hands to take off your personal protective equipment that would have the
virus on there and really avoid touching your face with your hands now what about
masks well if you are suspicious that the person that you are about to examine
has the corona virus and your healthcare worker they’re recommending n95 masks if
you suspect that the patient is the one that has the virus then they ought to be
wearing a regular surgical mask in addition to n95 masks so this is for the
patient and this is for you as a healthcare worker you should also be
doing eyewear protection and you can see what the workers over in China are now
currently wearing they got the message they understand what it is that’s going
on and they’re going to make sure that that doesn’t happen again and what this
article I think really shows is the delicate balance that you have to strike
when you have patient with a virus coming into a setting where
there are other patients that don’t have the virus and I believe that is really
the thrust as to why they are building these hospitals dedicated to the virus
so that they don’t cross infect other people other health care workers and
that they can have the infrastructure in place to deal with the contamination
that can occur in these places please stay tuned for other videos that we’re
gonna really delve into what it is that you either as a health care individual
or as a citizen can do to improve your chances of a not getting the virus or
number two if you do get the virus needing it so stay tuned for those
videos coming up

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  2. The 20 second handwashing rule is something I would like more clarification on. Does that mean soap and agitation (scrubbing) only for 20 seconds, and then rinse?

  3. Something that needs to be mentioned concerning people in China is shoes. If you've ever spent any amount of time in that country–I lived there for years–you know that people spit a whole lot. You can't walk 4 ft. without seeing a spot of spit or a loogie. People, especially in the morning, especially the elderly, but even 30 somethings, can be heard clearing their throats & spitting. My memories of China include that sound & nearly constant vehicle horn-blowing. People spit on the floors in restaurants, classrooms, everywhere. So much so, that buses have "no spitting on the floor" signs! Strangely, I never saw any bus drivers stop parents from letting their toddlers urinate in the trash buckets. So people need to take care about bringing their shoes back inside after going out, & this should be of concern to the hospital staff.

  4. at time: 12:35 – 14:12 surely it makes no sense for the patient with suspected coronavirus to wear a regular surgical mask! Am I missing something?

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    For people: 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
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  6. USA maskmaker APT has increased production exponentially to meet demand.
    IN 2009, their stock price increased 10x Since then, they have retired
    over 17 million shares leaving only 8.4 available to the public.

  7. I feel like its already too late. If this has been around since December and people left for holidays, then its everywhere. Places like casinos will be hot spots for a disease like this to spread. Its flu season and everyone feeling the flu. No ones gonna think they have it till its to late.

  8. Hey,

    Tx for a great channel telling the true story on nCOV and good explanations

    Many other channels on YT tells more scary numbers ;-(

    But whats the status?
    What do we know about incubation time?
    is it possible for the same person to be infected again?
    Is it possible that the summer can kill the virus? (Trump)
    Whats status on the vaccines being developed?

  9. 49% of all SARS infections in Hong Kong in late 2002 – first quarter of 2003 were in a clinical setting, be this hospital, elderly care homes or clinics, we also had an above average death rate, some 17%, as many who caught SARS had other serious medical conditions – a lot of study papers available. Presently we have 49 confirmed cases of nCoV and one death.

  10. Thanks doc for the updates. I told my co worker to checkout your YouTube channel .I work in the OR and washing hands before and after is routine and I became very paranoid with any surfaces outside the OR , since we wipe clean those too before and after cases. I even wear mask in the plane when I travel .But This virus seems to be very resilient on surface ,air and water. That high number of nosocomial infection is scary but hopefully with the updated precaution it should be 0 , I hope .

  11. If that part of the population eats poorly, with poor nutritional value, death rate is far higher, and the strike strength greater, making this look good to those who eat well and use proper supplements. No one yet knows how unfit the population is, until it strikes. It is an easy weapon to use on countries with homeless, no water, no sanitation, improper food to take out those well, and if they survive, to carrier like a n e-mail gone viral, no joke.

  12. why no metion of the lockdown going on in China? people being welded into their homes , not allowed to leave or even buy food ?

  13. Plz, …your anaysis on the new surface survival time of 9 days AS WELL AS the new incubation time of 2-24 days.

    Thanks : )))!
    P.S.: awaiting the vid' for 11 Feb. 2020

  14. Question: A fly landed on me this morning. It made me stop to think. What if it had been a mosquito? If it had bitten someone with the corona virus, could the mosquito infect me if it then bit me? For that matter, could a house fly infect me by just landing on me?

  15. Ok there is something thy do't tell , like how much is asma .hiv . X TB . Diabetic .. high blood pressure .patients was between them and blood tipe

  16. Are there any stats on hospital admissions for pneumonia in August to October 2019 from these hospitals and China generally. What about kidney failure?

  17. my prayer and respect goes out to people out there fighting against this virus, whether it’s the medical workers or patients themselves. thank you to the people who are informing the public with credible sources. im hopeful that we will get through this soon 🙂

  18. I just heard a interview from a woman on board the quarantine ship she was given a questioner to fill out and because she took pain killers she was subjected to further investigations in the coronavirus my question is what dose taking pain killers have to do with anything

  19. I remember around year 2002 I got flu. My whole family got it. It was one of the worst flu I ever got another in 2006. Then My parents did not want to give me antibiotics cause I was a little kid only 4 years old. They did wait and gave me good food vitamins and a lot of water. Later when I was getting weaker they did inject me the antibiotics which did help me. I remember when I did recover I did ran out of the house towards the strawberry field and I felt so hungry towards strawberries and ate a lot of them. My mother works in Hospital and my grandmother did work in hospital for 48 years. I was never treated in hospital. Only at home. When I was a kid I did often get infections, but for the past 15 years or so I can easy fight with any virus. The "secret" is. Dont give or take the antibiotics til the last moment. Especially to young human beings. Let the body to fight. Thats how You build up the immune system. I know other people who did receive a lot of antibiotics every time they get sick… now when they are older their immune system is weak and not experienced no immunity to the viruses. They are dependent of the "medecine" and vaccines. BUT not everyone can do it. Some people are born weak and the actually need vaccines and antibiotics. If You have a child, please dont give him too much antibiotics. He will grow up weak. …just sharing my expeirence.

  20. One more comment.

    Many details from CHINA or JAMA are subject to many unknowns …so the stated facts are NOT enough. Note 50% of men smoke in China and the air quality is often horrific… cant see very far on a normal day. AIQ – The air PPM of pollution is off the charts. And the conditions in a Chinese hospital are often bedlam…filthy crowded good for sick livestock…but these are fellow human beings.

    thanks for the videos….I enjoy them

  21. 41% of people who didn't have it GOT IT at the hospital… wow, no wonder the numbers are going down. People really don't want to become a zombie going there for testing.

  22. Question; a couple of days ago the Chinese government stated the Coronavirus can live on surfaces up to 9 days instead of the 5 days that we all understood up to this point and yesterday Chinese government changed the Coronavirus human infectability from 1 to 14 days to 1 to 24 days and they also informed us that the Coronavirus can now be transmitted by or in air, so wont this greatly increase the R-not number?

  23. Based on what you touched on in your 12th episode on this virus, I really, really wish we knew how many of these patients were smokers. I think this is a comorbidity factor that is being overlooked, and might actually be an important piece of data.

  24. If in the US during one flu season we had around 23 million people with flu , 667,000 hospitalized and 61,000 died from the flu and we never quarantined. China we know from the past is not an accurate reporter, therefore, numbers being stated must be inaccurate. The numbers have to be much higher, than what is being reported. All those quarantines, are saying it has spiraled out of control

  25. There is/ are a vaccine(s) for pneumonia. How effective is it in this case? Will it protect you if you do happen to contract this horrid virus?

  26. How many where given lung clearing puffers to avoid the filling of the lungs in conjunction with antibiotics and antivirals. Once you get it and you survive it are you immune to it afterwards or could you get it again

  27. My question is what if this Coronavirus is a dormanted version of SARS! I seen that this Coronavirus has some type of trait as HIV and I heard HIV can lay dormant in the body for 5-7 years which I thought is the reason a majority of the older population has the virus vs the young ones. Just as HIV the dormant disease starts going to work and the person becomes contagious. Iam just saying are the docs considering this? They are saying this coronavirus can travel in the air. I hope someone can look at the possibility that it may be a dormanted version of SARS that has mutated in it's dormant state. Also I don't believe any virus is actually dormant! Maybe it's just learning the host.

  28. ) And The implementation is,… after ones died sentenced by corona, the nose of the death body should be closed used cotton lubed barus lime, other than Muslim is bathed, the body need to be wrapped with a wrap made by cloth instead of plastic that has been greased lime barus (desinfectan). The cloth wrap will absorb and bind fluid liquids as well virus or amoeba or bacteria that are still possible out of the corona victim body and be killed by lime barus (desinfectan).
    The death body then buried to the deep ground. Dig in at least as deep as muslim graves generally. As deep as possible for libel or illness or virus or bacteria embedded also in the ground is not out anymore for dissemination. Burial without crate means that the cloth wrap will be in the direct contact with the soil so that the virus or bacteria amoeba that still persist from the lime barus will be death by soil acid and by due to the absence of the oxygen. To get quickly digging use a beko to make, if credential, a massive and large grave. Planting and solid soil solids. Make a hospital building for 1000 bed patiens took only 4 days, then make mass graves for 1000 death body should be much easier. After being buried, the slander or virus or amoeba or bacteria accompanying mayit or death body no more infect the air and were buried with him.
    In the Las word, muslim will say, Wa La Taftinna Ba'da Hum.
    O Allah do not leave for us the Fitnah, (virus. bacteria, and other bad thing), after his death departure.

  29. The only thing making this virus seem scary are the people who keep saying absolute rubbish about it when they know little about the virus.

  30. Can someone help?
    My father is an MD, PHD member of the scientific committees of BioMah, Rome, Italy.

    He uses Dihydroartemisinin for effective cancer treatment.

    He says that the Coronavirus can be fought with Dihydroartemisinin.

    And says it would be good to find a virologist who can do research on tissue cultures.

    I am not a doctor myself and I have no contacts, and my father is far too busy treating people with cancer.

    Maybe someone can give virologists this information by stating that Dihydroartemisinin is a possible way to combat the nCoV2019.

    I think we should at least try this, for the sake of humanity.

  31. So…. I keep asking on various channels,,,,, What is the effectiveness of UV light in killing the new coronavirus…?????

  32. WHO protective measures
    Wash your hands frequently

    Practice respiratory hygiene

    Maintain social distancing

    Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
    If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early

    If you have mild respiratory symptoms and no travel history to or within China

    As a general precaution, practice general hygiene measures when visiting live animal markets, wet markets or animal product markets

    Avoid consumption of raw or undercooked animal products

  33. It's aerosolized, but hey, let's put 74% of those infected "to the regular floor." Everything they're doing seems like they want this to spread.

  34. 5G radiation poisoning has similar symptoms that are being touted by the media! Just saying what if this 'virus' is just a cover up for 5G! China is the leading country with use……

  35. I just saw a YOUTUBE clip about a U. S. citizen who is being held for 14 days in a military facility in San Diego. They can't go out, and have to eat what the military serves them. Does anyone know how many are being held this way in the U.S.?

  36. Corona that mutates can also become chronic & re-trigger; nasty~virus in fip in felines. Nasty-titer levels can Only be Confirmed NEGATIVE over a Extended Period & ONLY if levels "Stay-Low"~Mutating Corona from Species to Species is Dangerous

  37. full face respirators and hazmat suits, besides desinfecting them after work, still wearing them, could make a difference? instead of N95 respirators and goggles, or worser face masks, in medical infections

  38. Thanks! Because the hospital will spread the disease, and probably be over crowded, and ICU will probably unavailable at some point, we may have to treat at home. Along with antibiotics, we should get an oxygen concentrator to have a fighting chance.

  39. unfortunately this level of intensive care is not scaleable with a virus with an r^(>2) . Without ICU, there must be so many deaths for the people in Wuhan that the Chinese just cannot fit into their hospitals

  40. I honestly think that its airborne r can survive a long period of time out of the body so by touching something r eating something it can spread

  41. 限界新型コロナの件

  42. Low fever was when admitted with symptoms. Dr Cambell UK noted same, but within few days in hospital temp went up to 102 for a few days, then went down to normal

  43. Hi MedCram,

    I'm from the Philippines. I just want to ask 2 things that you might have an idea about with:
    1.) Is the Coronavirus transferable through a mosquito bite? What are the chances?
    2.) I always hear about doctors coming up with a vaccine for a cure, is there a separate team working on an item to resist the Coronavirus? (something that people can take to defend against the virus in the first place)


  44. The tech behind this is so nefarious its hard to believe someone would deploy it.

    The virus was designed specifically to react to 5G EM waves.

    When 5G comes in contact with the virus it causes the virus to genetically mutate. The end result is you have a virus for which a cure cannot be developed because its constantly changing into another virus.

    The end result is youll have millions of mutated strains all with different effects on the human body. Its literally going to be hell on 🌍

  45. If 41% of admissions contracted the virus at the hospital, what hope is there for the thousands cooped up on the cruise ship breathing the aircon?

  46. There president said that Islam is a virus and he tortured the Muslims badly then the Almighty showed them what a virus is which resulted in killing pigs and now he requested to kill people showing how bad he is .
    so be care full over what you do this seemed to be a punishment from God

    just look for the way to apologize to the Almighty

  47. Nausea/Vomiting – Cytokine Storm?

    "Symptoms include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle and joint pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, fast breathing, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, seizures, headache, confusion, delirium, hallucinations, tremor, and loss of coordination. Lab tests and clinical monitoring show low blood oxygen, widened pulse pressure, increased cardiac output (early), potentially diminished cardiac output (late), high nitrogen levels in blood, elevated D-dimer, elevated transaminases, factor I deficiency and excessive bleeding, higher-than-normal level of bilirubin." ~ Cytokine release syndrome (cytokine storm), Wikipedia

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