Coronavirus FAQ: What Should I Do If I Feel Sick?

– So what happens when you get infected with the Coronavirus? It’s actually a whole lot like influenza. You might get a sore throat,
start feeling poorly, get a fever, and then this virus which got started back in your throat and behind your nose suddenly goes down into your chest and inflames
your bronchial tubes so you get a cough. And then the virus can go
out throughout the body and just make you feel very, very ill and uncomfortable, wanting to go to bed. And then, if it gets more serious, it can get out of the
bronchial tubes into your lungs and begin to cause pneumonia. And of course, that can
cause difficulty breathing. Breathing, that’s on the
severest end of the spectrum. If you do begin to get sick and you
think you might have coronavirus or flu, please call your health care provider. Don’t just run there and
go into the waiting room and infect everybody in the waiting room. You don’t wanna do that. Call first, and they’ll
tell you what to do. If they can’t manage
you, they will recommend where you go, notify them, and they’ll be able to
take good care of you.

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