Coronavirus Pandemic: Will N.Y.C.’s Homeless Students Be Left Behind? | NYT News

“Can you move just a
little bit to this way? Perfect.” “A-L-L-I-A, my name
is Allia Phillips. I am 10 years old. I live in New York, New York. And I live in a shelter. And I love playing violin. OK, I’m going to have
to stand up for this. A lot of things are really
happening right now, like Covid-19. [Violin playing] I’ve heard that it is
a very contagious virus. And when people get it,
a lot of people have to go to the hospital. But some of them
have to get isolated. It’s changed my life because now, we don’t
get to go in school. My teacher told
us that she didn’t know if it was going to
close for the whole year. Ta-da.” “You’ve got blanky fuzz
in your hair. Right now, me and
Allia are actually living in a family shelter.” “I don’t like the
way you brush it. You brush it so hard. Basically, it’s one room
with a bathroom, and then one bed
and a bunk bed. I guess, it’s now
my classroom, too.” “I got contacted by her
school to go pick up her iPad device. And her iPad does
not have internet. The shelter that we’re in,
they do not allow internet. What classroom stuff are
we going to do today? Math?” “Well, science is
already too hard. It keeps on pausing
itself, just freezing.” “Oh OK, I will look into
that in a little bit.” “Across the room.” “And see what’s going on. I have a cellphone. We use the hot spot. I don’t have a lot of data. And it’s a little
spotty and slow. Essentially, that’s
just where we’ve been is puttering outside to
get a better signal, hoping it gets better.” “A school has 17 tables
in the cafeteria. Each table has 12 seats.” “I am worried that children
are going to get left behind because they don’t
have their devices or they didn’t have the
access to the internet. Let’s try that one again.” “So we’ll probably have
to redo our whole grade, and relearn everything
we already know.” “Right now, my biggest
worry for Allia would be the
social interaction. My mother, who’s disabled,
and her service animal lives with us. So we’re all in this
really tiny space.” “Yeah. I’m worried about that because my grandmother,
she is really old. And if she gets it or
if my mother gets sick, they could get hurt. And if they both get it,
who’s going to take care of me that day? And then if we’re all
locked in the same room, how are we going to be safe?”

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  2. In Italy, Vodafone (for sure cause I have it) and most other mobile data providers extended data caps to no limit this month to help students (and workers I guess but I'm not sure it was offered to everyone). I wouldn't say it would solve this problem but would surely help since the mom said she uses her hotspot but hasn't enough data on her phone.

  3. “We don’t know if we can get to go to school.” It breaks my heart that so many students hate school and celebrate it being out while Allia and others like her are vying for a chance to learn and escape their own conditions for hours a day. Education can be the ticket out from not only day to day, but for a different life for these students.

  4. Well let me tell you if I had the financial resources I would set that family up in a comfortable apartment away from New York City in the suburbs somewhere and I wouod sponsor this child and family but especially the child so that she may reach her full potential in life and eventually help others. Dang it why couldn’t I be a millionaire?

  5. you telling me that there are more than 100000 homeless students and new york is still called one the worlds´s most advanced cities?

  6. If people don’t have enough money to pay the hospital bills they are gonna let you on the street and give it to more people so please wash your hands anywhere you can isolate yourself from the world and if you cough or sneeze cover it with a tissue or your arm don’t put it on your hand bc that is where you hold the most germs and that’s what you touch every thing with

  7. Don't these homeless have extended families. As a black woman I am heartened by how the extended family in the black community reacts to each other. By the way I am from the Caribbean. Sad indeed.

  8. This video hits me hard. I have an 8 year old daughter and the current situation right now is creating a hardship for all of us. I rely on public transit living in the city, in order for me to see my daughter who lives 55 miles away from me and I decided to let our daughter stay with her Mom for the time being just to be safe from this health crisis.

  9. It's heartbreaking to see young children in the midst of all this chaos. Trump administration should provide them adequate protective gear so that they don't get contracted.

  10. I am so sorry for you baby.

    God will protect you.

    The entire world is praying you.

    God you bless you and your beautiful family.

    Do not be afraid.

    Help is on the way.

    I will pray for you every day. I promise you.

    God is listening. 😃

  11. Test and isolation are the best before having vaccine. And people stop subjective please, wear masks, stay at home…

  12. This is what governor stomo needs to be taking care of. Not his rich friends. But, these children are overlooked continuously. By government. You can come live with me. As long as you need too.

  13. This is sad like we don’t have homeless kids in our town I didn’t know the dfcs would allow that it’s so many options here my heart hurts for them can we donate to them I wish I knew their info

  14. So many negative opinions being shared. Keep your useless activism to yourself or actually go do something. The important thing to take away from this video is that this little girl is so bright, energetic, and talented. Children and families like her need some support right now. Maybe we can figure out a way to help one another in times like this instead of bicker back and forth saying stupid stuff on social media or YouTube. Just saying. God bless this little girl and her family.

  15. This girl is going to go places violin players can get paid a lot of money I hope she gets a good job to support her and her family 🙂

  16. America is way better than in China. I’m using Vpn visiting YouTube in China at this moment. I know tons and tons of chinese youngsters are homeless and they have nothing even no schooling …

  17. I really hope schools open soon, my litle brother lives with my mom and she cant work , school is his only escape from the hardship he faces at home, and he cries at the thought that school might not open until next school year, i pray to god schools open in nyc and thw world again, my litle bro cant be the only one

  18. I hope this family was appropriately compensated for their participation. I am sure the NY times has the resources and revenue to invest in this childs future. Especially with the monetization of this youtube video. It would be a shame to find out they are profiting off of this families poverty.

  19. Take a good look at how ILLEGAL MIGRANTS AND SANCTUARY STATUS affects a city's demise by increasing their natural birthrate beyond their norm. Everything China is in overpopulation NYC is now the same which is why they're the hardest hit :^l

  20. I hope most of the greedy bankers and property developers will get the corona and for few hours are short of breath and later get well.
    Hope this experience will change them a bit.

  21. I cannot wait until we get our first president of our current generation.
    Kids and teenagers are smarter than ever and some have even set their life goal as changing the world for the better.

  22. 3:07 "If they both get it, who is going to take care of me that day."

    That is scary. no kid should have to worry about that.

  23. Young lady you have something that people search for their whole lives…it's direction. Listen…you play that 🎻 to the tippy top of it's ability. It's a weapon against frowny faces and you can bring the sun even when it's raining. You're good at it and there are so many people that are proud of you. If this was a team…your teammates are rooting for you. Actually…it really is a team. It's people like you that give us the winning edge. This whole mess going on won't last forever…we will make it and so will you. Maybe it's because of you. Music is powerful Allia.

  24. This is sad
    Please god save everyone
    China …. you’ll be held responsible for every single life.
    Whole world knows

  25. She is so beautiful and sad to be so young and homeless😔😔😔i bet she will grow up and be a star.

  26. You have a very lax lock-down policy of the city because the public transportation is still working, people are still moving around and are still gathering in places. I saw many people not wearing masks. I don't know what you guys are thinking?

  27. Billions spent on building useless walls when kids live on streets in the so called greatest nation on this planet! Huh!

  28. Where is the dad? No child support to help his own daughter?! People can’t just bring children into this world and don’t take care of them!

  29. No but im sure men will be left behind, even at 2x the mortality rate for Coronavirus. Always kids and females.

  30. I pray all the Innocent kids and the good in the world, stay in the world
    And I pray that people learn from this pandemic the basic lesson
    that at the end we all are HUMANS
    we all are SAME
    Reminds me of Micheal Jackson song
    Heal the world
    Let’s make it a better place
    For YOU and for ME
    and the entire HUMAN RACE
    there are PEOPLE DYING
    If you CARE enough for the LIVING
    Make a BETTER place for YOU and for ME.

  31. It's was soo sad but I think it will get better .
    Hope is what keeps this whole planet moving right.
    And also I think we should ban all Chinese people coming and taking our jobs

  32. This one has me bawling. Oh may God shower this sweet little girl with blessings. I live all the way in Jamaica but I hope someone sees this and puts them up. Its alot of people yes but… May God open up some door for her.

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