Coronavirus transmission, prevention, and why we should be more worried about the seasonal flu

Don’t panic the CDC says the risk of the spread
of infection in the U.S. is very low. I think we should actually be panicking a
lot more about the seasonal flu which we don’t panic about. The most vulnerable population for the Coronavirus
are people over the age of 65 and under the age of 2 pregnant women people with chronic
conditions and those with a weakened immune system. Coronoa virus is transmitted through aerosolized
droplets in the air. It could also be transmitted through surfaces
which have the virus on it, touching your hands to your mouth or eyes when they are
unwashed. The symptoms of Coronavirus as we know them
right now are similar to the flu. You have runny nose, cough, sneezing, headache,
and sore throat. Not all masks are created equal. In the past the CDC recommended that people
used m-95 masks during another outbreak. It’s actually more important for people to
use masks if they are infectious to prevent others from getting infected. You can protect yourself against Coronavirus
similar to protecting yourself against the flu. Washing your hands vigorously with soap and
water, avoiding contact with sick people, and using alcohol based sanitizers on surfaces
you might touch. Don’t panic, be aware of misinformation, and
get your flu vaccine.

9 thoughts on “Coronavirus transmission, prevention, and why we should be more worried about the seasonal flu

  1. So the fact the virus is an asymptomatic spreader and can be contagious day one but can take 2 weeks for symptoms to appear, don't bother you? What this mean is that if one case is confirmed he will possible have infected hundreds and they will infect more even before their symptoms arise. Thus this virus will be almost impossible to contain . This is ripe to become the greatest threat humanity have faced for quite a while. Right now more people have died than gotten over it, yes this is really bad. China have 57 million in quratine and is building hospitals in record time just in days.

  2. Worry about the flu?? The coronavirus spreads during incubation when no symptoms exist. The flu only after symptoms exist. Hence the coronavirus is more contagious and harder to contain an outbreak – in fact, the CDC in the US is saying they won't contain it.

    Further, the absolute numbers of deaths per flu infection are greater simply because the flu has been around for years. The coronavirus has been around since mid December (45 days). The earliest vaccine is estimated between 3 months (UK effort) and 10 months (Johnson&Johnson). The time from incubation to symptoms is 3-14 days. In one reported China case, the time from symptoms to death was 17 days.

    Do you really want to take a chance in the next days and weeks catching something that can kill you for which there is no cure? Or for which the treatment is available (ie ventilation in a hospital setting) but because of demand during a pandemic, you won't have access to? This is much worse than the flu folks.

  3. 8200+ cases now, 170+ dead. Entire country under lockdown. Infections raising exponentially. And the shithole that is India is now infected, where they live like sardines and soap is an afterthought. GG. India still has people with leprosy. We need to start panicing. Shame on you for trying to compare this to the Flu. The flu only has a 0.1% mortality risk. Right now NCOV is almost at 2% mortality. And the R0 for the flu is only 1.4 – 1.6 while Coronavirus is 1.4 to as high as 5.5. Meaning you can infect up to 3x more people per person than the flu.

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