Coronavirus: Will Wearing a Mask Stop a Virus?

Hey there walking bacteria farms! It’s the
time of year where us in the northern climes hole up in our houses, feeling full of infection
from whatever viruses the media is telling us to be afraid of. was gross. Off the top of my head I think
of things like h1n1 and bird flu, MERS, SARS. And now of course the coronavirus. All outbreaks
of viruses that I can remember hearing about over the years are bad. And each time we hear
about them, we get videotape of empty store shelves and humans wearing surgical masks
just like these for protection. If you are out in the world, and you want to protect
yourself from viral infections or bacteria, I am here to tell you seriously that walking
around with one of these surgical masks on besides just ain’t there. They don’t really
help stop a virus or even bacteria from getting into your body and it’s healthy people buy
them all. We might actually be harming ourselves as
a group. Hey there human immuno fam. I am Trace. And
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It is generally accepted that humans pass viruses and infectious bacteria to each other
via bodily fluids. We sneeze we cough, we speak and little droplets come flying out
of our gods and they land on surfaces or directly on other people, these droplets can be on
the order of microns, they still have viruses in them, which is why you often see people
wearing masks like these. They’re made of paper and they loosely fit around your face,
to allegedly protect you from this stuff. They don’t actually protect you though but
they do is they protect others which can be a good thing because personally, I love to
be in command to the facts, and I like protecting other people. So let’s kick into it. I’m gonna
get this… ugh. My glasses just went with them. So gotta go get those. In 2008 during the SARS epidemic, a study
was done on facemasks by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In it, researchers sprayed a fluorescent
solution onto people’s faces and then had those people exercise or breathe heavily into
a mask. They then tested those masks to see if the contamination the fluorescent solution
got out and they looked at it under black light. Turns out the masks mostly worked a
mask like the type they were testing could stop more than 90% of infectious material.
This is assuming a lot of things of course, like you were wearing the mask correctly and
tightly and you have the correct filters in place. And, you’ll notice, that these were not surgical
masks. They were something a little more robust. I’ll come back to that in a minute because
you came here to see the surgical mask. So let’s take a look at that. So what I did is
I went into my parent’s garage and I went to Meijer and I bought a couple of dummy heads.
I’m going to replicate the Hong Kong poly study. I’ve got some fluorescing fluid and
I’ve made it so that Ned here can sneeze and Fred here can be the sneezy. So let’s see
how these masks actually perform in the real world say if someone were to sneeze on you,
this is it in slow motion. Womp womp. Right? That right doesn’t look
like anything which is why you need to switch to blacklight! Que the electronica! Oh, Darwin’s Beard! Fred is just covered in
sneeze, the mask stop some of the spray but not all of it. Let’s do the whole thing again,
but in blacklight… Pretty cool. Oh my god. The side of him is disgusting. If someone
sneezed at him, this side is fine. But here is that’s not great. Fred does not breathe, but you do. Breathing
would definitely suck the spray into the tops and sides of this mask. More on that later. This is Ned, we gave him a mouth. And here
is what the mask is really for stopping stuff coming out and sneeze. As I suspected homos,
nothing, enhance, enhance, enhance, didn’t come through at all. So now we know that the
masks really stop you from affecting others. They don’t actually stop you from getting
infected. But since we have everything all set up already, I’m going to have Ned sneeze
on Fred one last time we’re going to go full Mythbusters you know, just for fun. Okay,
Hit the lights. net. Hey, Fred. That’s pretty gross. Wow, You should have said Sorry — mom Sorry. And the mask didn’t actually help that much.
It wasn’t actually testing against viruses, obviously, just fluorescent droplets of liquid.
But keep in mind that viruses and bacteria tend to hitch rides on our bodily fluids.
In fact, in a 2006 study, the regular surgical masks the regular ones, so you can get it
drug stores were found to let through nearly 85% of viruses. That’s right. They let them
through. Yeah, they don’t really do anything. But look at this. In the sneeze experiment,
you can see that that mask stopped a significant amount of fluorescent solution from impacting
a second person, it protected other people surgical masks filter out things around five
microns in size and in the micro world. That’s not actually that small surgical smoke is
like five microns or smaller so it wouldn’t necessarily get through and that’s what they
were designed for human cells that 50 microns, so they’re not going to get through but bacteria
can get as small as fractions of microns. And viruses can be 100 times smaller than
bacteria. Needless to say, a mask made of paper not going to actually stop pathogens,
but it will stop saliva, mucus, human cells and other travelers from you mostly to others.
surgical masks aren’t really for you there to protect others from you. When a surgeon
dons a mask before slicing open your abdomen. They’re looking to keep their spray out of
your body and also to block any possible streams of bodily fluids that could spew from your
extricated and trails. But seriously, the real use case for these paper masks is that
human spray in a 2013 study on exhalation of viruses from a few dozen volunteers, they
found the surgical masks reduced the people exhaling viruses on two samples by almost
three times on the smallest particles. This is why doctors and nurses who think that you
might be sick give you a mask. They’re not trying to protect you from getting worse.
They’re trying to protect other people. If you sneeze in someone’s face while wearing
a mask, you’re protecting them. But if you’re wearing a mask and someone sneezes in your
face, not really so much, especially once you’ve been wearing it for a while, because
once you’ve been wearing it, your breath saturates it with moisture, you’re just giving a place
for pathogens to rest until they can get on your hands or your face. The biggest fail
for these masks are often the humans wearing them because you know you’ve got it on and
your nose gets itchy and you scratch it or you rub your eyes. This makes the mask useless.
Not only are your rubbing your dirty mitts on the inside of the mask, that’s exactly
what you’re trying to avoid. But directly putting whatever was on your hand into your
mucous membranes makes the mask useless. On top of that, it loosens and already loose
mask which is another problem. The air you’re breathing. It can just go around y’all it
can just go a rap air doesn’t Just go, it goes around, and the viruses that
they’ll carry will go along with it. They might make you feel safe, but it’s like a
security blanket. And the security part, as we know is all in our heads. The real way
to protect yourself is to get vaccinated for influenza, or to wash your hands like a lot.
I’m not a doctor, I’m not an engineer, if you want to buy a mask to give yourself a
little peace of mind, a little protection, very little of both of those things, but cool.
To be honest, though, a better way to protect yourself, wash your hands regularly. But now
but true, it’s far more likely that you will come in contact with a pathogen on your hands
via door handles, railings, public transit buttons on Elevators, your own car, your cell
phone, other people’s cell phones and touch surfaces. And if you don’t wash your hands,
we touch our faces often enough that we just stick it right inside our body. So I bet you’re
wondering if those surgical masks can protect you. Are there any masks that can What do
we do? What do they do it? They haven’t been movies like what was masks exists that are regulated by the Food
and Drug Administration specifically for protection against disease causing bacteria and viruses.
This is one of them the end 95 fail during phase respirator and 95 way better those really
weird and the same 2006 studies that found 85% of viruses would penetrate the surgical
mask, they found that only 5% of viruses penetrated the end 95 mask and 95 means it will filter
95% of particles that are point three microns or larger from the air that is ridiculously
small. I mean, still some viruses can get through, but that gets a lot of stuff and
90 fives are considered a medical device by the US FDA and does their regulation requires
a number of things like that they fit properly, they fit tightly and many people because of
that, find them hard to breathe through which is not the point but you know a side effect.
You want to seal to keep the pathogens from being able to slip around the mask meaning
if you have a beard kind of like I do then you’re less protected than someone who’s clean shaven,
because air can still get through. And here’s the kicker, the Centers for Disease Control
does not actually recommend the N 95 for home use or community use, likely because they
don’t actually help if they don’t fit your face properly. They’re not reusable, and they’re
often used improperly. So for example, let’s say you’ve got the perfect face for the 95.
It’s working perfectly, then you got it on your face, it’s just great. Then you grab
the front to take it off. You just contaminated yourself because the front was filtering the
pathogens out of the air that down the front of the mask. What if you throw it in the trash
and you expose your mom or your cleaning guy or your kid the trash collector? What if you
got it on your hands and then you’ve touched your mucous membranes again, like that’s not
the best and 90 fives are great for professionals, but they’re a bit overkill for the average
human who would do better by just washing their hands and using a little common sense.
During the SARS outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control gave masks to their staff
and they found that those who wore them, consider Recently improperly did reduce infection rates,
but they were working at the CBC, where lots of other procedures and training kept that
staff safe and I’ve said it already they were and washing, sanitizing with alcohol avoiding
touching their faces cleaning surfaces all the time and you know, they are all vaccinated.
The reality of infection is that humans can infect others before they even know they’re
sick. The influenza virus can be transmitted a day before symptoms even appear. And for
a week after you feel sick. A mask may protect your sickness from getting on other people
via spray, but it might not if you have an illness already or think you might go ahead
and grab a mask, wear it to protect other people. If you wear it consistently and well.
You can help other people avoid getting sick and that is awesome. That paired with handwashing
can mean the real difference between a single patient and an epidemic. You can choose to
halt transmission with you but if the masks are sold out, because of all the Healthy People who bought them thinking that
they could stop a virus from getting into their body. Now we’re in trouble because conscientious
people can’t get them. Honestly, the human body’s immune system is amazing. Every one
of us creates barriers for pathogens, we fight infections that make it through. And we remember
what fought in the past to keep us protected in the future. Just because it’s amazing doesn’t
mean this miracle of evolution can’t use an assist here and there. And there are a bunch
of ways you can help your immune system mainly by washing your hands. In the end, there is
not a lot of data to show that these masks are effective. But there’s not a lot of data
that show that they are not no mask is 100% effective at preventing disease transmission,
no nothing that shouldn’t make you feel afraid because it was true before you knew it just
now it should remind you to behave well. Wash your hands, wash your hands again, and definitely
get vaccinated to protect yourself and your family. Stay home if you think you might be
sick to protect your co workers wear a mask if you are sick and have to go out in public for any reason so you don’t
spray your stuff on other people mask like these are not super powerful Star Trek shield
protecting you from enemies, they’re actually more like hiding behind a piece of paper to
disguise yourself. Really quick before you go there, my friend
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don’t rush to the store. For surgical masks and instead get some alcohol
based hand sanitizer do not get drug based antibacterial soap. alcohol based kills with
chemistry, drug based antibacterials are drugs that contribute to drug resistant bacteria
or superbugs which means your kids kids might not be able to fight infections at all. Not
the best. alcohol. Yes, trick. Listen. No, thanks so much for watching everyone. I am
Trace. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, you name it. I’m out there at Trace Dominguez,
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over here so we can get a picture with Ned.

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