Cortisol and Adrenal Fatigue

Nick: Dr. Lee, William McKinley Jeffries wrote
a book, Safe Uses of Cortisol, and he talked about the importance of bio-identical cortisol
to stabilize the adrenals. And then later Dr. Wilson wrote Adrenal Fatigue
and talked about certain herbs and nutraceuticals and ways to stabilize with lifestyle and supplements. So, is it possible that the endocrinological
society at some point will catch up to where you’re at? I mean, the data is quite clear, isn’t it? Dr. Lee: Well, I think, maybe 20 years from
now they’ll say adrenal fatigue does exist but currently it’s ridiculed and it’s not
accepted. But, I think, the younger generation of doctors
coming out, I think they’ll be more receptive. I had adrenal fatigue starting my new practice
and my cortisols were flat line. And the thing is that a lot of people have
adrenal fatigue and they’re so relieved when they come to see me because it’s not in their
heads, it’s not in their minds. They’re not imagining fatigue as I can’t get
up. Nick: Right. Dr. Lee: So, I try to use everything and then
if things don’t work then I’ll use, basically, Cortef. Nick: Which is hydrocortisone. Dr. Lee: Exactly. Nick: At low dose, yeah. And the interval support, the body produces
at least 40 milligrams a day on its own, right? Anything less than that then the body is starting
to fail. It was once stated that it’s one of the hormones
that you can’t live without. It’s the frontline of defense. It protects you from various stress problems. But people blame it. They think that cortisol production is the
bad guy when it’s present to protect you and then they thought it was the one that was
one causing harm. Is that probably true? Dr. Lee: I think, yeah, cortisol is also involved
with energy. I mean, I call it the fuel. And when you have low fuel like if you drive
a car and you don’t fill up the car with gasoline you’re not going to go far. So, you need to fill up that gas tank. And the two things that I naturally, what
I tell my patients, they can get their cortisol up, is you got to sleep. It’s not just the quantity. It’s also the quality. I’m really impressed, when they have sleep
apnea, you get that corrected, the energy is phenomenal. So, I really try to focus first thing is sleep,
sleep, sleep. If you sleep well, everything generally gets
better. Nick: There’s probably some evidence about
not necessarily just eight hours of sleep but maybe getting to bed earlier, sunrise,
sunset. Isn’t the body more conditioned to those biorhythms
and it’s more consistent? Dr. Lee: You’re exactly right. Biorhythms, nature does it. If you go against nature, you lose. We’re designed to rise when the sun comes
up and we should go to bed when the sun goes down. Nick: And it’s really important that my audience
get some clarity about thyroid dysfunction and deficiency or in the case of some people
hyperthyroidism. With President Bush’s wife, can you address
what your new belief about that and what is a reasonable intervention? Because I know that if you’re just dealing
with TSH, everyone is told we have normal thyroid. But the symptoms exist and they may have low
free T3. Dr. Lee: Yeah, I look at the whole advanced
thyroid panel which is TSH, free T3, free T4, reversed T3, thyroid antibodies which
include thyroid peroxidase antibody, thyroglubin antibody, and I’m totally against the use
of iodine when they have positive antibodies because that will basically accelerate the
thyroid failure. So, I look at free T3 to optimize and try
to lower the reserved T3 by detoxing. And the thing is that if you have more free
T3 and less reversed T3 you’re going to have more energy. You’ll feel better. Because free T3 has to go into the cell. And we have 120 cells and in our cells we
have the mitochondria and that basically will help produce the ATP which is energy. Nick: Dr. Lee, is it true that endocrinologists
ignored free T3 as an important viable measurement because it circulates at such low levels and
they thought that T4, which was at the highest level in the bloodstream in circulation, that
maybe that’s the important one to measure? So, they started prescribing Synthroid and
T4 only without the T3 support. So, where is the area that maybe the endocrinologists
might need to review? Dr. Lee: Well, historically, before T4 therapy
or levothyroxine or Synthroid, they actually had basically desiccated thyroid. Nick: Which is a hormone or glandular. Dr. Lee: And the thing is that that was used– [0:05:01] Nick: Effectively too, right? Dr. Lee: Very effectively. And then when the pharmaceuticals got in,
they started marketing like T4 and say [0:05:09] [Indiscernible] the hormone that can’t really
get exact measurements. And then you get brainwashed there. That’s really what happens. It’s really the pharmaceutical industry that
really has poisoned the endocrine. That’s how I felt. And the thing is they do measure free T3. Especially in academics. I believe, I remember, at University of Pitt,
I have a big person in thyroid, we looked at reversed T3 and all that. But no one taught us how to lower reversed
T3. We knew what that reversed T3, that it really
was like it was there but like no one really went to the next step, how do you lower the
reversed T3 and how do you lower thyroid peroxidase antibodies? And that’s the whole thing. So, what I do is I try to lower your — If
you have autoimmune disease, you can actually — For some of my Hashimoto’s patients, I
was at a Hashimoto’s summit, is that you can actually reverse a thyroid disease if you
catch it early. Now, the thing is if it’s ten years out, you
may not have a big chance in terms of getting off your thyroid medicine. But if it’s early, you can actually, you can
really — I hate to say cure. I shouldn’t say cure. But you can– Nick: You’re a doctor. You can say it. Dr. Lee: No, you can’t say cure. You can’t say cure. Nick: Okay. You support. Dr. Lee: You can actually lower the antibodies
and you can actually try to get him off of the thyroid medication. Nick: Dr. Lee, Hashimoto’s, Dr. Jacob, her
talk had once described that it was, the situation is severe hypothyroidism and he felt that
he was seeing results with Armour and some of his interventions even with Hashimoto’s
condition. Do you see that adding the food compatibility
testing? Is that where they measure the white blood
cells and they measure its expansion or compatibility or IGG reaction? Is that part of the solution? Dr. Lee: I think that gluten sensitivity is
a very big issue with Hashimoto’s overall but if they’d been gluten free and they still
have Hashimoto’s and not improve the antibodies, I think you should do the next step, look
at food sensitivity and maybe it’s something that it’s really healthy that’s actually causing
some autoimmune issues. Low dose naltrexone is something that you
can use. I have all the tricks that I use like I like
to use Neo40 to increase nitric oxide. I like to use bromelain too, which is a systemic
enzyme to basically lower the thyroid antibodies. I’m more impressed with bromelain which is
amazing to reduce thyroid antibody levels. You have to take a lot of them but it does
work to reduce thyroid antibodies. Nick: And bromelain is a type of an enzyme,
is it? Dr. Lee: Yes, a systemic enzyme. Nick: Yeah

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  1. I was diagnosed with low cortisol from one single regular blood test it was taken at 7am and I went back to bed after the blood test for a few more hours after that my doctor is saying regardless of you going back to bed that my level is low my level is currently 4.5 and the doctor wants me at a 10 at least on the cortisol level my life feels horrible right now I’m pretty sad and upset down right now I’m getting abdp-5 for it on Monday to help treat never heard of it but I pray to god that it works for me cause right now I feel like I wanna die from all this anxiety and panic episodes I got going on in me lol what’s a normal healthy level a male should be at on cortisol I’m I really that LOW??? From one single blood test all my other male hormones were general fine the doctor says just that one was low I’m kinda going crazy here I tend to not handle stress very well at all

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