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Meow I like cat yes I eat air Meow I
like cats thank you for your comment I’ve
literally been laughing at this comment for about five minutes now or trying to
do this see because I keep imagining someone with a very serious face saying
yes I eat air welcome to another episode of responding to your comments my
goodness we are getting so many comments on the page and I’m loving the
interaction that we’ve got going on on YouTube we’re going to be looking at fun
questions we’re going to be looking at health questions so while waiting for
let’s dive in Abigail Falese can you do a video for a cough please Abigail
thank you for your comment this is from the house to get rid of a sore throat
video coughs yes I can do a video on coughs coughs probably one of the most common
questions we get asked in community pharmacy so when I work in a community
pharmacy it probably is one of the most common questions I get asked especially
in the winter but there’s a few things I always ask patients to begin with so the
most important thing that I always ask every single patient is firstly how long
have you had this cough have you had it for a week if you had it for two weeks
and if you’ve had it for three weeks or more then I will always refer the
patient to speak to their health care professional whether it’s a doctor their
advice nurse practitioner or their advanced pharmacy practioner
other questions I ask include are you having any chest pain are you struggling to
breathe are you losing weight for no reason and also are you on any
medication or any treatments that are reducing your immune system or are you
immunocompromised which is what we say so for example are you having chemotherapy or are you taking any medicines that reduce your immune system so if any of these
are a yes I will again refer on to the patient’s health care professional
because they will need to investigate what’s going on by the way this wasn’t a
full list of questions I ask I will leave more information for you in
the description below as well now in terms of what to do it really depends
what type of person you are and this will make a bit more sense later on in
this video I promise but generally speaking if you have no red flags and
there’s nothing to worry about and you’re over five years old I always
recommend warm water mix with honey because one it’s inexpensive two everyone
has these kind of ingredients at home and three which is the most important
thing the evidence is showing warm water and honey is just as effective at
reducing a call as the over the counter remedies that you can buy
pharmacy or anywhere so how do you make this mixture well it’s very easy you get
one to two teaspoons of honey mix it with warm water let it cool until it’s a
sensible temperature and drink it easy as that you can do it a few times in the
day or as much as you need it really the reason I say it depends what type of
person you are is that for a lot of people this isn’t convenient for them you know
if you’re working if you’re busy nobody can really carry a pot of honey with
them and a kettle or even at work to keep mixing this solution keep making it
and drinking it so there is this convenience factor that comes into play
so sometimes patients will say to me Abraham that’s great the honey and water
mixture is great I can do that on the weekend but I work I’m busy I’ve got
stuff to do I don’t have time to carry a pot of honey and get boiling water all
the time and let it cool which is understandable because a lot of people
don’t really have time for it and it’s that convenience factor that I mentioned
so they’ll say just give me a cough mixture please just give me a coffee
stirrer what do you recommend I’ll say okay that’s fine it’s understandable now
in terms of cough mixtures as long as you’re fit and healthy and well and
you’re over twelve there is some evidence pointing to use of guaifenesin so look out for this ingredient in the cough mixture the evidence has
shown that it does work well as an expectorant there’s also
dextromethorphan which is useful to relieve a cough as long as the cough isn’t
and persistent so in asthmatics you have a persistent cough so it won’t be useful
for that and also as long as you’re not producing excessive phlegm but I would
always recommend everyone to speak to their pharmacist so they can check your
symptoms rule out any red flags and recommend you a product that’s suitable
for you and it’s safe for you to take as well so that’s the most important thing
that would recommend everyone to do but please remember that these remedies will
help to reduce the symptoms of an acute cough but if there is an underlying
infection it’s not going to help with that
and also if your cough has been going on for three weeks or longer it’s not gonna
help with that either most likely so you will need to definitely speak to your
doctor or any healthcare professional who looks after you so thank you for
your question I really hope my tips help everyone and you’re awesome back to the
comment yes i eat air from meow I like cats thank you
for your comment this is from the how to stop bloating video and in the video I
do discuss about eating air and it making bloating worse but I did say this
isn’t physically doing this because nobody does that nobody eats air like
that but when we’re eating when we’re eating food if you eating it fast if
you’re eating it like slumped and not straight back if you’re to move your
mouth open if you chew gum with your mouth open
all of these can increase the amount of air that we kind of swallow and it can
all make bloating worse but it’s just a way that you said it yes I eat I just
imagine this very serious face saying it but I really hope my tips help you
thanks for commenting Jessica Furtado oh my god my nasal spray always goes down
my throat because the instructions say squirt and sniff they usually do that’s
correct I tried what you said squirt and angle and small sniffs then once it
starts dripping you can breathe normal I tried and I can’t taste anything in my
throat this is amazing I almost stopped the sprays and was gonna ask for
antihisthamine pills instead Jessica thank you for your comment this is one of the main
reasons why I love YouTube so much because it makes all of this useful
information accessible for everyone around the world so I’m glad that it
helped you one of the main reasons people do stop using a nasal spray is
because that horrible aftertaste it can leave if you’re not using it right
so if thank you for your comment it really puts a smile on my face and I
hope you continue enjoying all my future videos Alpha Ghost 316 my voice
sounds deeper than Thor and Thanos combine Alpha ghost thank you for your
comment this is from the how to fix a sore throat video and yeah that must be
pretty deep because them two definitely have very deep voices and I hope with a
click of this finger or is it this finger I can’t remember your sore throat
has gone away thank you for comments it looks like
we’ve run out of time again in this week’s video if I didn’t get back to
your comment I’m really sorry please leave another comment and I’ll try my
best to get back to you in a future episode
always remember you’re awesome and I will see you next week
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100 thoughts on “Cough | Home Remedies For Cough | How To Get Rid Of A Cough

  1. It is bad pls get help when i sit up to swallow it ….HURTS….when i put my head done to swallow it is…..FINE why god why me😷😭😭😭😷😭😭😭😭😭😷😷😷snifle

  2. I can’t stop coughing I’m so sick I finnally just feel asleep I woke up and thought I was choking I was couching so loud it hurt so badly my mom came racing downstairs I couldn’t even breath

  3. i have cough cold and i got fever last week for 3 days .i have taken antibiotics for 7days but it got lot worst.
    now im on a new set of super pricey antibiotics and hopefully it will now work😭 my doctor said it its bronchial asthma.hay

  4. so its night rn at 1:30 am i was sleeping and woke up and i cant stop coughing legit im still coughing and i woke my whole family up help

  5. Sir my cough was because of mucus (because of cold), give me some tips.
    Your doing a great job for the people like me!….

  6. Sir, i have been coughing for three days for cold. I had some syrup and paracetamol, but i can't see any improvement of my coughing. What should I do now? Will it be healed automatically after few days? Then how many days it will take?

  7. I’ve been coughing for a week, I’m not stuffy but I’ve got fluid down my throat, I’m on meds and have been taking cough medicine for the past 5 days. I’m not getting better and cough drops or the large amounts of water have not been helping. I’ve also been running a fever. I don’t know what to do. Tips?

  8. I had a rough for weeks kept going to the doctor and pharmacist giving me anti biotics ended up being Lisinopril! A H doc

  9. I’ve been sick for a week and I’m hoping I’ll get better by tomorrow because I have a sleepover with friends I rarely see tomorrow 😭

  10. I also threw up bunches of times at night. I tried to sleep, I kept coughing. Then I threw up. I’m supposed to go to my cousins party today, but my mom’s afraid I’ll throw up there. So thanks for your help!

  11. I coughing nonstop what do i do i have a fever to i went to hospital 2 days ago and i drunk water but the cough nonstop happened after i ate a sausage after that i threw up 2 times and kept coughing nonstop

  12. So if I cough more than 5 times in a second, i gag but nothing comes out? I think it’s just me because if I cough so badly I end up gagging

  13. I really hope I get better 😭 3 more days then my b’day and it will be the 5th year in a row I’ll be sick for my b’day 🙁

  14. People get sick because they don't take care of there teeth and tongue drink tones of water and do a bit excise it doesn't hurt to.

  15. My nan has a really bad wheezy cough and wakes up a lot in the middle of the night because of it. She's really stubborn though and refuses to get it checked out because she thinks she's being a nuisance. I wanna help her but idk how.

  16. what should i do then?
    i got a mixture of a sore throat and a cough and the cough has made it so bad i cant speak without my throat feeling like its been slit (not that its happened to me before) can i have some advice on how to fix it?

  17. If your reading this and coughing every 10 seconds do this>

    Boil the kettle
    Two spoons of honey
    Into peppermint tea or
    only water no milk!

    Rest easy ✌🏼

  18. Im coughing badly and my head is building up unbearable pressure when I cough…how can I remedy this cough all I have is EmergenC and hot salt water.

  19. I drink lots of tea and use New Zealand honey, I m going through what was a very painful mid throat which has now become a tickling cough 😷 I don’t take paracetamol unless I have a major temperature. I don’t use cough mixtures, not really a fan. I prefer the hot drink route. I ve also added a zinc supplement.

  20. I do have a question, I get brain zaps when I m unwell especially at the start of a virus. I don’t take any medications so it’s not a withdrawal situation. Can you explain why I get this when I get sick?

  21. I love u so much but please help I am 13 years old and I am very ill I have a fever what can I do to get rid of it without medecens

  22. i had to turn off the fan in my room or else i would’ve legitimately thrown up from coughing. it looked like i was having an asthma attack

  23. I've been coughing for 5 weeks, I have acute bronchitis because of pollution and my familyy smoking and I am only 14 I went to doctors 1 time and that didn't help the Second time it is helping but my treatment is about to end but the cough didn't Improve that much. I have a barking cough, acute bronchitis and asthma so yah I cough so hard maybe for 10 to 15 seconds I gag and sometimes throw up but remember to spit what comes out sometimes it can help short-term.

  24. Wow. Cough. We meet again. Didnt i just broke up with you a few months ago? I guess you cant live without me. You love the pain, depression and the long night talks we have in which you say the only word you know and i respond with i wish i was dead. I know its temporary but i want you to know i didnt miss you at all. Didnt miss the sleeples nights, the pain and the fear. But i am gratefull for one thing. Now my internet history is no longer filled with porn but with ways to get rid of you. Sadly they never work so i guees its just me and you again old friend. Me, you and hot water with honey that will make me feel like im atleast trying..

  25. Advice the type b flu strain is going around fast can last up to a week or so plenty of rest Sudafed fluids decongestant caugh syrup and my doctor put me on a steroid unless u can afford $200 one pill offered that our insurance once covered but no longer do

  26. I got the flu and I want to stop coughing because my throat is getting super sore, my nose gets stuffy and when I cough my stomach tightness up and my chest and it hurts so bad

    Edit: when I talk my cough gets worse

  27. I had a cold on Nov. 28th, and I've had a light wet cough ever since. As a vocalist, this is crippling to me, and has been a real damper on my life. I occasionally cough up mucus, but otherwise I'm fine and normal. Any tips?

  28. I can't sleep at night, its like I want to cough and it keeps me from breathing. I just want to throw it up so its all gone. I've drank 5 cups of tea ;-;

  29. Hi Abraham! You are doing a great job. I have learned a lot from you.
    Can you please tell, is Dextromethorphan safe for high blood pressure patients? If not then which cough suppressants are safe for high blood pressure patients?

  30. I've got a really bad cough. And I'm starting to cry because of it and even when I cry my throat hurts. Will this go in 2 days because I want it to go in time for Christmas!

  31. I’m going to stop taking my insulin because I low-key think I’m addicted I just keep taking it and quite frankly feel shit without it

  32. i have a dry, wheezy and allergic cough. i got infected by my sister 😂😒😑 my sister doesnt cough tho; she just has a high temperature (38 degrees+, but now her temperature is back to 34, so shes okay! :D) and a sore throat + stomach pain. shes cured now (thank god) but now im sick .-.

  33. Coughing every 4 seconds is just awesome 😊 love being sick for my bday and Christmas is in 2 DAYS my fam doesn’t want to be infected ☹️

  34. Oh hey man sorry to ask but I just noticed I'm taking a cough and I want to insure I get a good night's rest to get over this sooner than later. Any advice? Well here's a bunch of other illnesses and symptoms and you could take honey and water and here's piles of data on illnesses. Good luck sleeping with a cough.

  35. Who else is here bc ur sleeping in the same room as a cousin and by the look on their face they seem annoyed by your coughing

  36. i have a very bad caugh i had a hurt throat now i have a bad caugh now my family came here, they live in south dekoda and i live in kansas topeka and they are here and im feeling bad that my caugh is running the fun if you guys have any ideas to fix my caugh pls comment Pls pls pls pls help, my caugh is worse pls help me comment down below

  37. Simple Ways to Cure Dry Cough at Home
    1- Carob Tea
    2- Cornstarch and Honey
    3- Onion Cough Syrup
    4- Garlic Cough Syrup
    5- Honey, Onion and Garlic Syrup
    6- Marshmallow Root
    7- Almonds
    8- Apply Honey To Your Back
    9- Olive Oil And Black Pepper

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