Could this Happen to Me?: Spider Bite

this next image any idea is what this might be oh so this started as a spider bite the bike quickly continued to inflame and swell the patient who happens to work here at our show did ultimately go to the doctor she was diagnosed with a secondary cellulitis potentially serious bacterial skin infection and this is actually one of our producers and doctor Batra you got involved in the case I did so this is like a really good example of again when you have a little cut or an opening in the skin your skins function as an organ is to keep the outside world out so now you have a doorway for all these nasty bacteria viruses fungus that can get in so the bite was the portal of entry and then she by very bad luck acquired a secondary staph infection so she was sort of texting me in real time at first you see kind of the redness and the inflammation that’s a typical bite but the signs of a true cellulitis are when you start to have expanding redness warmth increasing pain as days go on it feels hot and angry you might feel sick one thing that the producer did that was amazing and really smart you can see she used the red sharpie and she was actually tracking the progression so when she sent me that first text and then you could see the next day that it was actually expanding outside the pen then that was obviously not a good thing speaking of her as though she’s not here she actually is here backstage Chelsea hi so you are two plus weeks out from this and you still have bruising in that area how are you feeling I feel much better I don’t feel it anymore when it first happened though you could like what you were saying the redness and the pain and I think it happened really fast too cuz I’m like at my desk and then I look down and like oh my god what is happening down there so I think it would like happened really fast like within 24 hours it really expanded and that’s when I was texting dr. Batra well you’re a pro you’ve been watching the doctors for years so you knew what to look for that that warmth the treatment for this if it is becoming very painful is antibiotics so Chelsea benefited both from injections of antibiotics as well as pills remember they’re 200 in cases of this type of cellulitis diagnosed each year and Chelsea had it in exactly where we see it most which is usually the lower leg because the circulation there is a little bit slower people who have stasis or swelling up their legs much more at risk for this and if I may add it seems to me like she had two things going on here because it’s very abnormal to have a spider bite and then that quickly that severe swelling that then became in medicine we call it a cue Mike so that’s one of the other things is some of these spider bites they can become really scary really quickly this is gonna make me think twice about my whole policy of letting spiders live in my house thing I mean I see them wider ladies or just I don’t mind that I’m not afraid of them and I think maybe at one point I was and so I started to develop this I’m gonna let them live and see how it goes but now I think if you see a brown recluse or a black widow spider hanging out in your bedroom you got to get that spiders are the most part benign and and the other irony of this whole story and not in Chelsea’s case but a lot of times you’ll get a bite and you’ll assume it’s a spider bite but if you don’t see the spider a lot of times it can be any other critter potentially that caused it you

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