Cupping For Cellulite | Cupping Therapy on Legs

cellulite is probably one of the most
annoying things in a woman’s life one of the lies that we’ve been told is that
there’s nothing we can do about cellulite we’ll just have to deal with
it or we have to lose weight in order to get rid of it
but even skinny girls yes skinny girls get cellulite so today I’m gonna show
you how to get rid of it by using cupping for cellulite stay tuned
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there’s gonna be a lot of them let’s get started so the cause of cellulite stems
from the connective tissue under your skin and the fat pushes up so if you
think of fishnet stockings the fat actually pushes through and then gives
you that dimpled cellulite appearance so I’m going to show you how to change the
appearance of it by using something called cheeky cups and it’s a technique
that’s been used for ever and ever and it’s just called cupping it’s used to
increase your circulation to get that blood flow going to help with
detoxifying and of course get rid of that dimpled skin summers coming so
here’s how you do it what you want to do is actually warm your skin up first you
could do that in a shower a sauna a quick little warm-up like workout and or
use a magic bag and then that way that preps your skin and makes it a little
bit easier and I find it more effective so you can also use dry brushing I do
talk about it in previous videos this is really good to detoxify and you would
just grab something like this and you would just brush up towards your heart
and to get the circulation going next what I’m going to do is I’m going to use
the actual cups these are called cheeky cups I love them they are really great
what I like about them is that they’re not as hard as other ones so there it’s
not frustrating these are what they look like there’s a big one and a little one
for different parts of the body and you can see that they are squishy a lot
better than my old cups and they’re really really hard so I literally had to
ask my husband squeeze to put them on because I
couldn’t I just didn’t have the grip strength and also what I’m going to use
is this contour sleek and you just put it all over and it helps the cups actual
Glide it also has firming ingredients in it as well and I’ll link below so that
you guys can check it out so all you do is you’re gonna put a little bit on and
you’re just gonna rub it all over you can use a little bit more it’s not
drying so you will be able to use your cups for a while but if you’re finding
that your cups are coming off then you want to add more oil so for the sake of
this I’ll put some more on so you can see it and then all you’re gonna do is
you grab this cup and you put it on just like that you press the top put it on
and then you just glide it now for some people you’re gonna find that this
actually feels really good and some people are gonna find it actually hurts
a little bit and you can go see it comes off and he got to keep it gliding you
can just go back and forth like this and then also on your inner thigh now I did
some cupping last night and I am a little bit tender because I was getting
in there and what cupping does is it stretches and relaxes that tissue which
helps that fat that was poking through that fishnet stocking idea that I
mentioned so you can do this at nighttime you can do it really anytime I
do at nighttime while I’m watching TV or a movie and you can go at different
strength so if you push on here really hard so that’s gonna give you more
suction rather than if you just a bit did a baby one I would suggest when you
first start do it lightly get your body used to it and then go harder you might
bruise and that’s okay so what happens is everybody has different levels of
healthy fashio and that’s that connective tissue and some people are
really really a mess if you have more cellulite you’ll understand so everybody
has different stages at where they’re at so just go really really light to start
and you can go back and forth and up and down now you can just do these five
minutes aside each night no big deal do you have to do it every day no but if
you want to you can if you are finding a little bit of bruising that’s okay it’s
just the Bloods coming up and it’s trying to heal my legs are super cold
all the time I’m finding things like if I’m working out I’m really not
activating that muscle I’m not feeling it where I’m supposed to I’m not getting
things that I need to and it’s that lack of blood flow and then what it does it
at your fees your muscles and it causes some havoc and that’s where you’re
getting you know like hail damage all over your legs you can do this on your
butt you can do this on like pretty much everywhere the little cups are great to
go you know on your shins and your arms and your stomach now I’m gonna show you
this side I don’t know if you can see it I’m gonna have to straddle the I have
marks and you might not be able to see it but the almost are like circles and
they’re right on my thighs right up here and I have matching ones isn’t that
lovely so for me I’m just going to go over top
of it and do the same thing if you are not getting a pretty good grip you could
just go you know squeeze it like this and get it on there and then it’s a lot
harder but these are meant to just actually push at the top but I kind of
like a better suction harder suction just because I have been doing it for a
while and you just go back and forth now I need more oil so just go like that and
you can use any oil really I like the contour sleek because it has properties
in there too that are like you know targeted for cellulite but you could use
any oil and then just like that and that’s it really really easy if you want
to do your back your thighs you’re just going to pop it on and the same thing up
and down same thing up and down and I can feel it it’s kind of almost like
when you bring it up and down it feels kind of like gravel almost and it’s tight I’ve been in the mess for a
while a lot of people get this and they think that they have to just suffer and
it’s not if you’re diligent you get it going down you get that blood flow going
you’re gonna feel a lot better now after I’m done what I will do is I will
actually just flush it and you just grab your hands and you go fig this
throughout your whole leg I’ll also dig around and feel like where
the lumps and bumps are and just kind of I don’t know if you know the term
stripping the muscle a lot of massage therapists do this physiotherapist do it
and you could even do that by twisting or rolling your skin now I can’t skin
roll because this connective tissue and the and the fat are are you know they’re
stuck so in time I will be able to pinch and then all you do is you just roll
your skin but mine’s quite chunky that way so I will just roll like this and
get it it almost feels like a little snake bite and then you just go the
other way I have been seeing results I’ll show you my four-week results up
here somewhere at I am seeing results you could do it on your butt as well and
that let me warn you some spots are gonna hurt like a hot you know what but
this is really nice you’re taking care of yourself but you’re also getting rid
of it summers coming I know swimsuits are coming shorts are
coming if you have any questions about the cellulite cups or the cupping
technique please make sure you comment below and I will answer as many
questions as I can again if you want the links to these cups I’ll put them in the
description below and as well with the contour sleek thank you so much for
watching until next time so everybody has has varying these diseases and also
use these are what they look like there’s a big one
big ones

7 thoughts on “Cupping For Cellulite | Cupping Therapy on Legs

  1. I'm seeing great results from cupping! All those little (And big) weird lumps and bumps are smoothing out. Summer is coming…shorts are coming…swimsuits are coming ๐Ÿ™ˆ Links are in the description for the products. DO you have any questions about it? Comment below! Don't for get to Like and Subscribe ๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. I'm wondering..
    After having my first child… Something happened to the side of my left butt cheek. It's like it dints in, but it doesn't do it on the other side. Not sure if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

    But, nevertheless… Do you think this will help??

  3. Do you know if results are permanent? OMG I AM DESPERATE!! I'm actually a male, 28yo, fit, and after not having worked out for over 6 months due to new work schedule my thighs and buttocks almost overnight broke out with cellulite!!! I don't get it. I am not overweight and have maintained my weight ( 150lbs). I've hit gym hard for over a month now and still no results. PLEASE TELL ME THE CUPS ACTUALLY WORK

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