Curing the Common Kitty Cold

The Coulee Region Humane Society is looking for foster parents to help with its overflowing cat population News 8’s Brittany Schmidt explains why. Martha, This is Ben and he is about a year old. He loves to cuddle, loves to play with other kitties and take naps… But unfortunately he, along with many little kittens here, has a kitty cold. And so the Coulee Region Humane Society is asking for more volunteers to nurse these cute little cats back to health. We have a lot of cats that need homes. The Coulee Region Humane Society has a hard time saying no when it comes to these cute little faces We do not turn away any animal regardless of their situation. It’s always the last option. Unfortunately because we do not turn away any animals, we do euthanize based on space, temperment and health reasons. In 2013. the humane society had to euthanize almost 450 adoptable cats SAM -It’s really hard However, a recent change in policy has helped keep intake down. and allow animals to stay longer if needed. We have not euthanized an adoptable cat so far this year so we have got everyone coming forward to help. Including the humane society staff I always have to foster. I don’t think I have taken a break since I started. Dunn is in the process of fostering two cats that are sick. Kitty colds a common cold that they get and it is usually stressed induced, so its’ coughing and sneezing. NAT POP Luhmann says it’s simple to cure…. Often times just taking them out of that environment, out of the shelter here and into a home, their illness goes away completely. But in order to help the cats get better. the organization is looking for more volunteer foster parents They are the animals that have very little special needs that could beneift from taking a break from this environment. Fostering a cat can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks and you usually have one cat at a time so they can get really healthy. And martha, who knows you might just fall in love with this cute little face and become Bens new forever home. Thanks Brittany, If you would like more information about fostering pets, just call the number on your screen. If you are looking to adopt. the Coulee Region Humane Society will be reducing adoption fees for cats age 3 and up for all of June.

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