Cute baby gorilla, who had pneumonia is out of hospital

Remember this little beauty? She’s the baby
gorilla that came down with pneumonia after being born by emergency c-section
at San Diego Zoo. It was a big day for the cutie as zookeepers
felt she was strong enough to go and meet greet with the other Gorillas in her troop. It’s a very exciting day here at the San Diego
Zoo Safari Park. Veterinary staffs felt confident in the baby’s health to release her from the
hospital, and this morning we brought her back to the house where she’s starting visual
introductions to the troop. And the rest of the zoo’s gorilla residents
seemed interested in the new arrival, coming right to the front of their enclosures to
get a better look. She’s an endangered Western Gorilla and only
weighed 4.6 pounds when she was born. Male Western Gorillas can grow to stand six feet
and weigh 400 pounds. The unnamed baby was delivered by c-section
at the zoo when her mum Imani couldn’t complete her labour. But don’t worry. Mum has recovered
and has joined the park’s other adult gorillas and once the baby’s healthy enough, the zoo
hope to reunite the pair.

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