Daviess Co. teen making progress in recovery from pneumonia

MADE.(BOB ZIMMERMAN)”It kind of caught me off guard. Like I said, they had no interest in purchasing it a while back and they decided to make me that offer.”(NATE PAGAN)”I hope there is a conclusion at some point, and I hope that there’s a conclusion at some point soon. The city has invested a lot of money in that area to revitalize and improve that part of town. That’s one of the last major projects that remains to be addressed.”AMY–ZIMMERMAN BOUGHT THE BUILDING LAST YEAR WITH PLANS TO TURN IT IN TO POTENTIAL HOUSING FOR HOMELESS VETERANS. 3 3 AMY–NEARLY SIX WEEKS AFTER A DAVIESS COUNTY TEENAGER WAS SENT TO A LOUISVILLE HOSPITAL FOR A FORM OF PNEUMONIA — HIS RECOVERY CONTINUES.PARENTS OF GRANT OLLER — A STUDENT AT DAVIESS COUNTY HIGH — SAY HE’S STILL MAKING PROGRESS.EYEWITNESS NEWS MIKE PICKETT HAS AN UPDATE FROM THE OWENSBORO NEWSROOM.(MIKE ON CAM) “Grant Oller’s father, Nick, tells us while his son’s recovery has been slow, he’s glad he’s still making progress. Meanwhile, his friends back here at Daviess County High School continue to hope he fully recovers.”(NICK OLLER) GET OFF HIS SEDATION MEDICATIONS — AND WAS ABLE TO TALK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WEEKS WITH THE HELP OF A SPEAKING VALVE.(NICK OLLER) “The occupational therapist was asking me what’s the one thing that he wanted to eat. He said that he wanted wings from Beef O’Brady’s out there in Owensboro.”(MIKE) NICK SAYS GRANT WILL BE ABLE TO START PHYSICAL THERAPY SOON TO REBUILD MUSCLE MASS HE LOST —

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