Dental Health : How to Safely Gargle Hydrogen Peroxide

Hi, my name’s Michelle, and I am a Dental
Assistant with Solutionz, and I’m going to explain to you on how to safely gargle hydren
peroxide. There’s not necessarily a safe way to gargle hydrogen peroxide, but the basically,
an easy way to gargle hydren peroxide; you would want to do it just the same way that
you would gargle with a mouth rinse. You can also do it with dipping your toothbrush into
the hydrogen peroxide, and then brushing your teeth with it. That is another form of method
to safely gargle hydrogen peroxide; otherwise, if you’re not going to do it with a toothbrush,
you could put just a little bit of hydrogen peroxide into a cup, just put it in your mouth,
swish around. You do not want to swallow it whatsoever. You want to avoid it from going
down the back of your throat. And then once when you swish around, you tilt your head
back, you force air out from your throat, and which gives you that gargling effect,
and then in return then you spit it out. And then you can rinse your mouth out immediately
with some warm water to make sure you get all of the residue off of your teeth. So once
again, my name’s Michelle, and I just explained to you on how to safely gargle hydrogen peroxide.

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