Department of Health Tasmania – Flu Vaccine 2019

Hello I’m Dr. Scott McKeon, the Acting Director of
Public Health. As a public health medical
specialist and a GP, I understand how important it
is for Tasmanians to be protected
against the flu. And the best way that you can
protect yourself, your family and your community
against the flu is by being vaccinated
every year. We know every year in Tasmania we experience a flu season
during winter through to early spring. And during each flu season, thousands of Tasmanians
will catch the flu. And many will need to see
their GP and some will be hospitalised, but unfortunately every year Tasmanians do die from the flu. And that’s why it’s really
important for Tasmanians, particularly people who are
at risk of severe flu, to be vaccinated against the
flu every year. The flu vaccine is easy to get, it’s not expensive and it’s the best way to
protect yourself. You can get a flu vaccine
from your GP, your pharamacist, or if your local council runs
an immunisation clinic. I want to talk with you as well about the common myths that
people say around flu vaccines. Some people say that you
can catch the flu by being vaccinated,
but that’s not true. The flu vaccine doesn’t contain
any live viruses, and you can’t catch flu
by being vaccinated. Other people say that because
they’re young or healthy that they can’t get the flu, but again, that’s not true. Any person can catch the flu and the best protection that we
have against the flu is flu vaccine. And if you do end up
catching the flu, it’s really important to
remember to cover up your coughing
and your sneezing, to wash your hands regularly and to stay at home. Please don’t go to work, and please don’t visit any
family members or friends who might be in hospital or
an aged care facility. And in this way you can
do your bit to make sure that you
don’t spread the flu. So the key message is that its really important to
be protected against the flu and your best and safest way
to do that is to be vaccinated. If you do have any questions, please discuss them with
your GP or your pharmacist, or you can visit our flu website
for more information. Thankyou.

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