Devil’s Tree, New Jersey – Why So Evil?

Hey guys, let’s take a look at the Devil’s
tree in Bernards Township, New Jersey. This oak tree is said to be more than 250 years
old and is considered pure evil. A closer look shows that many people have tried to
cut it down and it is now protected with a chain link fence. How does a tree… get so
much attention? Locals tell you that anyone who disrespects this tree by spitting, peeing
on it or simply taunting it will have serious consequences. You spit on this tree, you will
get a severe case of strep throat. One guy peed on it and hit a deer while driving back.
Another guy mocked the tree and had a nose bleed right away. Anyone who touches the tree
and tries to eat at a restaurant on the same day will find that his hands have turned black.
What makes this tree so evil? Because it has 2 very real stories behind it.
The first story is that this township was the headquarters of Ku Klux Klan in New Jersey.
After the defeat in the Civil War, many southern war veterans moved to this part of the state.
In fact there were so many of them in this area that there is a place nearby called Rebel
Hill. But the most active period of the KKK began right after the movie “The Birth of
a nation” in 1915. It is a fact that they lynched numerous black people on this tree.
Ironically, these lynchings were led by a Reverend called Carl Mellberg of the Basking
Ridge Methodist Church. You can see that this tree must have been a very convenient place
because it is far away from any police station or big cities back then. The KKK often lynched
just any black person they could find on this tree simply to show their power. This was
not limited to just black men but they also hung black women and children. This is one
big reason why locals believe that there are so many trapped souls in this tree and people
who put up their ears on the trunk claim that you can hear screaming and begging from inside
the tree. Guys who drive by during midnight have also reported seeing hanging bodies swaying
from the branches. The second story which is also true is that
a farmer who owned a large piece of land in this area, went bankrupt during the great
depression. This was a time when farmers began burning corn rather than coal in their stoves
because corn was cheaper. Unable to feed his wife and kids, this farmer brought them here
on a nice day for a picnic, killed them all and then hung himself on the tree.
Now, with so many homicides and suicide, this tree has a lot of negative energy. Devil worshipers
use this energy till date to jinx their enemies. They come here after midnight and place weird
objects like this one in the tree. They believe that the trapped souls will transfer their
energy on the object if it is placed here for a full lunar cycle. This strange wooden
thing was most probably placed by a devil worshipper. He or she would later take this
and bury it under the enemy’s yard which will bring misfortune to him.
If you visit the tree after dark, you will be followed by a big black truck while driving
back. This story seems to have many eyewitness accounts. The truck will follow you up until
a certain point and after the road bends, you won’t see it. Some say this makes sense
because there is a sign that says “park closed 1/2 hours after sunset, violators will be
prosecuted” and the park ranger could be driving the black truck. Others say that the sign
was only put up recently but this has been happening for many years. Is it possible that
there is a sentinel guarding the devil’s tree? Also, right below the devil’s tree is a boulder
called the heat rock or the devil’s rock. It is true that it is unusually warmer than
the rest of the area, even during winter. Is it because there is some hidden natural
phenomena like hot springs underneath or because of paranormal activity?
A while ago, I posted a video about the Devil’s Tree in Florida which has an even better story
attached to it, but this tree has become so notorious that they are making a movie about
it now. I hope you liked this video, I am Praveen Mohan. Thanks a lot for watching,
don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll talk to you soon.

100 thoughts on “Devil’s Tree, New Jersey – Why So Evil?

  1. Really if the tree were really evil, in the middle of primitive America it would've been hacked up a long time ago.

  2. The black truck that chases people is probably Fred Coddington's ghost truck. Fred Coddington, who died in 1962, was the owner of the place who had an apple orchard there. He was known to shoot at anybody who'd try to steal apples and his ghost is still guarding the orchard. I heard rumors that his pond may be full of bones of wouldbe apple thieves.

  3. I mocked the tree by slapping the trunk and quoting Rocky 3' "you ain't so bad". On my way home I felt a painful sensation on my palm, got freaked out and crashed and died. When I awoke in Hell, one of Satans minions told me that all I had was a splinter! He said that I was so ignorant that I would have to spend eternity with the likes of, NASA employees and former "scientists". Damn you YouTube and your incite full, never misleading videos! Keep believing, look where it got me! Gotta go, my teeth need gnashing. By the way, Pitbulls rule the underworld.

  4. Your videos are fascinating, please keep them coming. I would love if you did some videos on old plantations and their history/stories.

  5. After a swin in the lake of fire and pissing on Buzz Aldrins exposed eye socket, the only reprise of the day, 10 minutes of YouTube viewing. Sure I'm tortured daily, but I still appreciate a funny comment. Gotta go, Bill Paxton just arrived.

  6. That "strange object" looks a lot like a leg of a chair or small table that's been broken off. Is there more to it than just being a broken piece of furniture?

  7. I grew up in NJ and remember walking by the woods and we had a name for the haunted woods but don't remember what it was. Anyone?

  8. Yeah, that weird devil worshipper talisman stuck under the corrugated fence around the tree, that's a broken off chair leg. Somebody stuck a wooden thing in there and broke it off, prob a my trying to get something g that someone dropped under there.

  9. Bro read this link a tree in telangana state woke and stood after falling down..

  10. Could someone make a debunking article about this tree? I have looked all over the internet and haven't seen one debunk about it.

  11. this is very similar 'magic' to what the priest's in Egypt (& elsewhere) used to protect their kings/queen/pharaoh/treasure/temple. what is done is a very strong thought form is made. the cleaner the individual the stronger the thought form, the more individuals focused on the same thought form the stronger it is. this is a bit 'darker' magic. as a tree is a sentient being on its own, normally full of Light and Love, i would hypothesis that the tree is inhabited by the misguided energies that were taken around the area.

    i WONDER what would happen if someone tried a Cleansing ceremony…some Sage or Palo Santo….any ghost/adventure hunters in NJ wanna give it a go? id bet there'd be a BIT of a show to say the least. i bet too the tree would be happy with all the spirits gone…..

  12. Dear Robert I'm so sorry Idont asked permission watching this video so sorry pls forgive my foolish Act plss don't curse me plss

  13. Okay, if people weren’t so racist back then, then the consequences of any of this wouldn’t be here. But it’s still bad to disrespect every tree. Respect others and nature. I just don’t get it why they did these kinds of things back then.

  14. So when they put their ear up to the tree they hear screaming and crying…just before their ears turn black and fall off?

  15. That tree isn't shit. There is a oak tree in Hoppland California that is over 550 years old that was the valley lenching tree. It's in the back yard (courtyard) of the Hoppland Inn, the Inn is haunted. I stayed there some times a month at a time over two years remodeling it.
    The Inn is around 160 years old.

  16. That truck had been seen decades before that sign went up! Scary. My friends said that they were chased out by a truck that came out of thin air after throwing a bottle at it.

  17. Sounds like the tree has done its penance. 6113 souls trapped there. Some quite ancient – so not a recent phenomenon. Time for all to be free.

  18. When i went there, it still had the limb that was supposedly used to hang people from. It's changed a lot over the last 10 years. Me n friends went in the winter and snow does lie at the base of the tree. Wish people didn't steal my camera, i had a lot of creepy pictures n the snow around the base

  19. I have been near the tree we where driving and I see it and I remember at night we where walking and I saw the dearest devil! I don’t think it was real at first but now i am terrified! It flew over my head but it was really high up in the air but the sound of the wings flying it made me terrified to death!

  20. Mate get a chainsaw and chop it down gods with us bruh he won't let no devil harm us thus the tree is theoredically NOT. haunted, no one should fear. Seriously i would saw that tree right down. It would take 15seconds and gone. Like seriously can't believe no one has done that yet… Smh

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