Diabetes and The Flu

Hey guys! It feels like everyone is sick and unfortunately
our family got hit hard, too. The flu came through, some sort of respiratory
cold came through and Daddy got hit the hardest. So, it really did confirm that if you have
diabetes, Rhodes is Type 1 as you know, you really risk getting hit very hard. His blood sugar was very high, both right
before he came down with symptoms and the whole time he was sick. He had no appetite. He really struggled to make sure he was keeping
his blood sugar in check. His doctors confirmed that if you have diabetes,
it really can be very dangerous for you to have the flu and serious illnesses. Take it seriously. Go to the doctor as soon as you have symptoms. We all had the flu shot so the rest of us
had pretty mild flu symptoms; he did not. Take your doctor’s advice – take it very
seriously! Drink lots of fluids. We hope you make it through cold and flu season
healthy. Good luck!

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