Dietitian offers tips to beat the common cold

common cold is everywhere and people are trying to stay as healthy as possible! KCCI’s Tommie Clark is LIVE at Hy-Vee in Ankeny. Tommie you spoke with a dietitian who has some tips for people right? That’s right! She says that preventative methods are so important right now to keep that cold away. She says that things like juic with deep red or blue colors are one way to keep your immune system healthy. She also recommends citr fruits– like oranges, kiwis, lemons and limes. And a fo that you might not think about that she recommends is froze veggies– they often have a high nutrition potency. Rather than a vitamin supplement, straight to the source– fresh fruit and veggies are always better– they have a higher fiber content and give other benefits to boost people’s immune systems. And, if you’re not keeping up a healthy diet, you may be missing out on some essential nutrients and vitamins that keep common colds away. Another interesting fact she shared with us– a lot of people don’t realize that kiwis are actually 150- times higher in Vitamin C than oranges. And you can keep the skin on and eat i to get more fiber, which will help your digestive system. Coming up in thirty minutes, we also spoke with a pharmacist who tells us what medications to use if you do catch that cold. LIVE in Ankeny, Tommie Clark, KCCI 8 News, Iowa’s News Leader.

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