but I do have those schedules we picked
up my week two weeks um now I’ll be able to have a lot more of this garage clean
so what but today what I am going to focus on and is disinfecting my car I
have to take all the trash out I’m not going to sweep today but I’m just going
to disinfect the car B that is flu season it is argue mystic my family and
I are getting sick and obviously the car is a one area that we touch all the time
and that we don’t really think about to disinfect because it’s a car and it’s
not your house I like the kitchen or the bathroom but today I’m a disinfected car
well before I do that if you raise our new hit that subscribe button hit that
blow notification and of course give it a big thumbs up I so I’m having to spray on just water and
soap my good spring on here just break my top let me shut this door so we can you mean
that door so I don’t have enough room to open the
garage or open this door and we’ve the cleaners those ways it’s not centered
I’m able to work all right so let’s go work in the back now I’m sure the back
is a complete mess Oh lovely so that’s the track I I can’t so now that I got the inside the handles
now because obviously to grab those first and we might not be wearing gloves
they may be wearing gloves but if you’re not your hands get dirty so I’m going to
suspect the handles I’m also going to be the back one over here alright so now my
car is disinfected so let’s go inside and I just mopped the floor this is a pumpkin apple to fasten body
works it’s really good I did a video about all the stuff I brought about the
final board to go shake it out this is it smells so good pumpkin apple
and I’m a big pumpkin person I love apple but I’m not a pumpkin person so
that I love this so obviously it’s a foam soap right guys so that is how i disinfected
my cart something that I never really thought about before was disinfect
disinfect the car but something that’s obviously really important because
there’s also a lot of germs or a chill so if you have a new to this channel it
does subscribe button hit the bell application and don’t forget to give it
a big thumbs up and I will see you guys in that today

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