DIY Wellness Tonic (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

They’re tiny little bottles that cost 5
million doll hairs, and that stuff is expensive. Think about how many dolls
you need..this got weird. Hey guys I’m Megan Mitchell and I’m here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen, and today I’m gonna show you how to make a wellness
shot. What’s a wellness shot? You may see them in the grocery store, they’re a
little bottle of either ginger, citrus. It’s to make you feel better when you’re
feeling a little sick. But I’m gonna show you how to make it at home, and it’s way
easier and cheaper. But before I get started be sure to like, comment,
subscribe; and if you’re wondering what Thrive Market is, it’s an online market
that sells non-gmo and organic product straight to your door. Let’s get started.
So you need a lot of citrus, I like to make a big batch of this and sip on it
throughout the week if I’m feeling a little sick. Perfect timing!
When I hear a cough I start making it. Why make it at home? You know what, we’re all the ingredients come from. I know if they’re organic, and it tastes better;
it’s fresher. Sometimes you get them in the little jars, or the little containers
and you’re like I don’t know how old this is. I think it tastes good. So what
you’re gonna need is 4 lemons; 2…3 oranges – can you count 3 oranges, and two grapefruits. If you don’t have a hand juicer, which i think is an amazing tool,
a handy dandy tool, as well as a zester. I think it’s worth the investment and it’s
not expensive. Why am I doing lemons, oranges ,and grapefruit? All citrus has
Vitamin C in it. The lemon adds a nice tang and brightness and acidity and
sourness; the orange is a little sweeter, and same with the grapefruit.
Another thing about wellness shots is it’s just an added boost of vitamins,
minerals, and antioxidants that you might not get in your diet otherwise. You can kind of change this and add whatever you want. I’m adding turmeric and cayenne pepper
to mine, and ginger; but I’ve seen it with oregano oil. Sometimes I see it with
garlic, echinacea. You could do it with just orange and
lemon; but I like that the grapefruit adds a little sweetness to it. Just a
smidge bit. You can see just caught some seeds, stuff I don’t want in my wellness
shots. Okay to my juice I have a three inch
piece of peeled ginger, and I’m gonna grate it on a zester and this is finely
mincing it. If you don’t have a zester, you can chop it and chop it and chop it.
This all the ginger. Alright, I’m good with that ginger – done. This is
three teaspoons of turmeric powder which is a great anti-inflammatory, has some
amazing properties and then I have one teaspoon of cayenne this just clears out
your sinuses, this really gets them going. Whisk this up, oh that’s it, that’s it man.
Ginger turmeric wellness shots. This will keep in your fridge about a week, week
and a half; and if you’re feeling rundown I would take one in the morning and I
would take one at night. Get that boost of Vitamin C. Do it, do it! I like to store
mine in a jar or you can keep it in this because it’s easy to pour from. Look at that color. This is tang; I just made homemade tang.
Does the exact same thing as a well in a shot…said my mom in the 90s. Make sure
before you take it, just give it a stir because the ginger and turmeric will
settle to the bottom and whoever gets the last shot is in for a treat. That’s
about as much as you need, that’s kind of a big one. But I’m feeling that cold coming on. Let’s give this baby a try. it’s bright, it;s citrusy; that cayenne
hits the back of my throat, same with the ginger. But I feel rejuvenated, I feel
like cold get on out of here. Get, get to steppin. So I hope you give it a try, let
me know if you do. Do you have a way that you like to fight cold and flu season?
I am always down to learn. Stay healthy, happy cooking! and…(cough) everyone is everyone coughing? I’m just gonna cut all these babies up, I’m
gonna juice them so buckle in. This is what we call a cooking show. Just like
two more hours and then we’re done.

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