Do Dogs Get Colds? (What You Need to Know)

I’m dying. You’re not dying. You just can’t think of anything good to do. Okay. Okay, I can do it. I have to do my video for the week. I have to be A good. Ugh. Genie? Genie? Is that you? I. I can’t see that far. Theme music. Theme music. It’s got the theme music. Hey everyone, Dr. Mike here again. Little bit under the weather. But I’m still doing videos for you because I care about you. Here. I was at a conference last week and I was learning all about canine influenza. Little did I know, a day later I would be in my hotel room going, ‘cough, yea I got that. Discharge from the eyes and nose? I got that. High fever?’ Oh yea, I had that too. So I thought I would talk to you about canine influenza since I came down with the human influenza. When I got out of school there was no such thing as canine influenza. And then in 2004 There was an outbreak in a kennel of racing dogs in Florida. Florida. In 2006, there was an H3N2 that went from birds to dogs. Then in 2015, it showed up in Chicago and this is a really contagious strain of the canine influenza. It has gone from 24 states in just five months. So really contagious. Little geek stuff for you, by the way, all that H3 N stuff The H’s are the Hemaglutin? Hemaglutinons? Hema? Hemaggluntinin’s. and the N’s are the Neuraminidase’s So those are two proteins that are on the virus that help us sub-type them a little bit farther. So what does it look like in dogs instead of people? Really pretty much the same. Remember influenza is a respiratory disease. You’re going to see coughing, sneezing nasal discharge, ocular discharge, and, of course, you’re going to get that really high fever that’s gonna hit you like a ton of bricks. And make you just want to go to sleep. So if you think your dog has canine influenza, what should you do? Rush it right to the vet? No, don’t do that. Call your vet first. Any time your dog has a respiratory disease they’re going to say, “We would love to check it out but when you get here call us from the parking lot.” We’re either gonna check on the dog in the parking lot in the car or we’re going to take it into an isolation area so we don’t get other dogs really really sick. Most of the time your dog is going to be treated as an out patient. So we won’t need to hospitalize it unless there’s signs of pneumonia, it’s having trouble breathing, if it’s not eating very well, if it’s respiratory rate is way up we may have to do x-rays may have to hospitalize it. But for the most part, dogs are going to get really sick but they’re going to be okay. Is there a treatment for it? What about Tamiflu’s? People want to use Tamiflu for it. Couple of things with that, one, it has to be used really early in the disease. Tamiflu works by blocking the “N” part of the HN thing that we were talking about. So that the virus can’t explode out of the cell and go to all the other cells. And number two is we really don’t know how well that works in dogs. Tamiflu is probably not going to help that much. What about a vaccine? There’s a vaccine for that first strain that came through. But we have no idea if that works and gives any cross protection for the new strain. So the short answer is probably not. In summation, Canine influenza is out there, a couple of different strains. They can make your dog really sick but most of the time your dog is gonna get over it on their own. But just like with people if they’re really young or really old or sick for some other reason we might be a little more cautious. If you think your dog has canine influenza you should probably call your vet. Call us first so we can make sure we don’t spread this to every other dog that comes around. Make sure that they’re breathing okay. That they’re eating, they’re drinking, and they don’t get any secondary pneumonia’s. And that’s canine influenza. I hope that answers all the questions and now I can go back to sleep and I can get over my influenza as well. Thanks for watching everyone. If you have comments or questions please put them below. Not in my below but like below in the comments section and I hope I can see you next time. Bye. You’re still here? It’s over. Go home. Go on.

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  1. My new dog 3weeks she was caughing and sneezing, what do I do now we don't have any money to go to doctor but I really love my dog I don't want to lost her

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