12 thoughts on “Do face masks work? An expert explains.

  1. Then everyone needs to wear one. Otherwise a (weakest link) sick person’s cough droplets land on your phone, and you use your phone at home without the mask, so you need to disinfect your phone too.

  2. It's literally bugging me out that people are not wearing them over their nose or have an ill-fitted mask in this video🤦

  3. Never in my life would I wear a mask. Only the week get sick. I do put myself in a situation where germs gather. Hospitals. Malls. Schools. Airplanes. Sporting events anywhere there are crowds. Stay home drink beer. Smoke cigarettes and eat pizza.

  4. Us people living in unaffected countries are: stocking up and/ or sending them to friends or family living in Asian countries is they’ve all run out

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