Do I Have Food Poisoning or the Flu?

I feel horrible. Do I have food poisoning
or the flu? What symptoms do you have? Stomach pain and vomiting, some diarrhea. Do you have a fever? I haven’t checked. Digestive symptoms can be a sign of either
condition. However, food poisoning won’t cause you to have a fever. I’ve been feeling cold. Does that mean I have
a fever? You could feel cold just because you’re severely
dehydrated, and the body shifts the remaining fluids to your central core. In any case,
you need to get rehydrated. What’s another difference? You could have a runny nose or cough with
the flu. You won’t have respiratory symptoms with most cases of food poisoning. Most cases? When is it ever a symptom? You might have trouble breathing after eating
something, but that would be an allergic reaction that is immediate, not a symptom days later. I started this right after a night out. You could have gotten the flu three days before
and only started getting sick now. Food poisoning on the other hand, hits within 12 hours of
eating it. It also passes in a day or so after you’ve
gotten it. The flu lasts longer. Although an upset stomach can mess up your
digestive tract bacteria and will remain loose until you eat a lot of yogurt. Why yogurt? It contains the good bacteria your body uses
to digest food. And it tastes better than natural biotic pills at the pharmacy. I could go for frozen yogurt right now. Fresh is best. Frozen yogurts don’t always
carry the healthy bacteria you need. Fresh yogurt with M&Ms in it is a great cure
for whatever I have. But what if I have the flu? The yogurt will still replenish your gut flora
if you’ve been throwing up, and it won’t hurt if you have the flu virus.

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