Do I Have the Flu or a Cold? | AFC Urgent Care

Hi, I am Dr. Heffer of AFC Urgent Care. Today, we like to discuss some of the signs and symptoms of flu. In general flu is much more severe of an illness than a common cold. With the flu you can get high fever, severe body aches, coughing, sore throat, runny nose. However with the cold you typically more have sneezes, coughing and runny nose, without the high fevers and body aches. Often it is difficult to determine whether or not you have the flu or common cold? When you come in we can do a rapid nasal swab test, which can tell us whether or not if you have the flu. The reason why this is important is — because if we can catch the flu within its first 48 hours, we have medications that we can prescribe you — which will help shorten the duration of flu and its symptoms. We are very concerned about our patients preventative health and therefore offer the flu vaccine at all our centers. We have the two forms of the flu vaccine: one is a simple shot that most of you are familiar with. And, also the flu mist which is a simple nasal spray, which we often use with our younger patients. We take the flu very seriously because on occasion it cloud lead to more serious issues; such as bronchitis, pneumonia and in sever cases hospitalization. So, if you are feeling sick and are unsure of what you may have, you can visit us here seven days a week. We have extended hours and no appointments are ever necessary!

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