Do You Have These Ascension Body Symptoms (with Landria Onkka)

Do you have an ascension body? You may have never heard of this before I haven’t it’s something that came to me through a download and Wanted to share it with you because it made perfect sense for something. I’m physically experiencing right now as we move into fifth and beyond dimension and as our DNA changes and as we accelerate Awakening get ready. I’m going to share something and this maybe you do you have an ascension body. Let’s get some Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through those fears and live an amazing life I’m gonna give you the tools to manifest anything. I always give you tools steps things to do mobile apps Lessons even courses why because we need guidance Because otherwise, we’re left with our own thinking and with no knowledge with no learning Well, it’s a much longer trip to let’s just say Asuncion We’re going to talk about ascension today And I want to share this with you because something recently happened to me and I thought I wonder how many other people are Experiencing this that may not put the two things together Have you had? Symptoms we’re gonna ask a series of questions. So get ready. Have fun with this We’re going to ask some questions that are going to determine whether or not this may include you Before I start I just want to say one thing. We’re all completely different people on different journeys with different things that that we experience along the way there’s no one thing so when you see videos out there that this is how Awakening is or this is how whatever is it’s not necessarily true for you. There may be some typical symptoms of things So what I’m going to share with you may or may not apply But if they’ve happen to you or you experienced some things along the way you’ll start to put two and two together It’s gonna make so much sense Do you Have you I should say experienced any kind of strange Feelings in the last few years. It’s actually been years about five years for me when I started to get like electrical charges through my body and it would always be at night when my mind was relaxed almost in a meditative state and It would wake me up sometimes it was not painful but it was like something was happening to my body that I could not explain it was so Prominent and was happening. So often sometimes intensely that I actually was trying to figure this out It was getting books. And you know, is it Kundalini awakening? What is it? Do you have any? Experiences or have you had experiences similar where your body just goes through some very bizarre? Changes that you can’t explain and you don’t know why now, they aren’t necessarily connected To like, oh, you know, I’ve been meditating I go to met, you know, wake and state or whatever. This could just be Completely on its own and I’ll explain why okay, the other thing is like people have talked to me about like Involuntary body movements you think I’ll see the doctor? Well, that could be the case, but that Apparently is a Kundalini thing where your body just moves voluntee and voluntarily and just like whatever I’ve never experienced that but I know some people who have Have you experienced certain things? Like I have a high blood pressure all of a sudden out Dolores can talks about this, you know I love her Dolores. Kina talks about high blood pressure or you know you Completely have completely like changed how you eat. You just don’t even want to touch meat anymore or there’s certain things You just don’t want to be around and it’s unusual cuz we do go through phases You know your taste buds do change but I’m talking about like all of a sudden you just feel like a different person Have you had other? bodily symptoms like exhaustion And I’m not talking about exhaustion from things that are going out of your life it’s just like us and you don’t know why and you’re exhausted and you’re you know a healthy person so we have to disregard if you’re Overweight not working now eating junk food or drinking or smoking too much You know, we have to look at those factors. I want you to isolate that and say as a Person who wouldn’t normally be experiencing that these things have shown up These are all potentially signs of Ascension Let me explain what ascension is If you’ve experienced those and you feel very strongly that Something’s going on with you and you don’t know what it is our bodies are changing right now because the energy of the planet and The energy of the collective is changing if you are not even pursuing Awakening if you’re not even looking for it Which I know you are on some level because around my channel if you are not looking for it You will still be affected by it This is the whole purpose of the collective raising the frequency the more those of us who pray for each other Pray for the peace on the planet send light in love. Bring that into our daily. Got it Got my mobile apps coming out the end of February. You’re gonna it’s going to help you guys. It’s free It’s gonna catch you you know out of those negative thoughts and the more you work on that the more you Contribute to the collective in a positive way other people are affected because we’re just one energy So like when somebody walks in the room, you know is you don’t know what it is. It’s a negative energy It’s like, oh we think that’s you know, we accept that. No, that is the collective. That’s kind of physics We’re all entangled. So in some especially when somebody’s in close proximity, you’re picking up a real magnetic fields Electromagnetic fields right lower or higher frequencies you’re picking up on it. You feel it. It affects you alright, so you may be Experiencing some changes because the collective is raising. Isn’t that good? Yeah Why how do I know because major? Catastrophes and certain Wars and things have not happened that were predicted by some major dudes. Who said I’m predicting these but you can change them such like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce said Nothing, we say is in stone. This can all be changed today. We’re sort of warnings more than predictions, right? It’s like a good psychic will tell you anything. I tell you can be changed You have that power and we’ve been doing it it only takes one percent of the population to really boost all that and we’re doing it so What’s happening is we are physical bodies on? the planet being let’s just say Animated by our energy, right? These are created by our energy and animated by our energy You’re just really one thing right? Combined with everything else which is all one thing. Everything is just one thing so that combined energy is a Dense energy, the body’s dense energy the experience on the planets dense. It’s lower frequency experiences Material world is lower frequency because it’s dense So as a higher being in a dense energy costume Right. I’m sure there’s a better word. I’ll come up with one your costume. It’s like wearing a lead Costume when you are like this beautiful lightning and you’re having a treasure round with this thing What’s happening is as the frequency the planet raises and especially if you’re doing this It’s even more intense You’re going to experience a mismatch of a dense body with a higher frequency spirit That spirit is your body also to so it’s not separate it’s infused So what’s happening is the body’s trying to keep up with and change with the frequency changes of the collective of your own personal Awakening. So as your frequency goes up because that’s who you are this body. All of a sudden is Not functioning the same it’s having to work differently So sometimes it’s not catching up like that. You know, it’s denser. It’s slower. It takes a while some of you experienced those Electrical charges it’s your DNA Pumping up. You know that junk DNA. There’s no such thing We have parts of our DNA in our brains that we don’t even use they’re starting to be activated and that’s what that was I found that out. My DNA was starting to be activated it was time and I was being affected by it I of course have been you know on a very highly spiritual path and that’s exactly what was going on at that time I was going to that next level so it was really getting charged up and I went through some a few physical Symptoms not so much like other people My blood pressure would of sudden go up and it’s never been high in my entire life and then it go down for no reason I eat super clean and healthy and I thought okay, there’s some stuff going on here Take care of yourself Alright, so now I want to share with you something that you may not know. All right, you may not know this the ascention body the ascention body is going to take some hits as you progress in your raising your frequency okay, it’s going to take some hits and It’s going to continually remind you that you’re human and you’re going to find yourself Feeling this is where the essential body that you may not have heard this before. You may feel like you are a super energetic high frequency in A dense body you can actually feel that So I experienced this with my head strep throat recently. The universe is saying you are acting out your ascension your sunshin body But your physical planetary body cannot keep that pace up So my planetary body got run down and basically said I can’t keep doing this and it Got ill I got strep throat, which means I couldn’t talk We just wanted to do for a living and it means that I really felt bad I had to sleep a lot which I don’t do very much of because I’m always you know, loving what I’m doing and Basically saying you are on planet earth. This is where I am The month of my body is here and it has some restrictions Until which time it and it will it will elevate its potential to become You know not reliant on even food or water or anything, right, but we’re not there yet This is going to take well because this body is dense. Your asunción body is going to be More ideas, you know wanting to do things super high energy sometimes your brain is going but not this enchanter thinking it’s it’s creative and inspiration and songs and poems and Things ideas for your books and and different businesses. You want to create I have about ten going on at one time It’s like and you think like gosh how many pots of coffee did she have? I actually do mostly decaf just so you know, and you know In fact, I just I didn’t have coffee before I talked to you, you know I so I just want you to understand this isn’t just my natural state of being a my ascension body is Has no limits so it it wants to keep going and going to go. Are you experiencing this? I would love to see your comments. Are you experiencing the ascension body where you are the ascension body you have now almost separated from your body in a way where you almost Don’t relate to it. Like I think of myself is like this is like a bizarre role that we’re playing. Okay I’m here. I’m playing the role. It’s sort of weird. I talked to my friend marina. You know that I interviewed her and she said to me I feel like I’m in a hologram I said, oh my gosh can’t believe you said that because I feel Like I’m not this body and that I’m just sort of walking through the motions because I feel like I’m in an ascension body now That has tapped into everything out here that is here on this exciting exciting Journey and venture here in a planet. We don’t get to do this. I mean, this is unique right you may have been here a few times but You know, this is a unique experience of like felt like wow Okay, the ascension body is getting experience all of this and what are we going to do within all of this? but the human body My planetary body is saying okay, you know We have millions of years of density. That’s still part of our energetic makeup That doesn’t allow us to completely, you know Transcend into that like that All right, you know spiritual leaders get sick. I Think they run themselves down they get exposed to other things out there because we are collective because they’re still having a human experience They still have planetary bodies. So are you feeling? Are you feeling and I just I’ve told this is totally coming for me. I’ve never seen anything like this out there I just Realized this is what I was experiencing and I’ll bet some of you are a bet a lot of you are where you feel like you You are like in this transformational Expansive place 2020 the year of expansion. I’ve named that year of expansion and beyond Expanding into all these things in there’s a disconnect with your body and so you’re making adjustments to it maybe giving up things, you know trying to adjust your diet or Trying to figure out what’s going on, or maybe if you are sluggish or whatever, you’re like, what is that? Because there’s this other part of you. I’m not talking about just you walking around feeling sluggish no, I’m talking about you feel like there’s this other part of you that’s going over here and just exploding with excitement and inspiration And creativity and you want to go go go go and then your body wants one sound Take a break Eat a meal You know, you don’t have to be doing that 24/7 because we’re acting the ascention body acts Unlimited because it knows it is because it’s used to be an unlimited the Ascension you which is your higher self Knows no limits. So it’s not it’s not performing like a human body It’s not even thinking of those limits which is why alive you will push yourselves till you drop Because you have a very high frequency ascension body and that means it’s kicked in and now you’ve almost Really you function more in the ascension body than you do your planetary body and you this is just the vehicle That’s sort of in some ways tethers you to the density of the planet Does this make sense if you guys are experiences this you know what I’m talking about? It’s like oh my god, that makes sense I feel like these two things are separate because people always say why I feel like I’m awakening but you know, I’m feeling exhausted and all this other stuffs going on But you got to be careful here because if you’re not you’re not Functioning the Ascension body if you’re so focused and allowing this to take you down My breakthrough fear course we separate these things. We know how to observe You know my students understand how to observe whether they use it or not. It’s up to them I can observe this these feelings I observe being human and having a planetary body am I going to focus on my scented body. My sin ssin body is wow. It’s It’s like going into overdrive Now a lot of you aren’t experiencing the sunshine body, you’re just not experiencing that at all So it’s time for you to go into that It’s time for you to start the meditation take some of my courses go to LAN Jericho may have a boatload of courses when my mobile app comes out and the miracle circle, it’s a An ascension actually, it’s a miracle group We have a I have a monthly membership starting March 1st I’m going to launch it private group where we start to focus on miracles why they happen why don’t they happen? How do you get miracles to happen? How do you get into that place where you’re so comfortable and at ease and we use the power of the entire group? to manifest miracles Alright, it’s pretty powerful and I actually show you how this has been done for many many years and proven and experiments a lot Of you know about this So that’s that ascension the space we go into where we’re just we’re putting all the the Planetary bodies aside and we’re going to do this space where anything can happen, right? You’re going to the space where you don’t allow that to pull you down, even though you can experience being human, which is amazing It’s it’s amazing being here. I mean even even when I’m like, ah, I’ve had enough, you know Ha this is cray. Cray what we do to each other But it’s changing and you’re here to help change that don’t let go of that mission don’t lose sight of it You know, you have an important purpose here and if you don’t get this, right? That’s not going to change and it starts with one person right one percent. That means if one person out of a hundred Focuses on themselves and gets that frequency up and you go into your sentient body and your planetary bodies just over here function You know you’re tethered to it Then you can make an unbelievable change actually 1% is one of the statistics they came up with I believe It could be less. But all I know is there’s power in numbers and we’re going to start pulling that in together So I hope you’ll join the miracle circle in March when that launches My internet training for free we got people launching new businesses marina, she’s one of my students came in She’s got her own business. Now. She’s a little rock star within a few months. She’s up and running. She’s got courses coming out Exciting things that’s because we learned how to use the Internet. She actually said, you know, this training has helped me in my other Jobs, you know she’s got another business that supports her her own business that she owns and she said it actually helped me learn how to Be more efficient in my own job because when we learn how to create on their businesses We learn how everything works together. And if this piece isn’t working all the other pieces don’t work together. It’s pretty amazing This is free. It’s you know, workshop every day that explains what it is. What’s the training? How do you use it? I’ll be there too. And let’s have fun Let’s explore that’s expand going to the Ascension body share the comments Share this video because I want to know how many people out there experiencing this that didn’t even think of it That way they just think it’s ascension symptoms versus you have a body out here a higher self. That is now detaching itself You know more and more from the physical density, but the physical density part still Has its own let’s just say Evolution to go through and that’s why the DNA is kicking in it has to be able to handle this power We blow up we I’m not kidding We would literally explode because it could not handle the power of what we are So that power is too much for the body This is why you’ll find yourself going out here because in here that body just it’s too much This is why high blood pressure all those things are happening. So top tell me about the ascension body Not the ascension symptoms. I want to hear about if you feel like you have an ascension body that is out here going a hundred miles an hour and ready with you know, the inspiration all that stuff and really really great and feeling some physical effects from Trying to keep up with that It’s a lot of fun actually, but you know, I took a few days off it actually wasn’t that bad I I just slept all day and I just you know watch a little Columbo reruns Your whole and perfect strong and powerful Loving harmonious and happy please subscribe Please share my videos, please spread the word that one percent could change this planet? I’m sending you light love health wealth abundance, most of all awakening namaste

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  1. Yea when my awaking started I keep doing innerwork and in 1 year I resolved years of trauma and my vibration got so high that I got really sick and im stil sick, but im stil feeling happy gratefull and full love and getting better everyday the more I go into my journey 🤗

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