2 thoughts on “Doctors advise to get flu shot as flu season approaches

  1. Flu shots for what???????????????? It's a joke, the FDA and all doctors should pay MEGA$$$$$$$ to the HUMAN GUINEA PIGS!!!!

  2. Please consider that the $10 discount cards for taking this Flu vaccine is nation wide. The US population is about 3.29 million. If 70% take this discount, the government will need to fork out 2.3 billion dollars, supposedly to give all Americans the 10% chance of avoiding the flu. Do you really believe this? I sure do not. There is some other hidden reason why they are so interested in getting you to take this shot.
    It’s hard to say for sure, but my guess is that it likely contains sterilizing agents, since they have been trying to reduce the population with Fluoride since the early fifties. Bill Gates has been sterilizing people all over the world for some time now.
    In addition this link has more warnings about vaccine safety: https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-15-if-youre-convinced-vaccines-are-safe-youre-not-informed.html

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