Does saving more lives lead to overpopulation?

In this year’s Annual Letter,
Melinda and I take the toughest questions we get asked and give our answers. One that’s come up for a long time is,
as we make the world healthier, is the population going to get so big
that feeding everybody and maintaining the environment
is going to be impossible? Here we can see a chart that looks at the
total world population over the last several hundred years,
and at first glance this is a bit scary. We go from less than a billion in 1800,
and then 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.4 billion where we are today
is happening even faster. So, Melinda and I wondered whether
providing new medicines and keeping children alive,
would that create more of a population problem? What we found out is that as health improves,
families choose to have less children and this effect is very, very dramatic. We find that in every country of the world,
this is repeated. The population growth goes down as we improve
health. So, we’ve taken that chart that shows the
global population growth and we’ve actually extended it out all the
way to 2100. And we can see that instead of continuing,
it actually flattens out. Another way to see that is through this rate
of population growth. And you can see that in the 60s that reached
a pretty high number, over 2% per year, and it’s now come way,
way down. Now, 11 billion people is still a lot,
but the good news is that the faster we improve health,
the faster family size goes down. And so, we can feel great about saving those

100 thoughts on “Does saving more lives lead to overpopulation?

  1. humans are terrible at living life. after hundreds of years we still have starving people around the world. 4 out of 10 score !

  2. they population of africa around 1900 was about 100 Million people, before modern medicine arrived at this continent . It is estimated that the Population of Africa in 2100 is about 5 Billion. So in only 200 year an increase of 50 times (100million to 5 billion) and there is no connection between saving lives and overpopulation?

  3. Unfortunately, still too many people. My kids are going to adopt so they can live their lives to the full with heaps of money and then settle down with a pre made family which skips all the shitty nappies and helps an underprivileged child out of a crappy life which in turn helps society and the Earth. Everybody wins.

  4. It's not health that is the factor. It's the cost of living. The stats are flawed. Though in part the principal is correct because improving health also increases cost of living.

  5. Overpopulation is a stupid myth… If God knew the earth would've been too small for us…he'd obvi have made it a lot bigger.

  6. thats a thing that i've been thinking for a lot of time too. It's rough to say but i think we should stop investing in live-saver medicines and treatments

  7. Then why do you back Monsanto and support the over-vaccination of children?? If you actually wanted to increase the health of the masses, you wouldn't be working so hard to kill future generations. You're all lies Billy boy… Some of us see you for who you really are…

  8. There are 310 million people in the United States,

    There are 2.3 billion acres in the us,

    47 percent of the USA remains unoccupied.

    Controlled demographics. There's no such thing as overpopulation, just, ensuring that billionaires can base their margins on expected revenue.

    Poverty is controlled.

  9. Didn't expect this from Bill, spreading false information. The graph has some major flaws. Let me explain.
    1. The blue line is the population size, which has been following a roughly exponential growth. Currently 7.3 billion and increasing.
    2. The red is the rate of growth of population. While this has decreased substantially in the previous decades due to India and China reaching a saturated population density, it does not means that it'll keep on decreasing!
    At best, it'll plateau out at around 1.2% per year.
    3. Birth rates are decreasing in well-to-do regions, but not in poorer regions of the world. There may come a time when the rich are too few to support the poor and they'll never be able to improve.
    4. We might have already crossed the red line, ie our current population size is not sustainable and we'll see the ecological collapse catch up to us in the near future. The reason this hasn't already happened is because the Earth acts as a buffer since it is so huge and complex, any deadly change takes time to appear. This can be seen with the highly accelerated extinction of species, accelerated global warming, climate change, etc.
    I cannot say if saving children will prevent this or not, because I do not know anything which can do so.

  10. That's nonsense m, even if they don't want children they still want to have sex with each other and then mistakes happen and overpopulation isn't stopping, it will never stop

  11. This is a serious thing. Cant believe 90% comments on EVERY video are jokes that arent even funny to begin with. Hate me all you want, your words hardly mean anything to me

  12. We improve health or increase poverty for the population decline to happen?
    I mean how we know that those 2 things are connected especially that way!?

  13. Over population should be a problem that would fix it's self, if it is actually a problem. But, I don't believe that killing people, and oppressing them like Pharaoh king of Egypt, is the right way to go, at all.

  14. We can assume that A is cause of B but what if it is not like it seems to be? What if there is a factor C, not A that causes B? What in that case Mr. Smart?

  15. Ok now how we deal with the agining of population now that everyone is having less kids? And dont say adding enrichment from African and Asia

  16. So the only thing that the world needed to stop thanos was a chart and Bill Gates??
    The avengers: Are we a joke to you?

  17. Bill and Melinda have set the Philanthropic bar so high I doubt it will be cleared by anyone else in our lifetimes. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Gates.

  18. Deception! Only the cities are being overpopulated and plenty of food to feed the entire world. Stop believing everything you hear and see. The powers of this world is using fear to control. The only thing to fear is what they have planned and no need to fear that. The solution is to take action because their is way more of us than them.

  19. If climate change is genuine why do governments set of nuclear bombs and many many space rockets? Over the course of history how many bombs caused disease? Why was dioxin used to kill? Why so much hypocricy? Anyone? Anyone? Since when did the sublime wisdom care for the vile multitude??? Never!

  20. When most of the comments are joking about his money rather than talking about how one of the most knowledgeable minds is providing his input on a global problem

  21. All we need to support a growing population is better energy production and energy storage. With abundant clean energy, we can distill as much clean water and produce as much grain as we want and still not harm the environment. Solar power and better batteries will go a long way to helping. Only small minds look to stifle human flourishing instead of solving problems.

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