2 thoughts on “DPH Says Massachusetts Flu Activity Is High

  1. I love how comments are approved or NOT
    Ill explain in a bit… First of all this NEW VIRUS CORONAVIRUS is PATENT. Go to googgle patents. WHO is so evil to create and Patent such viruses..
    Go to (Google PATENT) type it in search engine like that google patents click on it TYPE coronavirus a your brain will fall out your skull. Of how EVIL these people are homr and abroad..OPEN YOUR EYES. & MIND..to there evil actions..
    I notice. Certain comment in post when i check from my other account it does show but itbshow on the account i used to do thr post as if it visible for all to see and its NOT..
    Sad when reporters who love truth are now Hiding anything that makes people think like once in our past used critical thinking..
    I hope whoever is in charge report on this patent on coronavirus

  2. Why are REPORTERS not saying WHO owns PATENTS TO..CORONAVIRUS..

    I hope you look into this. not omly patents for the vaccine of this virus COINCIDENCE not but who own the virus. i could give you that info but i want people to research and use critical thinking.. REPORT ON THAT…
    Who is to profit from this virus?????

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