Dr. Allison Tims – Family Doctor in Redding

My name is Allison Tim’s and I’m a Family
Medicine Physician. I do see all ages as a family medicine doctor but I really
love seeing newborns and babies and school-aged kids and adolescents. I also
like seeing young moms and pregnant moms and I’m here to help with basically
everything. There’s such a need for family medicine physicians and primary care
doctors so I’m excited to fill that need here in the community. I have a 10-month-old son and it’s just been such a joy to be able to raise him and care for him
and we love going down to Whiskeytown area my husband and I and our baby we
just kind of pack up the pack and go out and just love to walk through the woods.
My son loves nature and so he loves to start the trees that’s just real fun
activity to do as a family. When people come in to see me I want them to have a
good experience where they feel listened to and be able to walk with them through
what they’re going through I really value being able to show
someone kindness when they walk into the room and so that’s something that I feel
really passionate about I want someone to be able to leave with a smile. So if
someone feels listened to and I spill the joy the end of the day, that’s a
that’s a great day for me. I want to be an encourager and partner with
someone to have them be empowered to take care of their health. My name is
Allison Tim’s and I’m a Dignity Health Medical Group Physician.

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